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Monday, December 22, 2014

Now, a postal service to send mementos to moon

You may have heard people "promising the moon" to their lovers across the ages, but have you ever thought of immortalising your memories on the moon?
Now, a US company, Astrobotic, promises to make this a reality with its "postal service" called "MoonMail". Major life events like graduations, weddings, birthdays and indeed a loved one's memory can be commemorated on the moon.
"With MoonMail, people from around the world can send a memento on Astrobotic's lunar lander," said company CEO John Thornton.
According to Astrobotic's website, the company is now accepting small mementos for inclusion on its first mission to the moon. These keepsakes will be stored on the moon for centuries to come.
The company has asked people who wished to send mementos to the moon to select a moon capsule.
The moon capsule protects the keepsake during flight and on the lunar surface. All the moon capsules will be integrated into a single moon pod on Astrobotic's lunar lander Griffin, the company's website said.
Prices range from $460 to $26,000 for capsules to be sent to the lunar surface, according to media reports.
With its partner, the Carnegie Mellon University, Astrobotic is pursuing the Google Lunar XPRIZE and is scheduled to launch the first mission within the next two years.
The Google Lunar XPRIZE is a $30 million competition to land a privately-funded robot on the moon.
After the lunar landing, MoonMail participants will receive images and videos of the moon pod on the moon, attached to Astrobotic's lander, the company said on its website, adding that these photos will be the official record of permanent commemoration on the moon.
This way, MoonMail participants can establish a connection with the moon forever, which they can share with subsequent generations.

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