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Saturday, March 4, 2017

10 Pivotal Valid Points covered for Account Closure - reg

From: Helpdesk CBS <>

Date: 2 March 2017 at 14:52

Subject: 10 Pivotal Valid Points covered for Account Closure - reg

Dear Circle CPCs/SPOCs,

Almost half of the tickets relating to account closure, is reported across circles. However it will comprehensible, by following 10 key notes pointed out by us, before heading for actual closure of all schemes:-

1) Whenever an account closure has to be made, always use trial closure for making a successful attempt prior to a proper closure.

2) The closure has to be initiated only in below mentioned menus. Also while initiating closure, feed either the Repayment A/c(0340) or S.B A/c of the Depositor other than Cash.

     CRDCAAC menu for RD A/c Closure.
     HCAAC menu for SB & PPF A/c Closure.
     HCAACTD menu for MIS/TD/SCSS A/c Closure.
     CSCCAAC menu for KVP/NSC A/c Closure.      And CNSBCV menu for KVP/NSC Bulk Closure.

3) Sometimes the closure would've been attempted by the user, however the user may not verify the same resulting to various issues at a later date. Most of all, without even cancelling this account closure either the same day or at least the very next day, they will begin to modify and once again initiate closure. This needs to be attended rapidly.

4) Kindly note that whenever a Modification is made @ CIF/Account Level, either it has to be cancelled (by same user) or verified in respective menu. If not, either Int. will not get executed during EOD or those accounts cannot be closed due to such pending/unverified records.

5) Always check for any pending/unverified records in HAFI menu even before proceeding for account closure. This is also essential for proper submission of EOD.

6) Bonus (only for MIS), Int., & PMI (if applicable), will be generated only if the account closure is attempted in aforementioned closure menus for respective schemes. If SI (applicable only for RD) is given, please make sure that before closing RD accounts, this SI has been lifted from such RD A/c and verified at the same time.

7) For any emergency or investigative cases arising during account closure, kindly address those with concerned SBCO/D.O/R.O/C.O. Also refer the Rules, Regulations as laid down in various POSB Manual Volumes & SB Orders released from time to time. Status Quo has to be maintained for such cases.

8) It is always advisable to credit the closure proceeds to Savings Account of the Depositor benefiting the customer to withdraw as per norms/their wish. It is also necessary to make sure that CIF of the matured account is the same CIF as that of SB account. If not, kindly arrange to merge the same through HCCA and proceed for account closure.

9) While closing the accounts held in other SOL, it is necessary to obtain SOL transfer request along with SB 10(b), from the customer with fresh KYC. Thereafter proceed for SOL transfer through HACXFSOL & notify this to the concerned SOL through HO/SBCO. Even before closure, check whether the entries are up-to-date as listed in the above points. 

10) There is a limitation for extending accounts beyond maturity as for eg: For RD/TD, there is automatic renewal. However for PPF and SCSS A/cs, please obtain the request from the depositor & extend manually through HCEXTN, HEXCDM menus respectively. As if PPF is extended, it cannot be closed for a further period of 5 years & if SCSS is extended, it cannot be closed within a year.

Based on these, we can reduce the manual errors to a large extent apart from technical limitations in Finacle. It is hereby kindly requestedto address these to associating all 23,199 Live SOL's till date by any good means of communication. This may be shared to all concerned for future reference as well.

Thanks and Regards,
Hariharan S
DOP Service Desk,

CEPT, Chennai - 02

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