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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Systemic changes for addressing of public grievances

Niraj Kumar                                                          
DDG (PG, QA & I)

DO.No.3-15/2015-PG                        Dated: 07.10.2016

Respected Sir/ Madam,

Sub: Systemic changes for addressing of public        grievances

During the last PRAGATI meeting held on 24th August 2016, need for imparting soft skills to bring about behavioral changes was highlighted. This found echo in DARPG recommendations as well. This issue has found mention in Board meeting dated 10th Aug 2016 too.

2.            A sizeable part of the public grievance emanates either directly or indirectly from the alleged apathy our unsatisfactory behavior or ill tempered treatment from the postal staff in the counter or the delivery branch of the post office, including the postman.

3.            We pride on our extensive network and last mile connectivity. The postman and the man sitting on the counter is that connectivity. He receives induction and refresher trainings and he is well aware of rules and procedures. There is no deficiency in his capacity or expertise. However, when it comes to handling of crowd, or a pressure situation, or an argumentative or even provocative customer, the staff and even supervisors are found wanting in the necessary skills to diffuse the crisis.

4.            With the above in view, there is a need to launch a sustained campaign on good behavior towards the customer. The key target groups are:

1. the counter staff,

2.  the postman and delivery staff and

3. the postmasters.

Even senior level staff needs to hone their skills on conflict resolution, crowd management, management of counters and other mail / delivery offices during heavy rush, motivational skills, creating cheerful ambiance and customer friendly atmosphere in the post offices and encouraging their staff, including postman , towards good behaviour using a mix of motivational and deterrent actions.

5.            With this objective, the following is proposed:

A. “Mail-Milaap”

i. every day 10 AM to 1 PM is happy hour in the public hall .

ii. happiest counters or bright spot counters will be suitably rewarded  and so labelled.

iii. gentleman of the month or model staff of the month badge to be worn by the gentleman / model staff.

iv. the post office will be chosen by RWA and local residents for the Happiness Centre award which should be given wide publicity.

B. Khush-Khabri (meaning good news, but can also mean happy messenger)

i. the postman to be motivated to be the gentleman postman

ii. the beat will be named as happy beat.

iii. KYD (know your dakia) to be launched whereby name and mobile no of the postman to be available to the residents of the beat. This helps the residents to connect with the postman and facilitate delivery.

iv. Last mile with smile” campaign.  : Under this campaign the Postman and other delivery staff will be sensitise towards customers friendly behaviour.  The Postman provide the last mile connectingly to the entire postal system. In the rural areas, the delivery work force is going to be used for financial inclusion as well.  Therefore, the compaign will focus on encouraging the postman to “deliver with smile” and be a friendly and a helping person, i.e. a “Gentleman Postman”. Depending upon his behaviour and feedback from people,his beat will be declared a “happy beat”.  There will be special reward to the Division and Circles with maximum number of “happy beats”.  This should also reflect in the reduction of public complaints relating to bad behaviour of the Postman all deliberate non delivery, delayed delivery etc.  Because a “happy beat” needs that delivery is prompt.


 (A).     Timeline:

i.          By 30th October, 2016, one post office in the Circle Headquarter or anywhere in the Circle to be adopted for “Mail-Milap” campaign and will have all fully “Happy Counters”. 

ii.          Similarly one delivery post office will be selected based on a largest number of delivery related complaints pertaining to Postman or delivery staff.  By 30th of October,2016, a happy beat will be created.  It will be desirable if all beats in a particular post office are “Happy Beats”.

iii.         By 31st December, 2016, all HOs should implement the “Mail-Milap” campaign in their counters and public hall.  All HOs should be able to identify a “Happy Counter” and the name of the staff.

iv.        Name, picture, contract number etc. of the staff can be popularised on social media by creating a “Happy Group”.

v.         By 30th March, 2017, the “Mail-Milap” campaign can be extended upto all these important delivery post offices in the cities.

vi.        By 30th June, 2017, all sub post offices should be covered under the “Mail-Milap” campaign.

vii.        Similarly by 31st December, 2016 all the HOs would identify one or more “Happy Beats” and “Gentleman Postman”.  Their particulars should also be shared in the social media “Happy Group”.  By 31st March,2017, Circles will identify such “Gentleman Postman” and “Happy Beats” from all the sub offices in urban area.

            viii.       By 30th June,2017, rural sub offices will be covered.

ix.        By 31st December, 2017 all GDS delivery agents and BPM should sensitize towards good behaviour and service to the customer.

(B).      Action Points:

i.          A workshop on the subject can be arranged in Directorate with all the DPS HQ and other Senior Officers of the Circles will be involved.

ii.          All the senior officers in the Circles will organize camps and workshop in their Circles, Region and Division to spread awareness about the campaign and will address the counter staff, Postmasters and Postmen.

iii.         Circles will also be asked for happiness volunteers from among the post office staff who can sensitize and motivate their colleague and thus help the campaign.

iv.        Creative banners, posters leaflet should be prepared. Sign Boards for happy hours, happy counters, etc. should be prepared to. Circles may communicate with the public through local FM Radio messages and  social media.  Customer meetings should also be arranged.

v.         A social audit group of eminent personalities, RWAs, Schools etc. should created which can review the “Hppiness centres” and “Happy Beats”.

vi.        Circles will be encourage to share a success stories or any suggestions.

7.         A “National Postal Happiness Index” will be created whereby Circles will be ranked.  The index will be created on 30.04.2017.

8.         A “National Postal Consumer Satisfaction Index” will also be accordingly developed.

You are requested to start this happy campaign in order to bring about behavioral and attitudinal changes in our staff. Because, this will go a long way in rebuilding the image of the Department and creating a positive and happy perception about our staff.

This issue with the approval of Secretary (Posts).

Wishing you Happy Navratri & Dussehra

With regards.
(Niraj Kumar)


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