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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Postal Colony sends out ‘dirty’ message

Nagpur: While Prime Minister Narendra Modi is emphasizing on 'Swach Bharat', the chief minister's hometown appears to be downplaying the notion if one sees the garbage accumulated at Postal Colony on Amravati Road. Though the colony, under the management of India Post, is covered with filth everywhere, no authority is taking up the issue.

Heaps of garbage lies near the main wall of the colony. The broken drainage system portrays a grubby scenario. "It stinks so bad that one is not able to stand outside for long. The place has become breeding ground for mosquitoes and other diseases," complain residents of nearby Rachna Yuthika Society.

Since the last year there has been a steady rise in dengue, swine flu and other vector-borne illnesses in city, yet sanitation hasn't been a priority for concerned authorities at the colony, they added. 

Residents of the colony are reluctant to voice their concerns as they fear they may be asked to vacant the quarters or face government action. Hence, it has become a way of life for them.

AK Chauhan, assistant superintendent of post office, tried to pass the buck saying each individual is responsible for keeping the surroundings clean. 'The colony is setting a bad example when PM is pitching for cleanliness."

Yet, he assured to look into the matter and said the civic body and India Post will play their parts. 

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