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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Work culture in central govt offices has changed under NDA: PM Narendra Modi

RAMESWARAM: The work culture in central government offices has now changed from what it was earlier when employees used to have a tea break within an hour or so after reporting to work, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said today.

"The government workers earlier would come to office at 8 AM and go out for tea after an hour or so. It is not so now," he said in his address after inaugurating the memorial of former President A P J Abdul Kalam.

Hailing the completion of the memorial within a short span of time by the Defence Research and Development Agency (DRDO) officials and various workers, he said the present government has shown how projects could be planned and executed expeditiously.

He said the Kalam memorial built before the former President's second death anniversary was a good example of how a government project could be completed with innovative features, beauty and quality with the cooperation of workers.

"You must be wondering as to how the government project had been taken up, meticulously planned and executed within the time frame. There is a great change in the implementation of development works," Modi said at a public meeting at Mandapam near here.

Lauding the commitment of all the DRDO officials, painters, workers, engineers, architects in executing the project within the time, Modi said to meet the deadline they all worked up to two hours more per day without any overtime wages.
As soon as the decision to build the memorial was taken, a committee of DRDO and other officials was formed and then Union Minister M Venkiah Naidu coordinated.

"Now an imaginative, innovative and beautiful memorial has come up. The memorial reflected the dream of Abdul Kalam, his imagination, his wishes," he said while appreciating all the workers who dedicated their time to build the 'beautiful' memorial.

The prime minister sought a standing ovation from the gathering for the workers, artists and engineers engaged in building the memorial, instantly evoking a loud applause from the crowd.

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