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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Proper submission of KYC Forms to CPC for scanning & uploading

Circle Processing Centre (CPC), Odisha
1st Floor, PSD Building, Bhubaneswar-751007

The PMG Berhampur (GM) / Sambalpur
All the SSPOs / SPOs in Odisha Circle 

No. CPC/SPoCODISHA/SSS/2015                                   Dated at Bhubaneswar 13/07/2015

 Subject:                Proper submission of KYC Forms to CPC for scanning & uploading 

               It has already been circulated time & again by DTE, Circle Office and CPC Odisha that Account Opening Form (AOF) and KYC documents should not be sent to CPC for scanning w.e.from 01.04.2015.  Only properly filled in KYC Form need to be sent to CPC which will not return back to the Post Office. 

               Most of the offices are not writing A/c No. & CIF No. in KYC Form which prevents CPC to scan as A/c No. & CIF No. is mandatory for upload File Name.   Due to wrong submission of Form to CPC, it creates hindrances in scanning & uploading of Photo & Specimen Signature.  Due to want of scanning & uploading,  photo and signatures are not getting available in Finacle.

               The wrongly submitted forms will be returned back shortly for re-submission to CPC, Odisha. 

               Hence it is requested to kindly instruct all CBS offices under your jurisdiction to send KYC form in proper manner.  

               The proper method of submission is as under

Correct submission / To be sent to CPC (This document will not return back to Post Office)
Wrong submission / Not to be sent to CPC and to be kept at Post Office in Ring Guard File
1.      KYC Form filled with
(a)    A/c No. in specified space
(b)    CIF No. in specified space
(c)    Affixing Photo of depositor(s) in specified space
(d)    Specimen Signature of Depositor(s) in specified space
(e)    Seal and signature of Authorised person of Post Office.
1.Filled in Account Opening Form (AOF) with 01 KYC Form
2.KYC documents
N.B.:  Post Office need to keep KYC Form in duplicate from the depositor - 01 KYC Form for CPC & 01 KYC Form for Post Office.

CPC, Odisha 

Copy for information and necessary action to:-

1.Asst. Director (PMU) / Asst. Director (FS), Circle Office, Bhubaneswar.

2.All the Sr. Postmasters / Postmasters in Odisha Circle.

3.All the SPMs of CBS Post Offices in Odisha Circle.

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