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Monday, July 25, 2016

Com. B Samal, Vice-President, AIPEU, Group-C, Odisha Circle requests intervention of the Circle Secretary against the discrepancy in distribution of posts amongst various cadres under Cadre Restructuring of Group-C postal employees in Odisha Circle.

Com. R C Mishra
Circle Secretary, AIPEU, Group-C, Odisha Circle
Postal Stores Depot, Bhubaneswar – 751 007

Sub:-  Discrepancy in distribution of posts amongst various cadres under Cadre Restructuring of Group-C postal employees in Odisha Circle

Ref.-    i. Directorate’s letter No. 25 – 4 / 2012 – PE.I, dated 27.05.2016
            ii. C O letter No. EST / 1 – 2 / Rlg. / 2016-Corr, dated 20.07.2016

Dear Comrade,
This in continuation of my letter dated 23.07.2016 accompanied with C O letter referred to above. Hope, you might have gone through the same. In this connection, I would like to bring your notice some discrepancies in the above order with request to take up at appropriate level(s) immediately.

1.     As per the original proposal and as instructed in the Directorate’s letter referred to above, the post of SPMs in single and double handed post offices to the extent of LSG Posts ( GP Rs.2800/-) shown in the annexure , now allotted to the Division, will be placed in the Grade Pay of  Rs.2800/-. The Directorate has allotted 931 posts under LSG cadre to Odisha Circle and accordingly C O has also distributed the same amongst various divisions.

But as seen from Annexure – I of CO letter referred to above 45 number of posts of ‘C” Class NDT SO will remain as such without LSG. This has happened due to short allotment of posts to Odisha Circle, which is against the spirit of the Cadre Restructuring proposal.

2.     The Directorate vide its letter referred to above allotted 301 posts under HSG – II cadre. But C O, Bhubaneswar distributed only 189 posts under HSG-II cadre. The fate of rest 112 posts under HSG-II cadre remained in suspense without allotment. 

3.     The Directorate vide its letter referred to above allotted 83 posts under HSG – I cadre including 8 non-functional posts. But after distribution of the same amongst the divisions, it is seen that  9 posts under HSG-II cadre as particularized in Annexure – II of the C O letter referred to above still remained as HSG-II without up-gradation  to HSG- I cadre.

Though, it has been categorically instructed vide Directorate’s letter referred to above that in no circumstances the total number of HSG-II posts I {Para 1 (b)} and total number of HSG-I posts {Para 1 (c)} shall exceed the number of posts allotted to the Circle,  the discrepancy in allotment of HSG-II posts to Odisha Circle in excess by the Directorate and short distribution of the same by the Circle administration  greatly confuse the whole issue and thus correctness in distribution of posts under different cadres to various circles is apprehended.

Therefore, under the above circumstances, it is felt that such discrepancies may be brought to the notice of the Directorate through CHQ for rational distribution of posts under various cadres to different circles including Odisha.

 If the above apprehensions / discrepancies sound proper, it is requested to highlight the following aspects for Odisha Circle while taking up the issue simultaneously expediting immediate implementation with the existing allotments.

a.     To demand more posts under LSG cadre so that the existing 45 number of posts of ‘C” Class NDT SO remained as such without LSG can not only be upgraded, but additional LSG supervisor posts can also be created in bigger offices like MDGs and HSG-I Post Offices. Illustratively, Ashoknagar MDG, Sahidnagar MDG, Nimapara MDG, Bhuaneswar – 2 MDG and Utkal University MDG under Bhubaneswar Division are functioning without LSG supervisors whereas offices like College Square MDG, Cuttack – 751 003 is having one APM (LSG) post. Sahidnagar MDG which is having 20 posts of postmen in its establishment, the second highest in Odisha Circle next to Bhubaneswar GPO is functioning without any LSG Supervisor. Similarly Ashoknagar MDG is having the same fate with 14 postmen. There are many HOs in Odisha Circle having very less number of delivery staff with a post of APM(Mails). The cases of other MDGs in other Divisions of Odisha Circle may be decided in proper consultation with the Circle administration. Since there is already uneven distribution / creation of posts of LSG supervisors, perhaps, this is the right time to solve the issue with rational distribution/creation of LSG posts during such implementation of Cadre Restructuring proposal.

b.     Secondly, the fate of 112 numbers of HSG-II posts not distributed by Odisha Circle may be enquired with justification of allotment of 301 posts of HSG-II to Odisha Circle by the Directorate. If the said allotment by the Directorate is ascertained to be correct, then Odisha Circle administration may be appraised for additional distribution of the same amongst the Divisions.

c.      Demand may be placed for allotment of 9 more posts under HSG-I cadre to upgrade the 9 HSG-II posts under Annexure – II of the C O letter referred to above to satisfy the terms and conditions of Cadre Restructuring of Group-C postal employees in true spirit.

Therefore, you are requested to discuss the issue immediately with the Circle administration along with the above discrepancies in allotment of posts for correct implementation of the Cadre Restructuring proposal in letter and spirit.

With greetings.
Comradely yours,

The 25th July, 2016
AIPEU, Group- C, Odisha Circle
Bhubaneswar – 751 009

Copy for information and necessary action to Com. R N Parashar, General Secretary, AIPEU, Group-C, CHQ, New Delhi-110 008. 

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