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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Promotion and postings in Postal Service Group 'B' cadre - order dated 10.11.2015

The following officers of Odisha Circle have been promoted to PS Group-B cadre and allotted to the Circles as mentioned against each below:-
Sl. No.    Name                       Circle/Units allotted
1. S/Shri Bhagabat Serhi*              Assam
2.        Banamali Patra*                  Assam
3.        H.S. Mohapatra*                  Assam
4.        Bipin Bihari Negi                  Assam
5.        Sk. Md. Noman                     Assam
6.        Ashok Ku. Rath                    PTC, Guwahati
7.        Srikant Ch. Sahoo                Postal Directorate
8.        Madhu Mirdha*                     Assam
9.        Anteryami Behera                Assam
Officers marked as (*) mentioned above were also promoted to postal Services Group B for the year 2014-15 / Supplementary DPC for the year 2013-14 and declined their regular promotion.  These officers shall be promoted only after their debarment period is over.

Click here to view the complete order

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