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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bangurigaon NDT SO dequarterized:

Dear Comrades,
You are aware that we have been struggling with the administration for  dequarterization of all unsuitable post quarters and post quarters having below schedule of  accommodations  since 2007.  Similarly we are also pursuing the administration for supply of Currency Verifiers  and Currency Counting Machines to all S Os. And as you know, theses are being achieved in a phased manner.
Now Bangurigaon NDT SO has been ordered to be dequarterized with immediate effect  vide Divisional Office Memo No. D – 113, dated 28.12.2010 for which we have been demanding since long.
Similarly, today we got three high speed currency counting machines for Bhubaneswar GPO, Ashoknagar MDG and Sahidnagar MDG. While the machine for Bhubaneswar GPO and Sahidnagar MDG have been installed today , the same for Ashoknagar MDG will be installed tomorrow.
We hope, the  administration will realize the problems already brought to its notice and find out immediate solution.

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