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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Opening of Account and subsequent Deposit in Sukanya Samriddhi Account

From: Kawaljit Singh

Sent: 22 January 2015 16:35

To: CPC Ambala; "Sandhya Kumari spocbihar"; "Iqbal spcc_up_incharge"; "mahrashtra cbs_SPOC"; "SPOC andhrapradesh"; "spoc karnataka2"; "SPOC_karnataka";; adfs-dl.dop; cbs-asm.dop; "spoc tamilnadu";; "mrtechcell dop";; "Sri Tapas Deb Barma_spoc";; dop ap;;;; cpc_gujarat;; mp_spoc_2;; mp_spoc_2; himachal pradesh hp_spoc; uttarakhand spoc spoc_uttarakhand; spoc_raipur chatthisgarh;;; Jammu spoc_JK; Sonika Thakur;;; cbs cpcddn; "Vimal"; "Prasanna VK"; "rajagopal nisg"

Cc: cbs-cept.dop; Director (CBS); Sakthivelu VM; Giriraj Ponnambalam; DDG (Financial Services); CPMG Andhra Pradesh Circle; CPMG Assam Circle; CPMG Bihar Circle; CPMG Chattisgarh Circle; CPMG Delhi Circle; CPMG Delhi Circle; CPMG Gujrat Circle; CPMG Haryana Circle; CPMG Himachal Pradesh Circle; CPMG Jammu & Kashmir Circle; CPMG Jharkhand Circle; CPMG Karnataka Circle; CPMG Kerala Circle; CPMG Madhya Pradesh Circle; CPMG Maharashtra Circle; CPMG North East Circle; CPMG Orissa Circle; CPMG Punjab Circle; CPMG Rajasthan Circle; CPMG Tamilnadu Circle; CPMG Uttarakhand Circle; CPMG West Bengal Circle

Subject: Opening of Account and subsequent Deposit in Sukanya Samriddhi Account

Dear all

Please refer to the SB order No.2/2015 sent yesterday on the subject. Sanchay Post Patch has been uploaded in SDC Chennai web site for operating this scheme. Development of full fledged SSA product in Finacle is under progress and is likely to be deployed sometime in February 2015. To allow account opening and acceptance of subsequent deposit in SSA, an interim process (work around) has been developed in Finacle . A document regarding how to open account, accept subsequent deposit and what validations a user and Supervisor has to manage manually is enclosed. Till a full fledged product is deployed, all necessary validations mentioned in the notification and SB Order are to be ensured by Users and Supervisors.

Please circulate this to all CBS Post Offices. Finacle will not print any report till new product is fully developed. By that time, LOT and Consolidation has to be prepared manually and amount under SSA has to be entered in SB Cash as well as Cash Book.


(Kawal Jit Singh)

Assistant Director (SB-II)
Postal Directorate
New Delhi
Contact No. 011-23036224, 011-23096108
Mob:- 09899998054
Click Here to view Workaround (interim process) for SSA Scheme

Immovable Property Return for the year 2014 (as on 31.12.2014)- Submission through regarding

The Hon’ble Prime Minister of India released Commemorative Postage Stamp on Beti Bachao Beti Padhao on 22nd Jan 2015 at HUDA Ground, Panipat, Harayana.

The larger objective of the Beti Bachao Beti Padhao initiative is the empowerment of women in our country, by ensuring safe birth and unhindered all round development of the Girl Child through institutional health and educational facilities on the one hand and bringing about gender sensitization and attitudinal changes in society on the other.
Department of Posts has released a Commemorative Postage Stamp on Beti Bachao Beti Padhao to highlight and recognize important socio-economic and welfare initiatives in the country.

C B S "Go Live" at Jharsuguda H O on 27.01.2015


No need for insurance policies in vernacular languages : Court

CHENNAI: The Madras high court has declined to direct insurance companies to print the terms and conditions of their policies in vernacular languages, so people unable to read and write English and Hindi can understand the clauses governing claims.

The first bench of Chief Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul and Justice M M Sundresh rejected a PIL by mason R Ayyanar saying, "It is not possible for this court to modify the terms of the policy... It is not the case of the petitioner that he had approached an insurance company for a copy of the insurance cover in a vernacular language as he did not understand the terms of the policy, which were in English."

According to advocate V S Suresh, Ayyanar, who had taken a life insurance policy from National Insurance Company, suffered injuries in a road accident caused by cattle. He was admitted to hospital and he incurred medical expenses of 1.5 lakh, with at least another 75,000 as possible future expenses.

His claims, however, were rejected by the insurance company on the grounds that he did not have personal accident cover. Noting that Ayyanar would have paid premium, which is a little more than the policy premium, for personal accident cover as well, Suresh said the insurance company had neither explained the terms of the policy to him nor given him the terms and conditions in writing in Tamil.

 The PIL sought three things: one, it wanted the court to ask insurance companies to print their policy terms in bigger, readable format; two, they should be printed in vernacular languages, for the benefit of people unable to read and write in Hindi and English; and three, the company should be directed to reimburse his medical expenses.

Refusing to issue any orders in this regard, the bench said the petitioner was not in the habit of signing documents in languages he did not understand. Also, the policy does not cover medical treatment of the owner of a vehicle involved in an accident as it is not a mediclaim policy.

"The owner and driver are provided personal accident cover, only in case of death or disability," it said, dismissing the PIL.
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Revised eligibility criteria for engagement to GDS Posts


Enhancement of Sum Assured to 50 lakhs in r/o PLI

Click Here to view PLI Directorate's Order and Gazette Notification

Discontinuation of Surface Mail to Oman Post

This is regarding discontinuation of Surface Mail to Oman. Oman Post has conveyed that due to closure of Sultan  Qabobs Port, they would not be accepting Surface Mail from 01st  January,2015 onward. In this regard, it is requested  to kindly direct all post offices concerned to  not book any Surface Mail for Oman from 1st January, 2015.
Click Here to view Directorate's Order.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Voters Participation: Soul of Democracy

Special Feature
National Voters Day/ 25 January
*Rajesh Malhotra
**Pankhuri Srivastava

Louis L’Amour has rightly said that to make democracy work, we must be a notion of participants, not simply observers. One who does not vote has no right to complain. Democracy can be seen as an extension of people’s participation. It is a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a representative system of elections. Democracy will collapse without proper and fair participation of its citizens. Every vote reassures our democracy and makes it stronger.

In this context, general elections 2014 were proved to be historic. 66.44 percent voters comprising of 554.1 million people have accessed their franchise to vote. Prior to this, the highest turnout was recorded as 64.02 percent in 1984. Not only this, the gender gap between the male and female turnout was reduced by 1.55 percentage points in Lok Sabha elections 2014. 16 States and UTs recorded a higher women turnout. To add to the glory, women voters surpassed men for the first time ever in any Lok Sabha elections in nine States or Union Territories. The credit for achieving such figures lies with the efforts of Election Commission of India. No doubt engaging with and motivating such a large and diverse population to cast their vote was a gigantic task with myriad range of complexities and challenges.
Election Commission of India adopted Systematic Voters’ Education and Electoral Participation (SVEEP) programme to increase voters’ turnout both in terms of quality and quantity. SVEEEP formulates policies, lays down the framework, plans interventions and monitors implementation besides carrying out continuous interaction with voting publics, civil society groups and media. They broadly include situation analysis; systematic planning and implementation of targeted interventions (on IMF model) based on the situation analysis, mid programme review and monitoring and end term review. The communication interventions include multi-media and inter-personal communication, physical events and innovative activities for mobilization of people/community and voter Facilitation.
National Voters Day is one such initiative which was adopted in 2011 to reach out to masses of the country. Since then it is being observed every year with the objective to increase enrolment of voters and to make universal adult suffrage a complete reality. A series of mass interactive activities like symposiums, cycle rally, human chain, folk arts programmes, mini-marathon, competitions and awareness seminars will be organized on the fifth National Voters Day which will be celebrated on 25th January 2015 across the country. 25th January is also the foundation day of the Commission , which came into being on this day in 1950.The theme for NVD 2015 is ‘Easy Registration; Easy Correction’. The Booth Level Officers (BLOs) in over 6 lakh (0.6 million) Polling Station areas will felicitate the newly registered voters in a brief ceremony and hand over their Elector Photo Identity Card (EPIC) to give the younger generation a sense of responsible citizenship. They will also be given a badge with the slogan “Proud to be a Voter – Ready to Vote”.
      It took a lot of convincing on part of civil societies and NGOs in sensitising people to exercise their valuable right. Several campaigns were launched to encourage masses especially the young generation, women and transgenders for leading them to polling booths. . They acted as a catalyst to spread voter education. It was due to combined efforts of NGOs, Civil Societies, Election Commission of India, etc that India is touching new heights of voters’ turnout.
            Free and fair elections are the life force of democracy. Credible elections at stipulated intervals have ever since enabled India’s peaceful transformative journey for inclusion and empowerment of common citizen. The justification of election as a key anchor of democracy comes from the fact that it translates the idea of people’s power to a physical reality. This can effectively happen only when people are able to exercise such power through informed participation.
*Sh. Rajesh Malhotra is Director (M&C) in PIB New Delhi attached to Election Commission of India.
**Ms. Pankhuri Srivastava is Information Asstt. in PIB New Delhi
(PIB Features)
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Divisional Union writes to SSPOs on Poor Service Delivery by Bhubaneswar GPO

National Federation of Postal Employees
Ashoknagar Mukhya Dak Ghar, Bhubaneswar – 751 009
Com. P K Pattnaik
Mob: 9937699605
No. UN-BN/AIPEU-Gr.-C/ 03–01/2015
Dated at Bhubaneswar the 23rd  January, 2015
The Senior Superintendent of Post Offices
Bhubaneswar Division, Bhubaneswar – 751 009
Sub:-    Poor Service Delivery by Bhubaneswar GPO –  reasons & resolutions
This is regarding poor service delivery by Bhubaneswar GPO now in discussion by its esteemed customers as published in various newspapers recently and complaints registered by several customers even directly before the Chief PMG, Odisha Circle.
A copy of such publication noticed by this Union in the popular Odia daily “The Samaj”, dated 17.01.2015 is enclosed here with for ready reference. This union has no contradiction to the facts published in the above newspaper. In this context, we would like to request you to kindly refer our discussion in the monthly Union Meeting on 16.01.2015. Some aspects have already been discussed in the monthly meeting. Already, we have strongly registered our dissatisfaction on non-involvement of GPO administration in resolving the minor problems occurred day to day in the operational activities vide our letter No. UN-BN/AIPEU-Gr.-C/ 01–01/2015, dated 07.01.2015.
However, though some problems, especially related to CBS were discussed in the above meeting and full assurance was given to this union for immediate solution, no instruction as discussed has yet been issued to the Sr. Postmaster, Bhubaneswar GPO. As a result, the problems still stand as usual. On 21st January, 2015,  this Divisional Secretary had an occasion to interact with Sri Bagabat Sethi, DPM, Bhubaneswar GPO and Sri H K Ojha, P A. As per discussion, there was a meeting in RBI on the day  relating to cheque clearance and other miscellaneous issues and the presence of the Sr. Postmaster was essential to realize the problem for finding out reasonable solution being the head of the office. But, he refused to attend the meeting telling that his presence was not necessary and the attendance of the man dealing with the issue was sufficient.  Sri Ojha being a Group-C official is not at all competent to assure anything, if required during the course of discussion on behalf of the Department and thus running away from the responsibility by GPO administration is not at all appreciable.
Secondly, the GPO administration is not at all serious regarding the problems of the counter P As. Though there are 4 defined MPCM counters in Bhubaneswar GPO, most of the days only 2 or hardly 3 counters do function and thus invite  delayed service delivery due to rush of customers in long queues. Similarly, improper leave arrangements without deployment of suitable P As in counters invite public resentment and de-motivate the one or two counter P As facing the huge rush of customers in Bhubaneswar GPO most of the days. While POSB counter(s) has/have been witnessed to be suspended on several occasions, we are surprised to note that the night counter of Bhubaneswar GPO is being manned for months together by an outsider on daily wage basis which puts several questions on its staff management.
Com. A K Mohanty
Com. Lingaraj Sahoo
Com. D Mohapatra
Com. Bruhaspati Samal
Mob: 9437022669
Com. D R Mohanty
Com Shantilata Rath
Com. Rama  Ch. Kandi
Com. Radha K Pradhan
Com. Sukhlal Tudu
Mob: 9777528152
Com. Hemant Ku. Ojha
Com. N R Pattnaik
Com. D C Mohanty
Com. N  C Senapati
Com. Saroj Ku. Patra
Com. A K Mishra
Com. K C Sahoo
Com. Tapan Ku. Sahoo
Com.Nandita Mohanty
Mob: 9438643941
Com. K M Bhatt
Mob :943924290
 Non-availability of IPOs and cash certificates in Bhubaneswar GPO itself and non-supply of the same to S O units in time are also the causes of sub-standard service delivery rendered by Bhubaneswar GPO. Even, the limited stock available is not proportionately distributed to the S O units due to lack of proper supervision. As a result, while some offices are not at all supplied, some are sufficiently supplied. In spite of placing indents well in advance the stock and supply of IPOs and Cash Certificates to the post offices are quite insufficient resulting customers dissatisfaction on poor service delivery to which the Group-C employees facing the members of  public directly has no fault on any manner. This is not the problem in Bhubaneswar GPO only. All the post offices under Bhubaneswar Division are facing such problems since long.
Another important reason of poor service delivery is non-availability of approved MDW in Bhubaneswar GPO even though discussed by this Divisional Union since February, 2011. On the basis of an old MDW prepared prior to computerization and introduction of several new products and services, the workload of many P As have been irrationally distributed. Most of the time, verbal orders are issued at the sweet will of the administration. Illustratively, one of the  System Administrators attached to Bhubaneswar GPO is seen to deal with purchase and distribution of computer stock items forgetting his own business to provide instant service to the systems which affect the service delivery at the time of need.
While the Working Hours of APM (Treasury), Bhubaneswar GPO ( now vacant  due to non-availability of LSG Supervisor ) is from 7AM to 11AM and from 4 PM to 7 PM, the same has been ordered to be performed by ATR-I whose duty hour is from 9 AM to 5 PM in addition to his own duty without any financial benefit like OTA etc. As a result, the official performing both the duties has been compelled to work for  more than 12 hours a day continuously since the treasury work is never seen to be completed by 7 PM which is inhumane and irrational. In spite of representation and requests  by the concerned official, no attention is being paid to his grievances and the official concerned though performing both the duties under pressure  giving due regards to the order of the Sr. Postmaster is being de-motivated day by day. Similar is the position of SOSB branch. Out of 8 P As, 5 seats are always vacant. In addition, the branch is functioning in a very unhygienic condition. The roof has been cracked. A big size polythene appears in the middle of the section to protect the records from rain water. There is not space for keeping the record which are piled in sacks in the entrance. It is needless to reiterate the condition of SBCO also. The condition of the branch  grossly puts a question mark on the Swachh Bharat Mission.
This union has been discussing since long regarding non-availability of basic amenities in Bhubaneswar GPO both for the customers and the staff members as well without any positive result. The entrance is not disabled friendly. Though there is rush of customers in Bhubaneswar GPO always, there is no provision for public lavatory. There is no drinking water facility in the public space. The issues relating to Air –Conditioners remained in discussion for years together. This union is being replied several times that the required  estimate has been done and approval is awaited. The women employees of Bhubaneswar GPO are the worst suffers. Only one urinal available in the 2nd floor which is becoming inconvenient for the employees working in ground and first floor.
It is needless to reiterate that due to untiring efforts of our staff members we could be able to create history in Odisha Circle on CBS platform through successful migration of Bhubaneswar GPO as the first CBS HO on 01.12.2014 and subsequently Raj Bhawan S O as the first CBS SO. But the genuine problems of the staff members are not seen to be given due importance. We are experiencing non-involvement of GPO administration in solving its operative problems. While the grass root level officials are working day and night without caring for their health and family, all their genuine problems need to be taken care of instantly for rendering  proper and effective service delivery to the members of public.
Hope, all the pending issues already discussed with this union with positive assurance will be solved within no time.
A line of reply with the nature of action taken is sincerely requested.
With regards.
Yours faithfully,
Encl.- As above (Paper Cutting)