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Monday, May 25, 2015

NPS New Subscriber Regn. form

From: ADG (FS I)
Sent: 21 May 2015 16:40

To: CPMG Andhra Pradesh Circle; CPMG Assam Circle; CPMG Bihar Circle; CPMG Chattisgarh Circle; CPMG Delhi Circle; CPMG Haryana Circle; CPMG Gujrat Circle; CPMG Himachal Pradesh Circle; CPMG Jammu & Kashmir Circle; CPMG Jharkhand Circle; CPMG Karnataka Circle; CPMG Kerala Circle; CPMG Madhya Pradesh Circle; CPMG Maharashtra Circle; CPMG North East Circle; CPMG Punjab Circle; CPMG Orissa Circle; CPMG Rajasthan Circle; CPMG Tamilnadu Circle; CPMG Uttarakhand Circle; CPMG West Bengal Circle; CPMG Uttar Pradesh Circle

Cc: Director (CBS); Director (Financial Services);; "ADG FS-I"; nps.dop

Subject: FW: NPS New Subscriber Regn. form

Respected Sir / Madam,

This is regarding the revised NPS (All Citizen Model) Application Form renamed as CSRF 1 (of 4 Pages), Annexure I (for Tier II Details), Annexure II (for Additional Request Details) and Annexure III (for Additional Nomination Details) in English & Hindi language. The screen shot of the forms available for this NPS model is also attached for ready reference. These NPS forms can be accessed through PFRDA website i.e. - Forms – All Citizen Model Forms:- select the relevant form.

It is requested to arrange to communicate the matter to all the field units i.e. HPOs (Points of Presence - Service Provider (POP-SPs)) at the earliest for accepting new NPS (All Citizen Model) Account Opening Applications in future. It is further informed that all CRA FCs will accept this new form from 01 Jun 15 onwards. It is also requested to kindly arrange to ensure the timely PRAN generation of new NPS registrations. Your kind cooperation is highly solicited in this regard. 

S. Manik Lakra
Assistant Director General (FS-III)

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