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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Agenda items for four monthly meeting with Chief PMG, Odisha

N F P E    

Trilochan Parida                                                                                 R.C.Mishra
 President                                                                                   Circle Secretary

                                                                   Vice-President CHQ & Leader RJCM


      No. UN/AIPEU, Gr-C/Odisha/12-2016                                    Dated-07-12-2016.
              The Chief Post Master General
              Odisha Circle, Bhubaneswar-751001.

Sub- Submission of agenda items and nomination of member for coming Four Monthly meeting, scheduled to be held on 26-12-2016 at 11 Hrs.

Ref- CO letter No WL/UNF-3/CPMG/2013 dated 25-11-2016 & 05-12-2016.

Respected Sir,
        The agenda items for above meeting are produced below for favour of kind reference. Sri Bruhaspati Samal, PM Ashoknagar MDG and Vice-President of this Circle union will proceed with me to take part in the meeting. It is requested for making necessary relieving arrangements.

Item No-1/12-2016:- Request for holding of Circle level LSG DPC early after cadre restructuring implementation.

Brief:- After Cadre Restructuring implementation, a huge number of LSG posts, nearly 931 were created in our Circle. During the period, though some months have been elapsed, there is no development in holding LSG DPC. There is dearth of officials in HSG-II and almost all HSG-II posts are being managed by officiating arrangements. Similar also of LSG posts, created under Cadre Restructuring lying vacant, being managed on officiating due to non-availability of approve LSG officials. So, it is high time to conduct LSG DPC immediately to fill up all LSG posts.

Item No-2/12-2016:- Request for sanction huge pending of TA bills at divisions of Berhampur Region and also pending medical bills at the divisions of entire circle.

Brief:- There is heavy pending of TA bills in the divisions under Berhampur Region. TA bills of last 5 years are pending in Koraput divisions, TA bills are not sanctioned from year 2013 in Aska division. Similar is position of TA bills of other divisions in Berhampur Regions. Though the matter was taken up in Bi-monthly meetings with PMG Berhampur Region repeatedly, no fruitful result is coming in the pending position. There is large pending of medical bills in the divisions in the Circle. The medical bills of officials suffering from cancer, kidney failure, heart and other diseases are lying pending in almost all divisions and the staff are eagerly waiting for payment amounts. So, it is urged for compilation of such pending bills and for liquidation of the same early.

Item No-3/12-2016:- Request for supply of fake note detector machines cum cash counting machines to all post offices performing the deposit of banned notes and also exchange of notes under demonetisation process.

Brief:- All our post offices are accepting WOS notes and also exchanging WOS notes with new notes. The acceptance and exchange of such notes are huge in number. But, almost all offices are not supplied with fake note detector cum cash counting machines and such work is carried out dangerously without provision of the said machines. Fake notes are abundantly available in the market and it is not possible to detect the same in naked eye and at the same time as the deposit and exchange such notes are being done massively, there is no scope on the part of our officials to have a thorough look. So, it is urged for immediate action for supply afore-said machines to all post offices to avoid inconvenience caused to staff and to avoid victimization

  Yours faithfully,
Circle Secretary
Copy to- Com. Bruhaspati Samal , VP AIPEU, Gr-C, Odisha and PM Ashoknagar MDG for information & n/a.

Circle Secretary

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