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Friday, February 24, 2017

Two city post offices to go solar

The postal department is all set to do its bit for the environment with a few post offices likely to go solar soon. acilities in the city which have their own premises — in Anna Nagar and Besant Nagar — will be fitted with solar power units this fiscal. 

Work is on to provide solar panels for these buildings and soon, these post offices will take their first steps towards energy self-sufficiency. 

Post offices in Kalasapakkam in the Tiruvannamalai division and Gingee and Bahour in the Puducherry division were recently provided with solar power units at a total cost of ₹11 lakh. They have managed to tide over power shortage and also reduce electricity bills by up to 25%. 

Officials of the Postal Department said the move to shift to renewable energy had also improved functioning . The installation of solar power units ensured that erratic power supply did not hamper counter services in the post offices, officials said. 

A sum of ₹6 lakh had been allotted for the installation of the solar power units in the two post offices. These offices would be equipped to function exclusively on solar power, said an official. 

 However, staff members in the post offices noted that large offices with many counters would need more solar power units of higher capacity to be self-sufficient. The Postal Department plans to expand the project to more post offices in a phased manner. Funds for the project would be sought from the Postal Directorate, officials said. 
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