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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Training of System Mangers on H & N at CTTC, Bhubaneswar rescheduled from 25.2.2013 to 9.3.2013

Copy of C O letter TO/1-1/2012     dated  15/02/2013
In continuation to this office letter of even number dated 07/02/2013 , I am directed to intimate that the proposed traing of System Mangers  on H & N   at CTTC  Bhubaneswar  which was scheduled to be held from 18/02/13  to 02/03/2013 is rescheduled to be held from  25/02/2013 to 09/03/2013 for administrative reason.
All concerned should be intimated accordingly.
M.M.Mohapatra, AD(TO)
For Cheif Postmaster General
Odisha Circle, Bhubaneswar

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