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Friday, December 24, 2010

Foreigner in fret & fight
A 32-year-old Irishwoman unfamiliar with Indian postal rules — and unwilling to follow any — went on the rampage at the foreign parcel deposit office on Strand Road on Tuesday, leaving a trail of broken furniture and equipment.
The gangling, blonde Jennifer Hudson had to be dragged out by police after four hours of arguing with officials — and allegedly even abusing and assaulting them — over a parcel that she was told would be delivered to her address through the nearest post office.
“She came to the office around 1.30pm looking for a parcel from her native Northern Ireland, unaware that we don’t hand over packets directly. This office deals with foreign parcels but we deliver them through a post office near the recipient’s residence,” said staff member Bimalendu Bikash Sen.
But Jennifer wouldn’t listen. An official showed her the parcel register to prove that her packet had been sent to her address on Buddhist Temple Road through Bowbazar post office, but she wasn’t convinced.
“She ranted about her country not having any such rules and demanded that the parcel be handed over to her. When we told her that a rule was a rule, she started abusing us and threw a computer off the table. She then overturned the table. She even assaulted two of our colleagues, forcing us to call the police,” an official said.
Jennifer allegedly didn’t spare the cops either. “We sent a team without lady constables as the postal officials didn’t explain exactly what had happened. That added to the problem,” said an officer at Hare Street police station.
With Jennifer threatening to hurt herself if anybody touched her, the impasse continued even after some lady constables arrived around 3.30pm. “She screamed that she would die if anybody touched her. We finally dragged her out around 5.30pm and put her in the van,” the officer recounted.
Jennifer was released in the evening, but the police intend seeking permission from the court on Wednesday to start a case against her under Section 427 of the IPC for damaging public property.
Source: TheTelegraph, December  22,  2010

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