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Friday, June 3, 2016

Day long Dharana Programme in front of Chief PMG Office, Bhubaneswar scheduled on 15.06.2016 by NFPE Unions, Odisha Circle for long pending issues including CBS and CIS problems

Dear Comrades,
As informed you earlier,  the Circle Union is proceeding ahead for agitational programme with lunch hour demonstration on 09.06.2016 submitting the joint memorandum to all Divisional heads signed by all Circle Secretaries of NFPE Unions, Odisha Circle on 32 charter of demands inclusive of CBS and CIS issues ( copy of Circle Union letter reproduced below ) and day long dharana programme on 15.06.2016 in front of Chief PMG Office, Bhubaneswar.  

            Now, NFPE and P-III CHQ has elaborately written a letter to the Department on 26.05.2016, detailing all the problems being existed in Finacle and McCamish and sought remedies within a fort night. In the event of non-settlement, the CHQ has decided to launch the following programme of action culminating to strike action.

10th June
Demands Day - Demonstration at divisional/branch levels
17th June      
Dharna in front of Circle office
30th June       
Demonstration in front of Dak Bhawan & issue of strike notice (The date will be decided with consultation of NFPE & JCA constituents)
            The major demands put forth in the programme of action.
1.    Provide additional servers and solve the Finacle problem
2.    Increase the bandwidth as per the requirement.
3.    Implement the decision of Directorate on Business hours.
4.    Drop all Memos & Charge sheets issued due to Finacle minor mistake.
5.   Implementation of action on all the points put forth in the CHQ letter dated 26.05.2016.
But as it will not be so easy to organize frequent programmes on 09.06.2016 and 15.06.2016 ( as per direction of the Circle Union) and on 10.06.2016 and 17.06.2016 ( as per direction of CHQ), all the Circle Secretaries of NFPE unions in Odisha Circle decided to go for the programme already fixed by Odisha Circle which also includes CBS and CIS issues. 

As such, we  would like to appeal you all as follows : 

1.     To join with us without fail in the lunch hour (at 1.30PM)  on 09.06.2016 in front of Divisional Office  for submitting the joint memorandum to the SSPOs, Bhubaneswar Division,

2.     To take C L on 15.06.2016 to participate in the day long dharana programmes scheduled by the Circle Union   

So Dear Comrades, though of late both our CHQ and Circle Union are going to adopt the agitational path to compel the administration for bringing immediate solution to the CBS and CIS issues, it is now our collective responsibility to make both the programmes successful. If you really feel that you are suffering seriously for CBS and CIS, make the above agitational programmes successful with your active participation without any plea. 

            As told, a sleeping lion catches no deer. In the analogy of survival of the fittest, your struggle only can save you. So without any second thought, get yourself ready to make the above programmes successful. 

Divisional Secretary


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