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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Five ways to deal with sudden changes at workplace

Organisational changes can happen in many ways - downsizing, relocation, a  change in management, a merger or entering a joint venture. Whatever the reason,  changes, especially when they are sudden, can catch people off guard. Sreeradha  D Basu shows how you can deal with such a situation.
1. Don't  Panic

The most common reaction to an unexpected organisational  change is to get stressed and start panicking. But that's something you mustn't  do, says Prashant John, executive director of cloud-based employee engagement platform  Kwench. Often the first wave of reactions is driven by an extremely short-term  view of the impact, ranging from 'what happens to my current project' to 'will  my boss change' all the way to 'will I be asked to leave'. This, he says, is the  time to take a deep breath and wait for information.
2. Get the  Big Picture

"Instead of listening to rumours from the office gossipmongers, employees are better off reaching  out to their superior and asking for the true picture. What seems like a  'sudden' move, might often turn out to be not the case - it often is just a  consequence of bad communication," says Kwench's John.
3. Stay  Positive

Adopting a positive outlook can help the employees  view change as a challenge rather than an obstacle. "This may keep employees  motivated in an otherwise difficult time period,"says Ankit Bansal, founder,, an online commercial marketplace for people looking for flexibility at  work.

4. Talk with One you Trust

It always helps  to have a talk with someone whose opinions you respect but is not a part of the  organization, says Prashant John of Kwench. "Often outside-in views help to put  things in perspective and might change your entire outlook towards the impending  change," he says.
5. Look for the Silver Lining
Let's face it — things  won't always be the same and won't always go the way one expects them to, says  John. Companies shut down divisions, merge teams, get acquired, merge with other  companies - change is a constant. "Evaluate honestly what the change means for  you. It could be an opportunity to grow within the organisation or it could be  the push you were waiting for to explore new options. Either way, a change at   work is not the end of the world," he says.

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