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Friday, December 31, 2010

Calendar of Departmental Examinations 2011:

No. A – 34012/02/2010-DE
Government of India
Ministry of Communications & IT
Departments of Posts
(DE Section)
Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg
New Delhi – 110116
Dated 29.12.2010
All Head of Circles,
The Additional Director General, APS, New Delhi
Sub: -   Calendar of Departmental Examinations scheduled to be held in the year 2011.
I am directed to say that the competent authority has approved the following schedule of Departmental Examination to be held in the year 2011: -

Name of Examination
Exam schedule to be held on
To be conducted by
LGOs for PAs/SAs cadres & PAs cadre in Cos/ROs
February 2011
Postal Assistants/Sorting Assistants Direct Recruitment
May 2011
Inspector of Posts Exam 2010
June 2011
A. E. (C & E) Exam
July 2011
J. E. (C & E) Exam
PS Group ‘B’ Examination, 2010
Postmaster Grade – I
April 2011
LDCs to Junior Accountants in PAOs
August 2011
Circle Offices
Confirmation Exam for Dr. Jr. Accountants in PAO
August 2011

2. It is intimated that the above schedule is tentative and examination will be held subject to availability of vacancies and as per the administrative convenience. Necessary action may please be initiated to complete to pre-examination formalities to ensure smooth conduct of examinations.
Yours faithfully,
(L. Mohan Rao)
Assistant Director General (DE)

Filling up of GDS Posts in Branch Post Offices


Government of India
Ministry of Communications & IT
Department of Posts
(GDS Section)

Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg,
New Delhi-110001
No. 17-103/2007-GDS Dated : 29 Dec 2010
All Chief Postmaster General
All Postmasters General
Sub:     Filling up of GDS Posts in Branch Post Offices-review of guideline regarding.


             Reference in invited to this Directorate letter No. even dated 14th Jul 2009 on the subject cited above which provided for the manner of filling up of GDS vacant posts in single handed branch offices and branch post offices having two or more hands.
2.         Provisional appointment for a brief may be resorted to only on account of sudden death, dismissal, removal, put off duty, absorption against the departmental post of Gramin Dak Sevaks and unauthorized absence for long period in case regular arrangements cannot be made immediately.
3.         In the case of posts falling vacant due to discharge form service of the GDS BPM or absorption of the GDS BPM on the regular departmental posts, efforts should first be made to fill up the posts by adjusting identified surplus GDS fulfilling the prescribed qualification & other prescribed conditions failing which action should be taken in advance to fill the vacant post of GDS BPM on a regular basis by following the prescribed procedure and following other conditions prescribed under letter No. 17-103/2007-GDS dated 14 Jul 2009. The list of all the GDS, category wise, due to be discharged from service in calendar year may also be displayed on the Department's website in the month January of each calendar year.

This issues with the approval of competent authority.
Yours faithfully,

Sd/-(AK Sharma)
Deputy Director General (Estt.)
Phone No. 011-23096098

SB ORDER NO. 25/2010

SB ORDER NO. 25/2010
Government of India
Ministry of Communications & IT
Department of Posts
Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg,
New Delhi-110001, Dated: 23.12.2010
All Heads of Circles/Regions
Addl. Director General, APS, New Delhi.

Subject:-       New procedure for payment of amount of Savings bank/Certificates in the name of deceased depositors/holders- replacement of Rule 87 of POSB Manual Vol-I and Rule 50 of POSB Manual Vol-II regarding.
Sir / Madam,
The undersigned is directed to say that this office was receiving number of complaints of abnormal delay in settlement of deceased claim cases of POSB as well as certificates particularly where there is no nomination or legal evidence. To minimize the complaints and to facilitate the claimants for early settlement of claim cases, the whole procedure laid down in Rule 87 of POSB Manual Vol-I and Rule 50 of POSB Manual Vol-II has been reviewed.

2.         During the review, it is found that the present procedure being adopted is very old and cumbersome due to which post offices are taking time to settle the claims. It has been decided to devise a new procedure which will replace the existing procedure laid down in Rule 87 of POSB Manual Vol-I for SB Accounts (all schemes except SCSS & PPF) and Rule 50 of POSB Manual Vol-II for certificates. Main features and major changes made are given below:-

POSB Accounts

       Form of preferring claim has been revised. New Claim form has been devised.
       There will be only one Claim Form for all the three types of claims i.e (a) with nomination (b) with legal evidence (c) without legal evidence. SB-84 claim form will be discontinued. In case of no nomination/legal evidence, the claimant has to produce three documents i.e a) Affidavit (b) Letter of Indemnity and (c) Letter of disclaimer on Affidavit as prescribed in SCSS-2004 by MOF(DEA).
    No separate sanction memo will be issued and no Account closure Form will be required after sanction as both these options are available in the claim form itself.
    Proof of death is to be given by the claimant in original after which no further enquiry is required to be done by the sanctioning authority.
       Claimant has to give two witnesses on the claim form and his/her ID as well as Address proof along with claim form. After acceptance of witnesses by BPM/SPM/PM or Sr. PM on the claim form, no further enquiry will be required to be done about genuineness of claimant by the sanctioning authority.
       Every Post Office where the claim will be preferred has to forward the claim to the post office where the account stands by service Insured post on the very day of its receipt.
       The post office where the account stands, on receipt of the claim either directly or by Insured Post will issue acknowledgment to the claimant on the same day and settle the case within 7 working days if the claim falls under its financial powers or forward the same to the sanctioning authority by service Insured Post on the day of its receipt.
       Every administrative office will dispose off the claim case within 7 working days of the receipt of the same.
       Responsibility will be fixed for delay in settlement beyond 7 working days.
     Taking a Proof of death in original, two witnesses, ID and Address proof of the claimant and three legal documents i.e  (a) Affidavit (b) Letter of Indemnity and (c) Letter of disclaimer on Affidavit will be the safe procedure to absolve the post office from any legal responsibility.
       All payments of deceased claim cases will be made by crossed cheque only.

Savings Certificates

       Present Claim forms in case of Nomination and Legal evidence have been retained.
       SB-84 has been discontinued and in case of no nomination or legal evidence, the claimant has to submit the new prescribed form along with three legal documents as prescribed in case of SB accounts.
     All other features will be same as of POSB Accounts.
3.         This may kindly brought to the notice of all post offices.
This new procedure will be applicable from 1.1.2011 or from the date of receipt of this order.
4.         This issues with the approval of Secretary Posts.
Yours faithfully,
(Kawal Jit Singh)
Assistant Director (SB)
To download the complete Order please click on

Thursday, December 30, 2010

India Post Marches Ahead

India Post Marches Ahead
Mail Sorting to be Automated in Metros
National Address Database Management System Envisaged

                India Post is the largest postal network in the world. It provides postal facilities within reach of every citizen in the country through its vast network at affordable prices. India Post has made a long journey. From 23,344 post offices at the time of independence to 1,55,035 post offices (1,39,173 Post Offices are in rural areas and 15,862 Post Offices in urban areas) with an average post office serving 7174 people and covering an area of approximately 21.2 sq. kms.
Project Arrow
                The Department has launched “Project Arrow”, to lay the foundation for a comprehensive, long term transformation of India Post. Project Arrow aims at comprehensive improvement of the core operations of the post office as well as the ambience in which postal transactions are undertaken. The response of the general public and the staff of the Department to the initiative has been overwhelmingly positive and Project arrow offices have shown significant increase in revenue earnings. The initiative Project Arrow- Transforming India Post has also won the Prime Minister’s award for Excellence in Public Administration for the year 2008-09. So far 1530 Post Offices have been covered under this project.
Mail Operations
                In order to streamline the processes relating to processing, transmission and delivery of mail and to improve the quality of service of mail products used by the public, the Department of Posts has undertaken a number of new initiatives. Mail Network Optimization Project has been launched to optimize the existing mail network of Department of Posts and streamline core mail operations. It also seeks to bring in greater standardization and improvement in the operational processes relating to mail processing, transmission and delivery.
                The Department has undertaken a project to set up Automated Mail Processing Centers (AMPCs) in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad with a view to automate mail sorting. These automated systems would be used for sorting of mail, which would help the Department in increasing the productivity at Mail Offices in these cities.
                The Department has inducted a dedicated cargo aircraft for carriage of mail, parcels and logistics to the North East Region in order to bring in consistency in mail transmission. The India Post aircraft operates on Kolkata-Guwahati-Imphal-Agartala-Kolkata route on a regular basis. This initiative has provided a vital communication link for the NE region in terms of its linkages with the rest of the country and helped the Department e-solve the problems associated with mail transmission to and from this region.

                The Department has also undertaken an initiative to put in place a National Address Database Management System with an objective to effectively manage the address database of public/customers, update the addresses online, and helping the customers in locating correct addresses.
                The Department has also mechanized the mail delivery processes in the North-East Region of the country with a view to expedite the mail delivery process in hilly and difficult terrains of the Region. GPS device has been provided in all Mail Motor Vehicles in NE region for better and safe monitoring of mail movement in the region.
Computerization and Networking of Post Offices
                Under the plan project of computerization and networking of Post Offices, Department of Posts has supplied computer hardware, peripherals and power back up equipments to 14324 Post Offices till date.
                Under XI Plan Scheme, upgraded computer hardware viz. servers, desktops peripherals etc and power backup equipments like UPS and gensets have been supplied to 1939 Post Offices computerized during earlier five year plans.
                1308 sites/ locations have been connected under Wide Area Network (WAN). All Head Post Offices, Administrative Offices, Major Speed Post Centers and Accounts Offices have been connected under WAN. 10530 Offices have been provided with broadband facilities.
                The IT Modernization Project Phase II of India Post under XI plan envisages computerization of all the non-computerized Post Offices in the country (Departmental single handed Post Offices) and all GDS Post Offices phased over the financial years 2010-11, 2011-12 and 2012-13.
                Extensive computerization of the post offices have allowed the introduction of many e-enabled services such as:
                An on-line domestic money transmission service called iMO was launched in January 2006 which enables the customer to receive money in minutes from any of the post offices providing this service. Under this service, a person can send amount from Rs.1000/- up to Rs.50,000/- in one transaction. It is already functional in 9250 Post Offices across the country.
e-Money Order (eMO)
                The electronic money order, which has been launched in October 2008, facilitates transmission of ordinary money orders through electronic media. eMO have the same tariff structure as the existing money order service. India Post has also signed bilateral agreement for exchange of electronic international money order service with Emirates posts, UAE.
                e-Payment is a ‘Many to One’ service through which bills (telephone, electricity, municipal dues, taxes etc.) are paid by customers in Post Offices which are then electronically consolidated and paid to the service provider. The service is presently available in more than 8,000 Post Offices across the country and will soon be extended to all computerized Post Offices.
                India Post is pursuing the objective of financial inclusion through its 1,39,182 post offices in rural areas and 15,797 post offices in urban areas. The total number of accounts with post office has increased from ` 14.23 crore in 2003-04 to 24.10 crore in 2009-10. The outstanding balance in Post Office Savings Bank accounts in 2009-10 was ` 5,83,789 crore. India Post has already computerised its Savings bank operations in 11,000 post offices. Some of the new initiatives in provision of Financial Services are:
Postal Finance Mart
                Postal Finance Mart (PFM) offer all the financial products and services under one roof “One Stop Shop for Financial Services” in a fully computerized office supported by technology, at par with reputed banking institutions. During 10th Five Year Plan, a total of 313 postal finance Marts have been set up across the country. A target for setting up of 500 postal Finance Marts has been fixed for the 11th Five Year Plan, out which 122 have already been set up.
Core Banking solution for Post Office Small Savings Scheme customers
                Any-where, Any-time and Any branch banking i.e. Core Banking Solutions (CBS) is included in the X1 Five Year Plan with a financial outlay of Rs. 106 crores for development of CBS software, Customer Relations Management, Training Project Management Unit, Centrallized Bank Office, etc. which support Post Office Savings Bank and Saving Certificates business with improved operational efficiency with delivery channels like ATM, internet, phone and mobile banking services to Small Savings Scheme customers.
                The post offices also provide insurance services to Government and semi-government employees and to the rural populace under the banner of POSTAL LIFE INSURANCE (PLI) and RURAL POSTAL LIFE INSURANCE (RPLI). The number of Rural Postal Life Insurance policies has increased from 26.66 lakhs in 2003-04 to more than 70 lakhs in 2008-09 and more than 99 lakhs in 2009-10. Postal Life Insurance policies were more than 44 lakhs as on 31.3.2010
                Premium services such as Speed Post, Bill Mail Service, Business Post, Express Parcel Post, Logistics Post, Media Post and retail Post etc. are being provided through the postal Network across India. The revenue from premium products has been growing consistently. During the year 2009-10 revenue through these services was 1625 crore, an increase of 13.24% over the revenue of 1435 crore accrued during the year 2008-09.
                National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS) The Department of Posts has been given the responsibility to disburse the wages to NREGS beneficiaries through Post Office Savings Bank account. Starting with Andhra Pradesh Postal Circle in 2006, the payment of wages under NREGS is currently operational in 19 Postal Circles comprising of 21 States. The scheme is operational through 96,895 post offices (including HOs/SOs/BOs). Nearly 4,67 crore NREGS accounts have been opened up to October 2010, and the amount disbursed during the Apr- Oct 2010 is approximately Rs. 7113 crores.
Collection of Rural Price Index Data:
                The Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implmentation (MoSPI) has entrusted the collection of statistics for acertaining the Rural Price Index to 1,181 post offices across the country with effect from October, 2009. The data so collected are electronically transmitted to MoSPI.
Tie-up with Reliance Money Limited
                Sale of gold coins by tying-up with Reliance Money Limited has been launched on 15th October, 2008 as part of retail post in selected post offices. Scheme is available through 700 POs. The Department has sold 421 kg.Gold and earned Rs 3.61 crores from 1st April, 2010 to 30th November 2010.
Old Age Pension
                Old Age Pension is being paid through 29.52 Post Office Savings accounts in Bihar, Chattisgarh, Delhi, Jharkhand, M.P., Maharashtra, North-East and Uttarakhand, and through money order in Karnataka, Kerala, M.P., Maharashtra, N.E., Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu and Uttarakhand.
On Line Acceptance of RTI Applications :
                The Department has designated 4707 CENTRAL ASSISTANT PUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICERS (CAPIOs) at least one in each Tehsil level across the country. The officers in charge of the computerised Customer Care Centres have been identified to act as CAPIOs for the Department and to receive RTI requests and appeals on behalf of other Central Public Authorities who have agreed to avail of this facility in Post Offices in pursuance of Section 5 (2) and 19 of the RTI Act, 2005. The designated CAPIO at a Post Office receives requests and appeals under the RTI Act 2005 for forwarding the same to the Central Public Information Officer or senior officer specified under sub-section (1) of section 19 of the RTI Act 2005 or the Central Information Commission (CIC), as the case may be.
International Operations of India Post
                The Post Office is an important channel for international trade, enabling individuals and organizations to transfer goods, money and information across the borders for commercial purposes.
International Parcel and Express Services
                Parcel Exports and imports in packet-sized shipments have seen a spurt in recent years. India Post has responded to this trend by revamping its portfolio of international products in tune with the current demands of the market. Standardised cartons have been introduced for parcels under the product name International Flat Rate Boxes. These boxes are convenient and secure, and they ensure faster handling during transmission. The accompanying customs documentation has been simplified for convenience of customers.
World Net Express
                India Post has also launched a premium express service called WorldNet Express through a unique collaboration with Duetsche Post, the national postal carrier of Germany. This service enables customers to despatch express parcels to over 200 countries, and has advanced features like tracking of parcels through internet, telephone and SMS. This service is also supported by a 24 hour telephone help line.
                While fast and reliable solutions are today available for transshipment of goods to individuals and institutions engaged in international trade, this is mostly limited to the metros and larger cities. The efforts of India Post is to make such services available across the country, thus bringing international trade within the reach of individuals and SMEs even in remote towns and villages. India Post has also initiated discussions on plans to make international trade more inclusive with the Customs Department and agencies like the Federation of Indian Export Organizations.
International Remittance Services
                The contribution of international remittances to the country’s GDP has been gaining increasing recognition in recent years. According to World Bank estimates, India would be receiving US $ 55 billion in remittances from abroad during 2010, which is much more than any other country. The Post Office is widely considered the friendliest and safest channel for remittances. India Post has recognised the significance of this business segment, and is offering a portfolio of remittance services to customers. This ranges from instant money transfer on the Western Union platform , to electronic money orders on the International Financial System, the latter being a collaborative platform among postal operators. India Post has recently launched the MO Videsh international money order service on the Euro Giro platform. India Post is also actively supporting the efforts of the Universal Postal Union to set up worldwide systems for money remittances and payments, that are accessible and affordable to the common people.
                e-Commerce has been identified as a priority area by India Post for increasing the access to citizens to postal services and also as an area for diversification of business. A pilot project in this sector is being readied for launch, under the brand e-Post Office. This portal is being developed with the technical support of the National Informatics Corporation. The e-Post Office will initially retail postal products like money orders and sale of philatelic stamps. Customers can access the portal through internet from any part of the country, and carry out the booking of money order or purchase of stamp using their debit or credit card. Once the transaction is completed on the portal, its delivery will be effected through the physical network of India Post. The e-Post Office will subsequently expand its scope to include all postal and postal financial services. It will ultimately emerge as a self-contained e-Commerce portal supported by India Post’s nation-wide ‘brick- and- mortar’ network at the back-end, and facilitating trade at global level through tie-ups with partner postal organisations. The e-Post Office is envisaged as an inclusive enterprise capable of taking postal and other government services beyond the four walls of the office building to the doorstep of the citizen.
Human Resource Development
                In a labour intensive service organization like Postal Service, the employees play a major role in achieving high quality of service and customer satisfaction. The Department is going through a process of transformation. Upgrading the skills of the employees, sensitizing them to the changes and preparing them for the transformation through IT Induction is of prime importance. In the XIth Plan a comprehensive plan for training covering all the cadres has been put in place.
                A new cadre for the Postmasters has been created so as to bring in professionalism in management of the post offices. This cadre will play a critical role in making post offices vibrant and user friendly organizations as well as in successful implementation of the flag ship project India post 2012 for induction of IT and modernization.
Source: PIB

Proceedings of the Interactive Session on e-service book held on 14th December,2010

No.21011/30/2009-Estt. (Allowance)
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pension
Department of Personnel & Training
New Delhi, December 24, 2010
Subject: Proceedings of the Interactive Session on e-service book held on 14th December.                  2010    at North Block, New Delhi.
            The undersigned is directed refer to the D.O. of even number dated 2nd December, 2010 from Ms. Marnta Kundra Joint Secretary, regarding Interactive Session of Nodal Officers on e-service book on 14th December, 2010. The detailed discussion on various issues including the current status of the implementation was held. The Proceedings of the Session are enclosed. All Ministries/Departments are requested to take further necessary action.
(Simmi R. Nakra)

Department of Personnel & Training
Proceedings of the two interactive Sessions on 14th December. 2010 at 10:30 AM and 03:OO PM in Room No.72, North Block, New Delhi in connection with e-service book
            The Interactive Sessions of nodal officers on e-Service Book implementation was held on 14 12.2010 at 10:30 a.m. & 3.00 p.m. in Room No.72, North Block, New Delhi under the Chairpersonship of JS(Estt.), Ms. Mamta Kundra. The officials of this Department and NIC besides the representatives from the Ministries/Departments attended the session.
2. Smt. Simmi Nakra, Director, Department of Personnel & Training, welcomed all the participants to the Interactive Sessions. The background of the e-service book project was explained to them and the benefits of the system were outlined. It was stressed that employee profiles may be generated and employee feedback may be recorded. The participants were advised to start current entries in the e-service book format along with the previous entries, which could be taken care of in a phased manner by them. This would ensure that the e-Service Books become current quickly. The Joint Secretary (Establishment), Ms. Mamta Kundra, essayed that the basic objective of the Sessions was to seek suggestions and feedback on the issues related to e-Service Book. She stressed upon the importance of service book for the employee and how the e-format would be beneficial in facilitating quicker implementation.
3. The participants were also apprised of the MIS reports generated from the system. A brief was given to the participants with regard to the requirements for the Plan Scheme and they were requested to send the information as sought in the Questionnaire and prescribed proforma immediately. Shri G. K. Gaur, Sr. Technical Director, NIC, gave a brief presentation on the responses to the questionnaire and proforma received from some Ministries. He stressed upon the fact that his sample was too small to reach to some definite conclusion. It was therefore requested that remaining Ministries/ Departments may immediately forward their responses for better appreciation of the issues.
4. During the discussion various issues were raised by the participants. The representative of Ministry of External Affairs, Shri Arun Kumar Chatterjee, highlighted the security angle of the service book data. He requested the NIC to look into this aspect to ensure that the data may not be fiddled with. He also highlighted the specific issue of frequent postings abroad in case of MEA officials and associated maintenance of their service records. It was also mentioned that the Service Books of the officials joining the ministries from outside Delhi are manual service books compared to e-Service Book here and again after completion of their tenure they would have to be provided with manual service book. It was informed that the purpose of the Plan scheme is to introduce e-Service Book throughout the Government in a phased manner and hence all employees will be covered in due course.
5. Some of the suggestions received during the session include:
            The ‘Help Desk’ has to be more proactive. A ‘Call Centre’ type help desk was suggested. Details of spouse, such as working or not working, place of work, date of birth, etc., may be added in the parameters to enable the user Ministry to have firsthand knowledge of status of spouse. Name & designation of the employee should be reflected automatically on all pages once the service book is opened. Service verification page is not user friendly. Mostly the Drawing & Disbursing Officer furnishes a certificate and on the basis of it service is verified as qualifying service or otherwise. Further discussion was held on the issue of verification. NIC was requested to devise a proper system for verification of the data as there is no provision of digital signature.
LTC field is not restricted to one of the members of the family but instead names of all the members furnished in the family details are reflected. There needs to be some arrangement for e-service book to be sent electronically to the Pay & Accounts division for issuing “Qualifying Service” Certificate as well as at the time of settlement of retirement benefits. The leave format in the e-service book needs to be simplified and made more users friendly. At present it is just the replica of physical service book. The balance of leave does not reflect automatically. The previous account of leave is also not reflected. It was also decided to look at the leave format in the physical service book. Information entered in any field cannot be deleted. It was clarified by NIC that information once fed cannot be deleted. Only new information can be added
6.The participants were requested to intimate change of Nodal Officer/administrative officers/officials immediately for the security and authenticity of the data. They were informed that MIS reports generated with a perspective and the access to these would be provided to JS and above level officials in the Ministry, If the need for generation of some more reports was felt, the concerned Ministry may inform DOPT. It was also stressed that any other issues or suggestions which could not be highlighted in the Session could be mailed at
7. The Ministries/Departments were requested to furnish the Questionnaire and Proforma A & B, including information in respect of attached and subordinate offices, at the earliest. For updated information on e-service book, the webpage, viz., is required to be seen from time to time by the Ministries/Departments.
            The Session ended with a vote of thanks

Bangurigaon NDT SO dequarterized:

Dear Comrades,
You are aware that we have been struggling with the administration for  dequarterization of all unsuitable post quarters and post quarters having below schedule of  accommodations  since 2007.  Similarly we are also pursuing the administration for supply of Currency Verifiers  and Currency Counting Machines to all S Os. And as you know, theses are being achieved in a phased manner.
Now Bangurigaon NDT SO has been ordered to be dequarterized with immediate effect  vide Divisional Office Memo No. D – 113, dated 28.12.2010 for which we have been demanding since long.
Similarly, today we got three high speed currency counting machines for Bhubaneswar GPO, Ashoknagar MDG and Sahidnagar MDG. While the machine for Bhubaneswar GPO and Sahidnagar MDG have been installed today , the same for Ashoknagar MDG will be installed tomorrow.
We hope, the  administration will realize the problems already brought to its notice and find out immediate solution.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

News from NFPE / CHQ

A formal meeting for discussion of the cadre review proposal was held on 27.12.2010. There was no concrete decision arrived in the meeting but there was more progress. The following are only the gist of proposals.
1. Postman: - The present establishment inexistence in this cadre is as follows
Basic – Postmen : - 46381
Mail overseers : 2955, Cash overseers : 739, Head Postmen : 594, Sorting Postmen : 2456
Overseer Postman : 424
7168 - 7168 (Around 16%)
Among the above establishment, TBOP - 12900
BCR - 3195
(No figures on MACP I, II & III available)
At present, there is no supervisory cadre in existence for Postman. Earlier Mail overseers, Sorting Postmen etc were called as LSG and there after it lost significance after introducing TBOP/BCR promotions.
It is proposed by the staff side to provide three promotional layers to this cadre by keeping 70% in basic, 15% in the first, 10% in the second and 5% in the third promotions. It is suggested that out of four postmen, one of the post may be identified to supervise the other three postmen in ensuring 100% articles taking for delivery and remarks in the return apart from his delivery work. Similarly the postman entrusted with Data work for preparing delivery slip, taking returns etc may be provided to the status of next promotion layer and similarly the existing Mail overseers etc may be brought to the third promotional layer.
Since the cadre review pertains only to improve the promotional posts and not to review the pay scales, the pay band may be decided like 2000, 2400, 2800 & 4200 for basic, I, II & III Grades retrospectively.
2. Multi Skilled Staff (Group D)
There is 37757 Multi skilled staff in existence in the Department out of which 17700 in Postal and 14000 in RMS and the remaining are working in administrative offices.
Since the MTS are not getting any II & III MACP promotions and even some are not getting MACP I also, special attention is required. It is suggested to form three layers of Promotion like basis 70, 1st 15, 2nd 10 & third 5% of posts. It is suggested that the MTS assisting Treasury & Sub Accounts may be identified as higher posts. Similarly van attendant, Jamedar in RM and Record Keeper, Chowkidar etc may be identified as higher posts for providing promotions. Since MTS (Group ‘D’) is a common cadre for all Central Government employees, the identification of area and responsibility becomes a must for consideration of care review proposals.
3. Postal Assistant & Sorting Assistant
Basic cadre - 83696
LSG - 6989
HSG II - 1703
HSG I - 1649
Out of which
Postmaster Gr. I - 2097
Postmaster Gr. II - 511
Postmaster Gr. III - 495
Senior PM - 116
As on date, the total number of supervisory posts works out only 12.35% it is suggested that all the single handed & double handed post offices may be identified as LSG Posts (Single handed offices 11395 & Double handed offices 6719). Since the elevation of pay band with Grade pay Rs. 4200/- is not immediately possible to LSG since it has long process and left the decision with nodal ministries, the present LSG posts 6989 posts may be merged with HSG II cadre. (For example 2899 LSG offices plus 3732 Triple handed post offices & plus other LSG Posts). Similarly the present HSG II & HSG I posts shall be amalgamated. There will be no change of Grade pay in any cadre since it will not come under the jurisdiction of cadre review.
It is suggested that the nomenclature of existing LSG, HSG-II & HSG-I shall be revised as Supervisor/Manager, Senior Manager/ Supervisor, Chief Manager/Supervisor respectively. It is further suggested to convert the HSG-I as Gazetted as if equal to the present status of Asst. Supdt. of POs.
Whatever be the increase in the number of Supervisory post, it will have simultaneous reflection in the Post master’s cadre also.
PO & RMS Accountant, System Administrators Marketing Executive & others
After identifying the number of Grade I, I & III posts from the Postal Assistants, separate cadre for PO & RMS Accountants, Systems Assistants, Marketing Executive will be carved out from the promotional posts and declare the posts as promotional posts to Postal Assistants.
(i) The PO & RMS Accounts qualified officials will be placed in Rs. 2800/- grade pay and on qualifying they may be engaged in accounts branch. A separate promotional avenue can be carved out for APM Accounts from the existing LSG, HSG II & HSG I Posts.
ii) Marketing Executive will be placed in Rs.2800/- Grade pay and a separate cadre will be explored in higher promotional posts.
(iii) System Administrators will also be carved out similarly to this. However, it is suggested that in respect of System Administrators, they may be placed in the Grade pay of Rs. 4200/- as if available in other Governmental organization. PMAs will be brought under the category of System Assistant.
(iv) Similarly there are 300 DOPLI and they may be placed in the Grade Pay of Rs. 4200/-
In respect of RMS, What is the proportion maintained in Postal Assistant cadre in higher posts in the postal, that will be maintained.
Circle office staff
In respect of circle office there are 2400 officials working and at present there is only one promotion of section supervisor with Grade Pay of Rs. 2800/- available.
It is proposed to form II layer of promotion as deputy office superintendent with Grade Pay of Rs.4200/- and elevate the office superintendent with Grade Pay of Rs.4600/- Similarly another layer of Director with grade pay of Rs,4800 may be formed. The Percentage proposed is 50 + 20 + 15+ 10 + 5. There are 59 regional offices in which, it is suggested to upgrade the office supervisors. Similarly all PLI section officers may be elevated to the status of office superintendent.
SBCO staff
Total staff is 4100. There is no HSG II at present. It is suggested to provide four layers of promotions with the ratio of 50:20:20; 5: 5. The SBCO in charge of All Gazetted HPOs (116) may be converted to HSG I. There are 442 divisions and all the in charge of such divisional head quarters may be considered for HSG II. It is further suggested that the in charge of SBCO having up to 50,000 entries may be converted to LSG, above 50,000 up to 100000 may be to HSG II and above 1 lakh, it will be HSG I, Similarly all working in (PWCs/ICOs shall be placed in promotional posts.
Matching Savings
Official side proposed to accept closure/ merger of 3000 single handed post offices/ RMS offices as matching savings in urban areas which will be decided on the following grounds:
i. Offices having less than five hours work load (excluding sub accounts work)
ii. Post offices situated within 2.5 kilometers.
iii. The personnel relieved due to the closure/merger will be accommodated in the single/ double handed offices where work load justify for further augmentation.
The staff side seeks time to discuss on matching savings among them and to form a joint proposal on all the above discussed items.
Please note that the above proposals are not accepted totally and it were in the discussion stages only. A broad consensus and discussions are required to improve many of the items mentioned above. Staff side will sit shortly and discuss the above and submit its proposal shortly. The next formal meeting will be held on 22.1.2011 at 11 hours to finalize the proposal.
All are requested to offer their comments on this to have further study and improvement of our proposals.

(K. V. Sridharan)
Leader, Staff side

Monthly Union Meeting with the SSPOs, Bhubaneswar Division

Dear Comrades,
After a gap of two months, the monthly union meeting of this Divisional Union  was held on 22.12.2010. The minutes of the meeting is reproduced below for the information of the members.

Minutes of Monthly Union Meeting with AIPEU, Group-C
Bhubaneswar Dvnl Branch, BBSR held on 22.12.2010 at 10.30 hrs.


Administration Side

Union Side
       S/ Sri
Sri A.K. Nayak, SSPOs, BBSR Dn.
B. Samal,  Postmaster, Sahidnagar MDG
Dvnl Secy
Sri L.D. Sahu,  ASPOs (Hqrs)
Daitary Mohapatra,  P A , AKR MDG, BBSR-9 

Abhimanyu Rath, PA,  Utkal University MDG

Item No.                                                    
O l d   i t e m s

           This is regarding functioning of rural SOs in unsuitable houses and under unhealthy atmosphere. It has come to notice of this Union that S.Os. like Bangurigaon and Balipatna are functioning only with two principal rooms out of which one room is meant for the Post Office and other is meant for the SPM’s quarter with a very small room / space attached for kitchen / store. This is sere gross injustice to the concerned SPMs. All such SPMs are senior TBOP officials and drawing more than Rs.5500/- and thus entitled for type-III quarters, but for years together, they have been compelled to stay in such houses which are far below the entitled type. Adding salt to the injury, these houses are not maintained properly. The same problems are also continuing in most of town SOs namely Kalpana Square NDTSO, C.G.Colony NDTSO etc.
          As such, this Union demands for immediate shifting of such SOs to suitable places having prescribed schedule of accommodation or dequarterised at once to give justice to the staff member.
C.O. will be pursued.  Present position is as follows :-                                            Action  :   D – Branch                                                                                                         

Sub: Insufficient accommodation
ASPs,I/C has been directed to inquire into the matter and report compliance. Reminder issued on 22.12.10

Proposal for dequarterisation has been submitted to C.O. Reminder was issued on 22.12.10

C.G. Colony
The required queries have been complied in respect of dequarterisation  of C.G. Colony.  The case is under process at C.O.

Kalpana Square
A.SPs, I/C is reminded again on 22.12.10 to submit the Inquiry Report.

This is regarding displacement of unauthorized cabins installed in front of Sahidnagar MDG. As known to this union, the Ex-Postmaster of Sahidnagar MDG has written a series of letters to the Divisional head in this regard. Due to unauthorized occupation of space, the customers are unnecessarily put into troubles in parking their vehicles. At times, the situation becomes such that the Mail / Cash van does not find place to stand in front of the Post Office.
             As such, it is requested to appraise the BMC authority to cause vacation of such unauthorized occupants immediately.
Discussed and closed.                                                                                                                         (I/C)

           Due to scorching heat, the overhead water tanks fail to supply cold water now a days. The water filters supplied to P Os are too small to supply sufficient water. As a result the offices where large number of customers are rushing fail to supply a glass of cold water to its esteemed customers.
 As such, the union requests the Divisional administration for arranging supply of mini water coolers to all the MDGs and other bigger offices.
Already supplied to GPO.                                                                                                                           (I/C)

This is regarding grant of financial up-gradation under BCR Scheme to eligible officials completing 26 six years of service. It has come to the notice of this union that Sri Arjun Charan Mohanty, Postmaster, Bhoingar SO has been denied with recently. We came to know that since an LSG official, he has been denied with. As known to the union, no specific instruction has been issued to till date to deny the Fast track LSG officials for financial up-gradation under B C R Scheme. If so, a copy of the same may kindly be supplied to the union. Or else, necessary action is requested to be taken immediately to give justice to the above official.
C.O. will be reminded.                                                                                                         Action  :  B1 Branch

     This is regarding problems faced by the staff of Sahidnagar MDG as follows:
(a)    The mail branch which runs in the ground floor with 2 P As, 2 sorting postmen, 20 postmen and one GDS is having without any toilet facility. The only toilet available in the 1st floor  is being used  frequently by all the 34 staff members ( Postmaster=1, PA=7, Stg. PM=2, Postman=20, Group-C MSE=1, GDS SV=1, Sweeper=1 and Water carrier/ Caretaker=1 ) including senior citizens / customers at times. Thus, it is highly insufficient and becoming inconvenient for hygienic point of view.
The motor cycle stand presently available can accommodate only 4 two-wheelers and since all the staff are having their own bikes and the postmen staff are having their own bi-cycles ( excluding their bikes ) for performing beat duties, the present motor cycle stand needs extension.

(c)  This is regarding problems faced by the staff of Sahidnagar MDG as follows:
      The mail branch which runs in the ground floor with 2 P As, 2 sorting postmen, 20 postmen and                   one GDS is having without any toilet facility. The only toilet available in the 1st floor  is being used  frequently by all the 34 staff members ( Postmaster=1, PA=7, Stg. PM=2, Postman=20, Group-C MSE=1, GDS SV=1, Sweeper=1 and Water carrier/ Caretaker=1 ) including senior citizens / customers at times. Thus, it is highly insufficient and becoming inconvenient for hygienic point of view.
(d) The motor cycle stand presently available can accommodate only 4 two-wheelers and since all the      staff are having their own bikes and the postmen staff are having their own bi-cycles ( excluding their bikes ) for performing beat duties, the present motor cycle stand needs extension.
(e)  The height of the compound wall  is too short to protect inside entry of miscreants / outsiders during off hours and on Sundays and holidays. It has been witnessed by the staff of the office, as reported to the union that outsiders are defecating inside the campus frequently which is creating an unhygienic atmosphere always. There are also instances of stealing of cycles flower pots etc.  which have since been reported by the concerned Postmaster.
       Since Sahidnagar MDG , being a Project Arrow office is in a prime location area and frequently visited by VIPs, this union suggests to taken the following actions immediately.
(1)    Extension of the present motor cycle shed to accommodate at least 30 bikes and cycles.
(2)  A lavatory may be constructed in the space available towards north side of the P O building with one latrine and two basins two urinate for use by the staff working in the ground floor and the customers at the time of need.
(3)    The compound wall may be heightened to avoid inside entry of outsides and theft cases.
Discussed  and closed.                                                                                                                                   (I/C)

As it is aware, the A Cs of Bhubaneswar GPO are not functioning since long and as known to this union  required approval has been given by C O for purchase of the same since long.
        As such, it is requested to settle the issue at the earliest by replacing the damaged Acs with new ones.
C.O. will be reminded.                                                                                                            Action : D Branch

           This is regarding irregular deduction of HRA  from the salary of the SPM, Nayahat  and C G Colony  when the cases are pending with Divisional Office and correspondence is going on with C O for dequarterization. The present incumbent of C G Colony S O joined on 17.05.2008 and well before that this union was in discussion with the Divisional administration for dequaterization of C G Colony S O. HRA was not being deducted from the salary of the present SPM. But suddenly, the Sr. Postmaster, Bhubaneswar GPO started deducting HRA from the pay of the official from March-2010 unexpectedly. Similar is the position of Nayahat S O which the SSPOs has personally realized. The concerned SPMs have also represented and intimated time and again  on the uninhabitable condition of the attached post quarters.
            Under the circumstances, this union requests the SSPOs to issue instructions to the Sr. Postmaster, Bhubaneswar GPO to continue drawal of HRA to both the SPMs.
Local purchase will be initiated.                                                                                             Action : D Branch

        Though the Screening Committee was constituted for all P As for giving financial up-gradation under the modified ACP scheme, the same was not done for the LSG officials of  our  Division. As known from the Circle Office , other Divisions are preparing the minutes and getting the same approved by the C O for LSG officials.
            Since their number is few, it is requested to constitute the Screening Committee for the LSG officials immediately for  giving financial up-gradation under the modified ACP scheme.
Discussed and closed.                                                                                                                                    (I/C)

       This has reference to this union’s Item No. 05 - 04 / 2010 regarding forceful shifting of  Ganganagar and Rasulgarh S O to new locations without examining whether basic amenities like water supply , provision of lavatories etc. The item was discussed and closed with assurance to the union that provision of water supply and furnished lavatories will be looked into . But it is regretted that nothing has been done yet and the staff are suffering a lot. Shifting / Opening of offices without basic facilities is highly unappreciable.
           Hence, this union demands for immediate settlement of the issues without delay.
As ascertained from Civil Wing, estimate is pending at C.O.                                    Action : D Branch
It is experienced that though salary payment through bank has been initiated for the staff of Bhubaneswar GPO, the same for S O establishment has not yet been started. As known to this union almost all the S Os have submitted the Bank / P O S B Account numbers to the Sr. Postmaster, Bhubaneswar GPO.
Therefore, it is requested to instruct the Sr. Postmaster, Bhubaneswar GPO to start payment of monthly salary for the officials working in  S. O.  establishments.
Already implemented.                                                                                                             Action : D Branch

This union has discussed with the Divisional administration several times before for supplying independent nodes to all the SPM / Postmasters of all the computerized offices. We have also been assured by the administration for the same. But now it has come to the notice of the union that SPM, BJB Nagar S O has no node.
This union requests the Divisional administration to cause immediate supply of a node to BJB Nagar S O and to other SPMs / Postmasters also who have no independent node.
Directorate will supply nodes to B.S. Colony, BM Colony and BJB Nagar SO during the current financial year.                                                                                                                                        Action : D Branch

It has come to the notice of this union that a group of members of other unions in Bhubaneswar GPO are always seen engaged in round table meetings frequently  even during  the working hours leaving their own works and seats and passing adverse comments creating one sort of fear psychosis and criticizing our members using unpalatable languages. Some members of other unions, both in S Os  are also seen going for lunch and not returning to offices till evening and thus compelling our members to sit in the office till late night. Some members of other unions are also seen fully engaged in membership campaign throughout the Division without taking leave or otherwise and motivating our bonafide members to join in their union. Other unions are also bringing individual items intentionally against the members of this union to which we oppose strongly since unions are precluded  from taking up individual case.
The most surprising factor is that though the close circuit video clips can well establish the facts and prove the above actions to be clear violation of conduct rules, no action is being taken by  the administration on the plea that  no complaint has been registered before them against such activities. In the days of Project Arrow, while some sincere employees are working hard to  keep the goodwill of the Department intact , some are enjoining like anything without work either taking the shelter of any union or administration which is highly unappreciable.
Thus, this union is of the opinion that such activities of the members of other unions done intentionally should be stopped immediately for peaceful coexistence of all the staff members of India Post irrespective of cadre and wing. The Divisional administration is suggested to give suitable strictures to the concerned unions to refrain from such activities.
Disclosed and closed.                                                                                                                                     (I/C)

This is regarding non-sanction of S B Allowance in favour of eligible  P As working in S B counters / branches and who have passed the S B aptitude test even. Illustratively, the case of Binod Ku. Das and Sri Satyabadi Das, P As of Sahinagar MDG whose case, as per information available with this union  have been forwarded to the Divisional office vide Sahidnagar MDG letter No. SDRMDG / Staff  / 2010,  dated 19th March, 2010 and No. SDRMDG / Staff  / 2009, dated 9th December, 2009 respectively may be considered.
Therefore, it is requested to sanction S B allowance immediately without delay in favours of all such eligible P As working in S B branches / counters.
This will be examined.                                                                                                          Action : SB Branch

This is regarding repairing and maintenance of Nimapara  P O building. Earlier, we had taken an item in this regard  which was closed with reply that it would be done under Project Arrow. But till date , no action has been taken.
 Therefore, it is requested to undertake the repairing work of  Nimapara P O building immediately.
Administrative approval and Estimate Sanction have already been issued by C.O.  Action : D Branch

N e w    I t e m s
    This is regarding supply of red account bags to S Os replacing the torn bags now in use. After discussions for months together, the item  was closed in January, 2010 on receipt of bags from PSD. But is seen that the same torn bags are  still in use by Bhubaneswar GPO.
Thus, it is requested to replace all the torn account bags with the new ones received from PSD as already replied to the union.
Sr P.M. will be pursued.                                                                                                Action : J Branch

Though this union is writing several letters to the administration on the problems of the staff and Division as well, neither the receipts of the letters are acknowledged nor the action taken on the issues are intimated to the union. Illustratively, we have written so many letters on supply of general stock items to offices  ( with list ) which have placed required indents, timely submission of TDS by Sr. Postmaster, Bhubaneswar GPO to avoid public complaints, irregular orders by the Sr. Postmaster, Bhubaneswar GPO ordering an HSG-II official to officiate in LSG post,  repairing of computers of the PRI(P), Bhubaneswar GPO, replacement of damaged UPS batteries, raid by CBI on BJB Nagar SO etc. But we are very sorry to say that we have not at all been responded in any manner. Secondly, the monthly union meetings are not also conducted regularly now a days. Such activities of the administration compels us to think that this is union is being seriously avoided by the administration.
Thus, to establish a good employer – employer relationship, the administration is requested to  respond to the union properly.
This is kept noted.                                                                                                                                          (I/C)
     This is regarding  sanction of Speed Post  / MIS incentive Bills. We have witnessed that the bills are sanctioned only after pursuance either by the union or by the individual offices which is creating staff resentment.
     Therefore, it is requested to sanction all such bills  after receipt of the same by Divisional Office.  (I/C)
This will be cleared at the end of the month.

             The Divisional Gradation List of P As has been circulated vide D O letter No. B.4-1/2003, dated 01.12.2010 which does not contain the dates of joining of the P As transferred to this Division under Rule-38 of Postal Manual, Volume – IV. As a result, such staff members fail to know their actual seniority in this Division.
            Thus, it is requested to add another column in the Dratf Divisional Gradation List showing the date of joining of the P As transferred to this Division under Rule-38 of Postal Manual, Volume – IV.
This will be examined.

 The date of next monthly meeting with the Union will be intimated later on. Agenda, if any, for discussion, may be submitted early.  No separate letter will be issued for submitting agenda.
(A.K. Nayak)
Sr. Supdt. of Post Offices
Bhubaneswar Division,
No.B.9-1/Ch.III,                            Dated at Bhubaneswar, the 23rd Dec, 2010

Copy to :
1.The Secretary, AIPEU, Gr.C, Bhubaneswar Dvnl Branch at Utkal University MDG.
2.The Sr Postmaster, Bhubaneswar G.P.O., Bhubaneswar – 751001.
3.The A.S.P.Os. (Hqrs), O/o SSPOs, Bhubaneswar Division, Bhubaneswar-751009.
4.The A.S.P.Os. I/C, Bhubaneswar North Sub-Dn, At-Bhubaneswar G.P.O.
5.The Inspector, Posts, Bhubaneswar South Sub-Dn, At-Bhubaneswar G.P.O.
6.The Inspector, Posts, Nimapara Sub-Dn, Nimapara-752106.
7.All Branches of Divisional Office, Bhubaneswar-751009.
Sr. Supdt. of Post Offices
Bhubaneswar Division,