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Monday, August 21, 2017




1.      National Secretariat Meeting of the Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers held at Income Tax Bhavan Auditorium, Bengaluru on 09-08-2017, under the Presidentship of Com. K. K. N. Kutty, took the following decisions.  Out of 39 National Secretariat members (including Women’s Sub Committee office bearers) 28 attended the meeting.  The following National Secretariat members were absent.

          1.   Com. Balasundaram (Leave)             2.    Com. Gurpit Singh
          3.   Com. Subir Majundar                          4.    Com. Subhash Chandra Pandey
          5.   Com. Mani Achari                                6.    Com. Jayasreeraj
          7.   Com. Manisha Majunder                    8.    Com. Nageswara Rao
          9.   Com. P.Panduranga Rao                   10. Com. Saritha Divakaran
          11. Com. Shantanu Bhattacharjee

          The meeting decided that the names of those National Secretariat members who are continuously absent from the National Secretariat Meetings for more than 50% meetings, without any valid reason, need not be considered for election as National Secretariat members to be elected in the next National Conference of Confederation.

2.      7th CPC related issues - Review of agitational programmes organised by Confederation and the present position of the various demands raised in the charter of demands - Future course of action.

        The National Secretariat reviewed various agitational programmes independently organised by Confederation viz: Massive Parliament March on 15-12-2016, one day nationwide strike on 16-03-2017, Mass Dharna organised in front of Finance Minister’s Office on 23-05-2017, Human Chain of Central Govt. employees on 22-06-2017 and Burning of the HRA orders on 25-07-2017.  It is reported by all National Secretariat members that the employees and pensioners had participated in large number in all the above programmes.

                The Government has already implemented Revised Pay Scales, Revised Allowances and Revised Pension based on 5th CPC recommended parity formula for pre-2016 pensioners.  The assurances given by Group of Ministers on 30-06-2016 regarding increase in Minimum Pay and Fitment formula still remains unimplemented.  Govt. has not considered the demand to restore HRA rate to 30%, 20% and 10% and implement  it from 01-01-2016.  All revised allowances are implemented prospectively from 01-07-2017 thereby denying arrears from 01-01-2016.  The Option-I parity for pensioners recommended by 7th CPC is rejected by the Government, instead 5th CPC recommended parity is extended to all pre-2016 pensioners.  The “very good” bench mark condition imposed for grant of MACP is not yet modified.  Even though NPS Committee constituted by Govt. for streamlining NPS has submitted its report to Government, its recommendations are still not made public.  The demand for withdrawal of Contributory Pension Scheme and guaranteeing minimum pension (50% of the last pay drawn) is still pending.  All other demands raised in the confederation and NJCA charter of demands are also remaining unsettled.

                Unfortunately, inspite of the totally negative attitude and non-honouring of the assurance given to NJCA by the BJP-led NDA Government, the dominant leadership of NJCA is not in favour of reviving the deferred indefinite strike and no serious agitational programmes was organised after 6th July 2016 (i.e. after deferring the strike) under the united banner of NJCA, which compelled the Confederation to demarcate and organise independent struggle programmes as mentioned above including one day nation-wide strike.

                The National Secretariat meeting took note of the above situation and decided to request once again the Railway Federations which are leading the NJCA as Chairman (NFIR) and Convenor (AIRF) to chalk out serious agitational programmes including strike under the banner of NJCA. Confederation National Secretariat strongly felt that to make the Govt. to honour its assurance on Minimum Pay and Fitment formula, to grant enhanced rate of HRA from 01-01-2016, to get Option-I parity implemented for pre-2016 pensioners, to modify the retrograde bench mark condition for MACP, to scrap NPS and ensure guaranteed minimum pension, to settle the justified demands of Gramin Dak Sevaks and Casual, Contract Workers, a united indefinite strike under the banner of NJCA (Railway, Defence & Confederation) is the need of the hour.
          In the absence of a united struggle under the banner of NJCA, the Confederation National Secretariat decided to organise the following agitational programmes in a phased manner.

         1.    Mass dharna at all District headquarters demanding settlement of modified charter of demands of Confederation on 19th September 2017 (Tuesday).
         2.    Mass dharna at all state capitals on 17th October, 2017 (Tuesday).
       3.  Three days massive relay dharna in front of Parliament from 9th November to 11th November 2017 along with Central Trade Unions.
         4.    Indefinite strike in 2018 jointly along with Central Trade Unions.  (Date will be finalised by the Central Trade Unions and independent Federations including Confederation).

          All affiliated organisations and COCs are requested to make the above programmes a grand success.  As the NDA Government is aggressively implementing the neo-liberal policies in all sectors, it is our responsibility to join hands with the entire trade unions and unitedly resist the onslaught.  If the Govt. is not ready to change its destructive policies, the workers have no option but to embark upon a prolonged struggle jointly with the suffering common people of our country, to change the Government.  It is in this background Confederation National Secretariat decided to join with the 3 days mass dharna at New Delhi and indefinite strike.  In the meantime, if NJCA meets and take decisions for any agitational programmes, confederation shall implement the programmes of NJCA also.  Modified charter of demands of the Confederation is also enclosed herewith. 

3.   2017 June 10th National Convention of Central and State Govt. Employees (Confederation and All India State Government Employees Federation) on “NPS & Outsourcing” - Review and implementation of the decisions taken by the National Convention.

                 The National Secretariat decided to implement the following decisions of the 2017 June 10th National Convention on “NPS & Out sourcing” jointly organised by Confederation and AISGEF. Confederation C-O-Cs should contact the AISGEF leaders of their respective states and chalk out detailed plan for implementing the decisions.  Large scale participation of employees on behalf of Confederation should be ensured in all the programmes:
          1.      State level joint conventions by 31-08-2017 (date may be extended if required).
          2.      District /Taluk level joint conventions before 31-10-2017.
          3.      Mass Joint dharna at all important Centres including State Capitals on
21-11-2017 (21st November 2917 Tuesday).
          4.      Raj Bhavan March (Date will be finalised later).
          5.      Nationwide campaign Jatthas covering all states.  (Dates to be finalised later)
          6.      Massive Parliament March (date to be finalised later).

4.      (a)     WFTU-TUI meeting at Kolkata on 2017 October 9th & 10th and (b) Asia Pacific Regional meet and World Secretariat meeting of Trade Union International (TUI) Public Services at Thiruvananthapuram on 2017 September 11th & 12th.

          (a)     Meeting of a team of WFTU Secretariat led by Com. George Mavrikos, General Secretary and all TUIs (Trade Union Internationals) Presidents/General Secretaries will be held at Kolkatta on 2017 October 9th & 10th .
          (b)     Asia-Pacific Regional meet and World Secretariat meeting of TUI (Public Services) will be held at Thiruvananthapuram on 2017 September 11th  (TUI meet) and  September 12th (Secretariat meeting).
                   The Total expenditure for the above two meet is to be borne by the organisations which are affiliated to WFTU- TUIs from India. Confederation’s share amount is fixed as Rs.300000/- (3 Lakhs). After detailed discussion the National Secretariat decided that each affiliates of the confederation shall donate share amount as shown below.

          1.      National Federation of Postal Employees (NFPE)                     100000
                   (all affiliates).
          2.      Income Tax Employees Federation (ITEF)                                     50000
          3.      All India Audit & Accounts Employees Association                      30000
          4.      Karnataka C-O-C (including/personal donations                          30000
                    offered by NFPE leaders)
          5.      National Federation of Atomic Energy Employees                       15000
          6.      All India Civil Accounts Employees Association                           15000
          7.      All India Ground  water Board Employees Association                15000
          8.      Geological Survey of India Employees Association                     10000
          9.      COC Tamilnadu                                                                                  10000
          10.    COC Uttar Pradesh (Lucknow)                                                         10000
          11.    COC West Bengal                                                                                 5000
          12.    COC Kerala                                                                                            5000
          13.    National Sample Survey Organisation Employees Association   3000
          14.    IBM Employees Association                                                                5000
          15.    All other affiliates                                                                           Rs.500/- each

The above amount should be remitted to the Confederation Financial Secretary before 31-08-2017.

Bank Account details of Confederation CHQ are furnished below.

Bank                          -         Indian Overseas Bank, Gole Market Branch, New Delhi-01
Account Number    -         084001000015586
IFS Code                  -         IOBA0000840

5.       National  Convention of workers held on 8th August 2017 at New Delhi-Implementation of decisions.

              All   the Central Trade Unions and Independent Federations (other than BMS) had Organised a massive National convention of workers on 8th August 2017 at Talkatora Stadium New Delhi against the anti-Labour and anti-people polices of NDA Govt. Confederation being a part of this convention, National Secretariat meeting unanimously decided to implement the following programmes decided by the National convention of workers.
(a)         To Work for achieving and accelerating united struggles in all sectors of the economy on respective demands, which has already begun.
(b)       To organise Block/District/Industrial Centres/States level massive campaign mobilisation and convention in preperation to Central mobilisation to be followed.
(c)          Massive three days dharna at National Capital on 9th, 10th, & 11th November 2017 to be attended by lakhs of workers from all over the country.
(d)          To prepare for indefinite countrywide strike action against the anti-people, anti-worker and anti-national policies of the NDA Government.
              The following Central Trade Unions have participated in the Convention in addition to independent federations of various sectors including Confederation.
              The National Secretariat decided that charter of demands adopted by the National convention of workers will be part-I charter of demands and confederation charter of demands will be part-II charter of demands for campaign and mobilisation of Central Government employees and also for the proposed indefinite strike.

6.           All India Women’s Trade Union  Workshop-2017

              The National Secretariat decided to organise ''All India Women’s Trade Union Workshop-2017'' in the month of November/December 2017.  C-O-C Maharashtra (Mumbai) is requested to discuss and inform their readiness to hold the workshop at Mumbai as there is larger concentration of women employees in Mumbai.  In order to reduce the financial burden of the Reception Committee it is decided that delegate fee will be Rs.1000/- (Rs. One thousand only) per head.  As the train reservation commences four months before, the decision of the C-O-C Mumbai  should be communicated to the CHQ before 21-08-2017.  On confirming the place only quota to each organisation and C-O-Cs etc. are to be fixed.  The C-O-C Mumbai is requested to communicate their decision immediately.

7.           Holding of a special convention/meeting of Autonomous body employees organisations and Autonomous body pensioners organistions.

              The National Secretariat discussed the situation arising out of abnormal delay in revision of pay of Autonomous body employees and also non-issuing of orders for revision of pension of autonomous body pensioners by the concerned Autonomous bodies/Administrative Ministries.   In the case of Autonomous body employees, eventhough the Finance Ministry has issued orders extending the 7th CPC pay scales to autonomous body employees on 13-01-2017, the orders   are not implemented in 95% of the autonomous bodies due to the stringent conditions imposed by the Finance Ministry.  In the case of Autonomous body pensioners, the stand taken by Finance Ministry and Pension Ministry is that they will not issue any orders for revision of pension or grant of Dearness Relief to Autonomous body pensioners.  Earlier during 5th CPC and 6th also they have not issued any separate orders, Once Govt. issues orders for revision of pension and grant of dearness relief to Central Govt. Pensioners, it is upto the autonomous bodies to issue orders based on that orders, in consultation with their Administrative Ministries.  But no Administrative Ministry has taken action for revision of pension and grant of dearness relief to Autonomous body pensioners.  In short a serious crisis has developed regarding revision of pay scales  of Autonomous body employees and Revision of  Pension and grant of dearness relief to Autonomous body pensioners.
              In the view of the above it is decided to convene a special meeting of all Autonomous body employees organisations and Autonomous body pensioners organisations to discuss and decide future course of action.  Date and venue of the meeting will finalised shortly.

13.         Problems of affiliated organisations  of confederation.

              Issues relating to the following departments are discussed and suitable decisions taken.
              (1)     Geological Survey of India
              (2)     Printing, Publications & stationary.
              (3)     Ground water Board.
              (4)     DAVP
              (5)     Civil Accounts
              (6)     Passport
              Meeting Commenced at 11 AM and ended at 6 PM.
              Fraternally yours,

                                                                                                      Secretary General
            Mob & WhatsApp : 09447068125



1.      Honour the assurance given by the Group of Ministers to NJCA on 30th June 2016 and 6th July 2016, especially increase in minimum wage and fitment factor. Grant revised HRA at the rate of  30%, 20% and 10% with effect from 01-01-2016. Settle all anomalies arising out of implementation of 7th CPC recommendations, in a time bound manner.
2.      Implement option-I recommended by 7th CPC regarding parity in pension of pre-2016 pensioners.
3.      Scrap PFRDA Act and Contributory Pension Scheme and grant pension and Family Pension to all Central Government employees recruited after 01.01.2004, under CCS (Pension) Rules 1972.
4.      Treat GraminDakSewaks of Postal department as Civil Servants, and extend all benefits like pay, pension, allowances etc. of departmental employees to GDS.
5.      Regularise all casual, contract, part-time, contingent and Daily rated mazdoors and grant equal pay and other benefits.
6.      No Downsizing, Privatisation, outsourcing and contractorisation of Government functions.
7.      Withdraw the arbitrary decision of the Government to enhance the bench mark for performance appraisal for promotion and financial upgradations under MACP from “GOOD” to VERY GOOD” and also decision to withhold annual increments in the case of those employees who are not able to meet the bench march either for MACP or for regular promotion within the first 20 years of service. Grant MACP pay fixation benefits on promotional hierarchy and not on pay-level hierarchy. Personnel promoted on the basis of examination should be treated as fresh entrants to the cadre for grant of MACP.
8.      Withdraw the draconian FR 56 (J) and Rule 48 of CCs (Pension) Rules 1972 which is being misused as a short cut as purity measure to punish and victimize the employees.
9.      Fill up all vacant posts including promotional posts in a time bound manner. Lift ban on creation of posts. Undertake cadre Review to assess the requirement of employees and their cadre prospects. Modify recruitment rules of Group-‘C’ cadre and make recruitment on Reginal basis.
10.    Remove 5% ceiling on compassionate appointments and grant appointment in all deserving cases.
11.    Grant five promotions in the service carreer to all Central Govt. employees.
12.    Abolish and upgrade all Lower Division Clerks to Upper Division Clerks.
13.    Ensure parity in pay for all stenographers, Assistants, Ministerial Staff in subordinate offices and in all organized Accounts cadres with Central Secretariat staff by upgrading their pay scales. Grant pay scale of Drivers in LokSabha Secretariat to Drivers working in all other Central Government Departments.
14.    Reject the stipulation of 7th CPC to reduce the salary to 80% for the second year of Child Care leave and retain the existing provision.
15.    Introduce Productivity Linked bonus in all department and continue the existing bi-lateral agreement on PLB wherever it exists.
16.    Ensure cashless, hassle free medical treatment to all Central Government employees & Pensioners in all recognized Government and Private hospitals.
17.    Revision of Overtime Allowance (OTA) and Night Duty Allowance (NDA) w.e.f 01.01.2016 based on 7th CPC pay scale.
18.    Revision of wages of Central Government employees in every five years.
19.    Revive JCM functioning at all levels. Grant recognition to the unions/Associations under CCS (RSA) Rules 1993 within a time frame to facilitate effective JCM functioning.
20.    Implementation of the Revised Pay structure in respect of employees and pensioners of autonomous bodies consequent on implementation of CCS (Revised Pay) Rules 2016 and Revised Pension  Rules  in respect of Central Government employees and pensioners.
21.    Implementation of the “equal pay for equal work” judgment of the Supreme Court in all departments of the Central Government.

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