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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Central govt employees protest pay commission, call it humiliation

Chennai: Barely hours after the union cabinet approved the seventh pay commission, central government employees sat down to protest over the less-than-expected pay rise that they had been given.
The union cabinet had approved the seventh pay commission to central government employees and pensioners on Wednesday. While the union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley tweeted his congratulations on a 'historic rise' for employees and pensioners and pay experts anticipating a boost in consumption and demand for consumer goods, the central government employees in Chennai were sore about what they called a meagre and nominal pay hike.

Speaking on the implementations of the seventh pay commission, the Defence Minister stated that he too had made certain recommendations and revealed that some of them had been implemented.

Meanwhile the protesting employees say that the present hike of 14.2 percent was the least in the last 60 years and see it as a humiliation. Though the IMF and World Bank had insisted that the pay hike should not be more than 16 percent, the employees stated that they had expected the government to do better than that, but are now disappointed and feel let down.

They are now threatening a nationwide stir to register their protest.

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  1. 7th CPC.

    Media & associates are saying on Top of their voice
    Big Hike Big Bonanza. Acche Din & so on

    Paid media

    Kindly work out 10 years balance sheet with inflation rise & deduct all taxes then & now.

    Show me a hike

    You will be ashamed to see the net in hand now & then donot forget to do proper indexing
    Kindly also don't forget about tax being levied from last 2 years & subsidies + concessions being withdrawn in train extra from senior citizens & children extra

    God bless u

    Col lamba ( one man army )