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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Rajya Sabha starred Question No. 146 - Schemes for retiring officials for voluntary work

Payment of Salary / Pension for the month of March-2016 on 01.04.2016 by cash

From: adaccts-odi <>

Sent: Thu, 31 Mar 2016 15:56:48

Subject: Payment of Salary / Pension for the month of March-2016

 Salary and Pension for the month of March-2016 will not be credited into POSB accounts on 01.04.2016 as there will not be any transaction on 01.04.2016 due to transaction holiday in Finacle for EOY activities. I am directed to convey the approval of the competent authority to effect payment of salary / pension on 01.04.2016  for the month of March-2016 by cash to the employees/pensioners in the Circle whose salary/pension are credited in to POSB accounts.
With regards,
(K.P. Parida)
Asst. Director Accounts,
For CPMG, Odisha Circle,

Validity period of OBC Certificate in respect of creamy layer status of the candidates.

Orders opening of Post Offices upto 10 PM on 31.03.2016 modified

Orders opening of Post Offices upto 10 p.m.  modified. Where there is no work, P.O. will not be kept open and LADY STAFF will not be detained beyond 7 P.M.

        Instructions from Directorate have been issued to all Head of Circles.

         R.N. Parashar
Secretary General NFPE &
General Secretary P-III


A meeting with Cabinet Secretary Sri. P. K. Sinha was held at Cabinet Secretariat Committee Room, Rashtrapati Bhawan, New Delhi on 30.03.2016.
All Members of empowered committee i.e. Secretaries of Various Departments were present in the meeting. Department of Post was represented by Sri. Ashutosh Tripathi, Member (Personal), Sri Shailendra Dashora, DDG (Estt) Ms. Manju Pandey, DDG (Personal) & Ms. Anju Nigam DDG (SR), from NFPE Com. R. N. Parashar, Secretary General NFPE & General Secretary P3, Com. Giriraj Singh, President NFPE & General Secretary, R3 & Com. R. Seethalakshmi, Dy. Secretary General, NFPE & General Secretary P4,  from FNPO, Com. D. Theagrajan, Secretary General, FNPO& General Secretary R3, Com. T. N. Rahate, President FNPO & General Secretary P4 and from BPEF, Com. S. K. Sinha, General Secretary Postal Accounts Association participated.
 We presented our views in support of each and every demand submitted by NFPE & FNPO in memorandum to Pay Commission and Empowered Committee and implementation cell. We demanded upgraded scales for each cadre of Department. The meeting was held in a very congenial atmosphere. We may hope for the better.



national federation of postal employees
all india postal employees union group-c
all india postal employees union postmen & mts
all india rms and mms employees union group-c
all india rms and mms employees union mail guard & mts
all india postal administrtive offices employees union
all india postal accounts employees association
all india sbco employees association
all india civil wing employees association
all india postal employees union gds
Central Headquarters , New Delhi-110 001.  
most important/urgent
PF-01(e)/2016                                    CIRCULAR                                     31.03.2016

1.All Circle Secretaries/Divisional/Branch Secretaries.
2.All CHQ Office Bearers of NFPE and affiliated Unions/Associations.

GDS Membership Verification
Our Responsibilities and immediate task  elect and select AIPEU-GDS as the only one recognised GDS union
Dear Comrades,
                   As all of you are aware Department of Posts has commenced the process of verification of membership of Gramin Dak Sevaks for grant of recognition.  The AIPEU-GDS was formed in the year 2012 and the Federal Council of NFPE held at Hyderabad in 2013, which is the highest decision and policy making body of NFPE, has decided to grant  “Associate Membership” to the newly formed AIPEU-GDS.  For the last four years, AIPEU-GDS is functioning without recognition and joined all the programmes of NFPE including strike.  During this four year period it had conducted two All India Conferences and formed Branches in all the 22 Circles.  After formation of AIPEU-GDS, it is the first membership verification taking place.
                   There is no doubt that the AIPEU-GDS will get recognition and shall become number one recognised GDS Union, with flying colours.  But that is not enough - we should make the AIPEU-GDS as the only one recognised GDS Union in the Department of Posts.  It is not impossible.
                   For fulfilling the above task, all Circle/Divisional Branches of NFPE affiliated Unions/Associations and also all CHQ office bearers are hereby requested to take immediate action to implement the following directions of NFPE.
1.                It should be ensured that Circle/Divisional Unions of AIPEU-GDS is formed in all Circles/Divisions.
2.                The name, designation and official address of the Circle/Divisional Secretaries should be intimated to “Com.P.Panduranga Rao, General Secretary, AIPEU-GDS, 1, Patel Road, Shadipur, Dada Ghosh Bhavan PO, New Delhi-110 008”.  Email ID:  Mob: 09849466595.  Divisional Secretaries should inform the above particulars to Circle Secretaries also.
3.                Still there are some divisions where the branches of AIPEU-GDS are not yet formed, inspite of repeated instructions from NFPE.   All those Divisions where the branch of AIPEU-GDS is not yet formed should form the Branch Union or at least an Adhoc Committee at Divisional level with a Secretary or Convenor before 15th April 2016.  The name, designation and official address with pin code and mobile number of the newly elected Secretary or Adhoc Committee Convenor should be intimated to the General Secretary and Circle Secretary.  Wherever Circle Unions are not functioning immediate action should be taken to form a functioning Circle Union or Circle level Adhoc Committee of AIPEU-GDS.
4.                It is reported from some circles that some P3 and P4 Divisional Unions of NFPE has not taken any positive action to form the Divisional Branches of AIPEU-GDS.  Not only that in some limited divisions, the rival GDS Union, which is campaigning against NFPE and has formed separate unions for Group-C and Postmen/MTS in the name of “UNITED” to break our P3 and P4 Union and thereby to destabilise NFPE, is given all help and assistance by the some P3 and P4 Unions of NFPE and also holding joint meetings with the rival GDS Union which is no more an affiliate or Associate of NFPE.  This is not permissile and is in violation of the directions and guidelines issued by NFPE.  It is once again made clear that disciplinary action will be taken against those divisions which refuse to form the branches of AIPEU-GDS and which are still cooperating and extending all help to the rival GDS Union and conducting joint meetings.  The recognition of all such Divisional Unions which refuse to carry out the directions of NFPE will be withdrawn without any further notice.
5.                Last date for submission of application by GDS Unions for participating in the membership verification process is 31-03-2016.  AIPEU-GDS has already submitted application to the Directorate on 18-03-2016.  Please note that the name of our union is “AIPEU-GDS”.  Department may issue orders fixing the last date for submission of authorisation forms to the Divisional heads, along with the model authorisation form with the signature of an officer of the Directorate.  Immediately on publishing the authorisation form by the department all the affiliated unions of NFPE should jointly jump into action and collect maximum number of authorisation forms from GDS of each division.  As GDS are working in remote villages, action plan should be chalked out now itself, for visiting each and every Branch Post Office by the NFPE leadership, for collecting authorisation forms signed by the GDS in favour of AIPEU-GDS.
6.                AIPEU-GDS is the GDS Union of NFPE and it is the collective responsibility of all Circle/Divisional Unions of NFPE to make our GDS Union as the only one recognised union.  Let us take it as a challenge and prove that it is possible.
7.                A separate circular issued by AIPEU-GDS CHQ is also enclosed herewith.

Fraternally yours,

Investor rush to lock into high rates crashes computers at Post Offices

MUMBAI / NEW DELHI: Computer systems of post offices across the country have been hit by unprecedented year-end rush to open new public provident fund and senior citizen scheme accounts and deposit money in existing accounts, prompting the government to order contingency measures such as acceptance of deposits offline.

On Monday, the computer system connecting the country's 20,500 post offices — which reopened after a four-day holiday — witnessed a major slowdown, prompting the new set of instructions that speeded up processing. There were fresh glitches on Tuesday that inconvenienced depositors but officials said the problem was resolved by late afternoon. A fresh set of instructions on accepting reinvestment would be issued on Wednesday.

While there is always a year-end rush to claim tax benefits on investments, this time the problem is more acute due to the four-day holiday and the government's decision to lower interest rates on small saving schemes by more than a percentage point in some cases. With those putting money in Monthly Income Scheme, Senior Citizen Schemes or National Savings Certificate assured of locking in their investment at a higher rate for the next few years, the queues are longer this year.

Adding to the post office woes was the fast rollout of core banking platform across the country, which had been facing problems as it had not yet stabilized. The post office has been migrating all savings accounts on to the core banking system. The number of computerized post offices has increased to 12,000 in December 2015 from 2,000 at the end of December 2014. And in the last two-and-a-half months, it has grown to 20,000 from 12,000.

"We have allowed all post offices to accept deposits offline. This will free up a lot of capacity for withdrawals and reinvestment, which need to be checked from the system. We are trying to ensure that we are able to deliver service to everyone," said L N Sharma, India Post's deputy director general in charge of financial services. He added that any investor who faces a problem should contact the Superintendent through the post office as systems have been put in place to escalate the problem at the department of posts.

Customers in various states, including Maharashtra, Delhi, Gujarat, Telangana, Himachal Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, complained of computer downtime in post offices. "It looks like the post office is also having some problem with reconciliation of their numbers. Several people have received communication asking them to check whether interest is being correctly credited into their accounts," said a small savings agent.

Some customers have complained that their names were inputted incorrectly resulting in reviving certificates with spelling mistakes. There were concerns that this could lead to problems while withdrawing funds a decade later. In Maharashtra, the Postmaster General at Pune said that the Finacle core banking system, set up by Infosys, was experiencing problems due to which members of public were facing difficulties in conducting their transactions.
Source : The Times of India

Public grievances appearing in the columns of newspapers - need for prompt action

No.K-11019/4/2015-PG C1
Government of lndia/Bhtarat Sarkar
Ministry of Personnel. Public Grievances and Pension
Karmik Lok Shikayat Aur Pension Mantralaya
Department of Administrative Reforms & Public Grievances
Prashasnik Sudhar Aur Lok Shikayat Vibhag
Sardar Patel Bhavan, Sansad Marg,
New Delhi the 11th February, 2016
Office Memorandum
Subject-Public grievances appearing in the columns of newspapers - need for prompt action
As effective grievance redress mechanism is a priority of the Government, it is obligatory upon the Government to make the administration more responsive and to establish institutional arrangement to attend the public grievances promptly and sympathetically.

2. It is therefore reiterated that all Ministries/Departments should regularly examine the Grievances column of the newspapers to pick up the cases coming under their purview and take expeditious action to redress the grievances in a. time bound manner. The citizen should be promptly informed of the action taken for redressal of the grievance within two month’s time. Where redressal is likely to take longer, an interim reply should be sent to the citizen explaining the steps taken and assuring that further necessary action is being taken in the matter.

3. In addition to the above, it is further requested that the name of the Director of Public Grievances of the respective Ministry/Department may also be kept updated on “”
(Smita Kumar)
Joint Secretary to the Government of India
Forwarding letter of CGDA

Dated: 15/03/2016

The Grievance Officer
O/o the PCsDA / CsDA / PCof A/cs(Factories)
Sub: Public Grievances appearing in the columns of newspapers- Need for prompt action-.
A copy of the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions, Department of Administrative Reforms & Public Grievances, Office Memorandum bearing No.K-11019/4/2015-PG Cl dated 11/02/2016 received from Ministry of Defence (Finance) (DAD-Coord) ID No.10(3)/C/2016 (467) dated 23/02/2016 on the above mentioned subject, which are self-explanatory, is forwarded herewith for information and strict compliance please.

Encl: 2 Pages
(T K J ajoria)
Sr. Dy CGDA (AN) & Grievance Officer

Ministry of Defence (Finance)
Room No. 24-A, South Block, New Delhi

Sub: Public grievances appearing in the coloumns of newspapers-need for promt action-

A copy of Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions (Department of Administrative Reforms & Public Grievances) OM No. K-11019/4/2015-PG C1 dated 11.02.2016 on the above subject is forwarded herewith for information and necessary action.

(Rita Dogra)
DFA (DAD Coord)

MoD (Fin) ID Note No. 10(3)/C/2016(467) dated 23.02.2016


Don't think 7th Pay Commission panel suggestions will remain: Manohar Parrikar - India Today News

Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar on Tuesday said the recommendation of 7th Pay Commission was not final and he would take up concerns raised by the Armed Forces at the right level.
In an exclusive interview with the India Today, Parrikar said he has prepared ground for smoothening the defence procurement which needed to be backed by deliveries now.
On the concerns raised by the Armed Forces over the raw deal given to them in the 7th Pay Commission, Parrikar said it was not the final word. "The seventh Pay Commission is in the form of recommendations. I do not think they (recommendations) will remain. I do not consider them as finalities. I have flagged them and will flag them properly at the right level," said the defence minister.
Parrikar, who inaugurated arms show DefExpo in Goa on Monday where a strong pitch is being made to further expand the growing defence sector, said negative environment surrounding the military acquisitions has changed.
"I will not claim that I have turned it around completely but at least something has been done so that deliveries can start. Ground has been prepared. Delivery is now the key word," said Parrikar adding that there was an environment of mistrust, suspicion which can be frustrating in dealing with forces.
He said the industry cannot be held responsible for responding slowly to the changing atmosphere. "They have experienced a congested atmosphere and the breeze has only now begun flowing in. However, it cannot happen overnight. Confidence building measures are in place. Industry has begun responding," he said outlining how smaller changes have been made.
"Offsets have taken off, exports are improving, procurement from local level has gone up. At the capital procurement level, it has not taken off or turned into a big deal because it takes longer. Industry has definitely responded." Talking about the defence reforms like the appointment of a Chief of Defence Staff, Parrikar said there are no hurdles in bringing defence reforms. "There has to be a rational decision. Drafts are being prepared and shared. Very soon it will be brought to the Cabinet," he said.
Asked about delay in development of critical equipment like Intermediate Jet Trainers (IJT) for the IAF or submarines for the navy, Parrikar said the air force does not think the IJT is a requirement as it is training on simulators, Basic Trainer Aircraft and Advanced Jet Trainer. "Instead of three, it is a two-level, re-caliberated approach. The proposal for six under-construction Scorpene submarines is moving smoothly. Next project P75, I will tag along with our policy document on Strategic Partnership," Parrikar said.
No timeline
"When it will come about? Very soon, but I am not willing to issue a timeline. As far as Arihant, the issue should not be discussed. We are equally concerned and are moving in the right direction," he said. The three services raised a number of issues, but when the pay commission sought the defence ministry's comments and recommendation, the ministry negated most of the demands of the services, the officer said
Source : India Today

The Lokpal and Lokyuktas Act, 2013- Submission of declaration of assets and liabilities by the public servants belonging to CSSS & CSCS

Attestation form for verification of character and antecedents prior to appointment in Government service - regarding.

Revised Child Fare Rule becomes applicable for train journey from 21st April, 2016 onwards.

Press Information Bureau
Government of India
Ministry of Railways
31-March-2016 18:58 IST

Revised Child Fare Rule becomes applicable for train journey from 21st April, 2016 onwards.

Advance booking of reserved tickets under this revised child fare rule has already started in December 2015 for journey date 21st April, 2016 onwards. 

Ministry of Railways has decided to revise the child fare rule. Under the revised provision, full adult fare will be charged for children of age 5 years and under 12 years of age if for whom full separate berth/seat (in reserved class) is sought at the time of reservation. However, in case full separate berth/seat is not sought for the children of age 5 years and under 12 years of age at the time of reservation,  then half of the adult fare shall continue to be charged subject to the minimum distance for charging.     

             This revised child fare rule has been made applicable for travel from 21st April, 2016 onwards. Advance booking of reserved tickets for children under this revised rule has already started in December 2015 for journey date of 21st April, 2016 onwards.

           While filling up reservation form, the passenger can indicate their option for requirement of full berth/seat for child or not

There is no change in the rule for child fare of unreserved tickets i.e. fare for children of 5-12 years for unreserved tickets shall continue to be half of the adult fare subject to the minimum distance for charging. 

Children under five years of age will continue to be carried free (without berth) in case of both reserved and unreserved classes.

Instructions to be followed by CBS post offices/CPCs for smooth start of EOY activities

Opening of Post office till 10:00 PM on 31.03.2016

Post Offices to open till 10 pm on 31st March 2016 to meet Savings Bank rush

Central Civil Services (LTC) Rules, 1988 - Fulfillment of procedural requirements - reg.

7th Pay Commission Pay Structures Likely To Be Revised

New Delhi: Cabinet Secretary P K Sinha who is heading the high-powered secretaries committee to examine the report of the 7th Pay Commission is likely to revise pay structures of central government employees before handing over it to Finance Minister Arun Jaitley in June.

The Finance Ministry sources said: “the proposal will be placed before the cabinet for nod after the Finance Minister’s review.

“We don’t think secretaries committee will be able to hand over proposal to Finance Minister before June, considering time taking process of Implementation Cell in the Finance Ministry which works as the Secretariat of the secretaries committee to review demands submitted by the central government employees unions. However, the new pay structure will be effective from January 1,” sources further said.

The Pay Commission headed by Justice A K Mathur presented its report to Finance Minister Arun Jaitley in November.

Click here to read the complete article.

India Post Cashes in on E-retail Boom

BHUBANESWAR:  The Department of Posts has begun to rapidly upscale its parcel operations to cash in on e-retail boom in the country. It is all set to expand the integrated parcel and booking hubs across major locations while establishing a mechanised nodal delivery system soon, Union Secretary Kavery Banerjee said here on Tuesday.
Riding on the e-commerce growth, parcel and order delivery to customers through India Post has seen a major upswing in recent years. The parcel operations have, in fact, emerged the major revenue earner for the Department as traditional postal services have almost been pushed to oblivion on the onset of emails and mobile phones.
“Parcel revenue has shot up by 100 per cent in 2015-16 from 45 per cent in 2014-15. India Post boasts of a strong network reaching the nook and corner of the country which is a major advantage and alluring proposition for e-commerce companies. As many as 800 e-commerce sites have tied up for parcel and order delivery service and the number is increasing,” Banerjee said.
The Department, which has also ventured into banking, is also set to launch a mobile app enabling transactions from handsets later this year, she added.
The Secretary and top officials were here for the National Award presentation ceremony for outstanding business performance in Postal Life Insurance (PLI) in 2014-15. The spread of PLI policies has been increasing and touched 52.42 lakh as on March 31, 2015. Premium income has shown a higher growth from `2412.75 crore in 2009-10 to `5963.46 crore in 2014-15.
Ten officials of the Department, six agents and three postal divisions were presented with the awards for their performance in generating PLI business.
Source :

7th Pay Commission: Armed forces pitch for better compensation, common pay matrix

7th Pay Commission: The absence of the military in the Empowered Committee has been a major cause of concern for the defence services.

At about 10 am on March 11, the three military chiefs were in the meeting room of the cabinet secretariat to attend a crucial briefing. The Pay and Allowances Review Committee (PARC) of the three services, comprising Major General rank officers, had been allotted 45 minutes to brief the Empowered Committee of Secretaries to process the recommendations of the Seventh Central Pay Commission (7th CPC).
The Empowered Committee is chaired by the Cabinet Secretary, PK Sinha and is meant to function as a screening committee to process the recommendations with regard to all relevant factors of the 7th CPC in an expeditious, detailed and holistic fashion. The Empowered Committee consists of 13 secretaries, which includes nine IAS officers, one IPS officer and one from Railway Board. There are, however, no military officers on the committee. “We are 29.7 per cent of all central government employees, as are the Railways. They have a member on the Committee but we don’t. The IPS, with strength of only 4,675 officers, has a member,” a senior military officer toldThe Indian Express.
The absence of the military in the Empowered Committee has been a major cause of concern for the defence services. The emotions of those in uniform have been running high since the time 7th CPC submitted its recommendations to the government in November last year. Military officials monitoring various social media platforms told The Indian Express that they have been “shocked at the vehement anger and outrage” among military personnel “not only against the civilian bureaucracy but also senior military officials” over the recommendations of the 7th CPC.
Source :

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Transaction Holiday on 1st April 2016

From: Director (CBS)
Sent: 30 March 2016 11:43
Transaction Holiday on 1st April 2016
Respected Sir/Madam,
Due to Interest Calculation and Interest Posting in Savings, PPF and SSA Accounts on the night of 31st March 2016, CBS Post Offices would not do any transaction on 1st April 2016 and transaction can be started on 2nd April 2016 only after getting instructions from CEPT Chennai Team only.
However, staff of CBS Post Offices will remain on duty on both 1st and 2nd April 2016 and continue to  watch instructions from CEPT Team.
The message should be properly displayed in the counter area for the information of general public and agents.  
With regards,

Sachin Kishore
Director (CBS)
Sansad Marg,
Dak Bhavan

Instructions for executing End of Year (EOY) in CBS post offices/CPCs

From: Director (CBS)

Sent: 30 March 2016 17:41

 Subject: Instructions for executing End of Year (EOY) in CBS post offices/CPCs
Respected Sir/Madam,
The competent authority has taken following decisions for executing End of Year (EOY) activities for 2015-16 in CBS Post Offices/CPCs:-
1. On 1.4.2016, no CBS Post Office will do any transaction but staff working on CBS will attend post office and follow instructions (as and when) issued by CEPT Team Chennai. 
(A public notice should be put on the notice board of all CBS Post Offices that due to End of Year, no transaction will be accepted on 1.4.2015 and Monthly / Quarterly Interest of MIS/SCSS if due on 1st April 2016 will be paid on 2.4.2016).
2.CBS Post Offices should ensure that no unverified account or modification in  accounts of SB/PPF/SSA/NSS-87/NSS-92 remains unverified as interest is not calculated for any account if any modification is unverified. Concerned staff should be alerted so that such lapses may be avoided.
3.   All CBS Post Offices, on 31.3.2016, should do transactions latest up to  1700 hours and verify all the transactions simultaneously so that there may be no Blocking transaction at 1700 hours. All CBS Post Offices should complete HISCOD latest by 1800 hours and CPC should complete HSCOD latest by 1900 hours. Any blocking validation should be reported to FSI Helpdesk and CEPT Team immediately on noticing so that solution can be provided well in time.
5. CBS Head Post Office dealing with clearing house, should intimate cheque clearing intimation of the cheques cleared on31.3.2016 to other linked CBS HOs and SOs  well in time on 31.3.2016 either over mail or phone so that credit/debit can be afforded well in time.  
(Please note that in case of PPF Accounts maturing on 31.3.2016, cheque cleared before 31.3.2016 will not be allowed to be credited after 31.3.2016)
6. Reports regarding Interest credited in SB/SSA/PPF/NSS-87 and NSS-92 accounts of a CBS post office, Silent Account maintenance Fee charged and Total number of accounts marked as silent (total amount and accounts  for a Post Office and not account-wise) will be intimated through CPCs by the end of first week.
Instructions for CPCs
1. CPCs should call post offices under their jurisdiction on 31.3.2016, help in clearing blocking validations and ensure smooth completion of HISCOD/HSCOD. ​
2. 2nd and 3rd menu of EOD  will be executed by CEPT Team when HSCOD is completed for all CBS post offices.
3. All CPCs will remain open during the night of 31.03.2016 and duties of staff should be notified in shifts.
Circles/Regions/Divisions should ensure that these instructions are followed scrupulously  by all CBS Post Offices, CPCs.
With regards,

Sachin Kishore
Director (CBS)
Sansad Marg,
Dak Bhavan