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Friday, June 10, 2016

Confederation's Odisha State CoC organizes a grand seminar on 7th CPC at 10AM on 12.06.2016

Special Appeal
Dear Comrades,
          A seminar on 7th CPC is going to be organized by Odisha State CoC of Confederation of Central Govt. Employees and Workers at 10 AM on 12th June, 2016 (Sunday) in the auditorium of the Institute of Physics, near Apollo Hospital, Bhubaneswar – 751 005 which will be addressed by Com. M Krishnan, Secretary General, Confederation  and Shri Rabi Das, Senior Correspondent and eminent journalist.
         All are requested to find it convenient to attend the seminar. It is a must for everyone.


  1. Sir,
    I am one employee of Department of Posts. I feel very glad to hear that such a Grand Seminar on 7th CPC is being organized in our State. As I am not able to attend the Seminar, I request that the following points may kindly be discussed in the seminar. I will be very much pleased if any clarification over these issues is given to me.

    1. What I think, after abolition of GP, as per recommendation of the 7th CPC, there is no financial benefit on promotion/MACP to next higher level. Thus, promotion, more particular MACP after 10/20/30 years of service has lost its existence. Thus, at least two increments should be granted at the time of grant of promotion/MACP to next higher level.

    2. As I raised earlier, at time of grant of MACP from GP 2800/- to 4200/-, there was huge increase in GP of Rs. 1400/-. But, the 7th CPC has not taken into the account this huge differential GP of Rs. 1400/- plus DA thereon at the time of preparation of the Pay Matrix. Thus, as per the recommendation of the 7th CPC, there is no benefit for the staff at the time of grant of MACP from 2800/- to 4200/-. Thus, at least two additional increment should be granted (over the other MACP cases (i.e. one increment if it is two for other cases/two increments if it is one for other cases)should be granted at the time of MACP from GP 2800/- to 4200/-.

    3. For the present inflation and market value the annual increment should be at least 5 percent.


  2. Dear A Mohanty,
    I do'nt know if you have ever gone through the memoranda submitted by AIPEUP3CHQ, NFPE and Confederation which carry the answers to all your querries.
    But unfortunately, the CPC turned down all our demands.
    We have been receiving such suggestions / complaints from people / employees who always prefer to stay away from the real issues and do not involve themselves in the main stream while such serious discussions are being made for mobilizing rank and file to compell the Govt. for suitable modifications through several agitational programmes including the forthcoming Indefinite Strike call from 11.07.2016.
    While asking for any clarification, please prefer to give your complete identity and invlove yourself to get the answer.
    There are many other issues beyond MACP for which Confederation / NJCA is proceeding ahead rigorously.

    B Samal