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Monday, January 30, 2017

Timely completion of work - reg

Date: 30 January 2017 at 13:51
Subject: Timely completion of work - reg

Dear Team(s),

Kindly ask the sols to follow the guidelines given by the Directorate in SB order 5/2016 scrupulously.  

Kindly ensure that zone issues are reported before 15.00 hours for timely action at our end.

Kindly ensure that the Supervisors do the verification in time as stipulated in the SB order cited above.  We come across SOLs wherein Supervisors are doing the verification leisurely.

Kindly ensure NIL deletions, replacements and unblockings in the frontend and backend from EOD point of view.

When the percentage of sols to complete the work is very little due to the delay in completion of work by the users and when connectivity issues are faced, the users and the CPCs concerned shall wait until the connectivity is restored and complete the work.  This is in the interest of service and applies to all.  The delay on the part of a handful of sols shall not scuttle the EOD process, DC closure, Back end activities such as downtime and maintenance activities please.  CEPT EOD Team follows this rule and this applies to all please.

Your kind co operation is solicited in this regard.
​N. Sivakumar​

CEPT (EOD Central Team), 
|L - 044 28524482 | |

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