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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Use of HAALM menu in Finacle

From: Helpdesk CBS <>

Date: 1 November 2016 at 15:27

Subject: Re: Urgent: Use of HAALM and problem facing reg.

To: "Spoc CPC (CBS) ODISHA" <>

Cc: adpmu-odi <>, Chennakkeshavalu Venkatesalu <>, "Deputy Director (CEPT)" <>, Gopinath S <>

Dear Odisha Circle CPC/SPOC, 
Generally for name transfer/ name change of accounts in a S.O, if suppose there are two supervisors in the SOL, after getting name change request letter from the customer, HAALM can be invoked to modify the name of the customer and the same has to be verified. Working Procedure for H.O after getting name change request letter from the customer, is that the H.O Spr has to invoke HACXFSOL to move such a/c to Target SOL ID. Thereafter, PM will verify this SOL change after following due procedure laid down. Then H.O Spr has to invoke HAALM to alter the name (in case of name change) of the transferor to transferee (in case of name transfer) and PM will verify this name change after following due procedure laid down. On completion of said process, the account has to be moved once again to its Original SOL by invoking HACXFSOL.

So far only this process is applicable/available in Finacle as a working procedure for both H.Os & S.Os for using HAALM menu.

Yours Faithfully,
Hariharan S,
HD Support Team,
CBS-CEPT, Chennai - 600 002

044 - 28411230

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