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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Circle Union requests all its office bearers and Divisional Secretaries to suggest on identification of posts allotted to Odisha Circle afresh

No. P3NFPE – Odisha / 09 – 11 / 2017
Dated at Bhubaneswar the 14th November, 2017
All the Divisional Secretaries / Circle Union Office bearers

Sub:-  Suggestions regarding re-identification of LSG/HSG-II/HSG-I posts under Cadre Restructuring of Group-C postal employees.

Ref.-   Directorate’s letter No.25-04/2012-PE-I (Vol-II), dated 10.11.2017

Dear Comrades,
This has a reference to Directorate’s letter under reference on the above subject which has already been forwarded to you requesting your comments.

You are sincerely requested to go through the following analysis deeply before offering your comments since I may not be correct in all aspects.

As you know, during the Cadre Restructuring Committee meeting held on 02.08.2017 in Dak Bhawan, New Delhi, on behalf of the Staff Side, this Circle Secretary has strongly raised the issue of short allotment to Odisha Circle against HSG-I and LSG posts which has now been acceded to by the Directorate in allotting additional 13 HSG-I posts {now allotted 96 ( 86+10 nonfunctional) instead of 83 ( 75+8 nonfunctional) allotted earlier including nonfunctional posts} and 114 LSG posts (now allotted 1045 instead of 931 allotted earlier).

Contradictorily, the number of HSG-II posts has been reduced by 15, i.e from 189 to 174 and thus 15 such posts earlier upgraded to HSG-II will now remain as LSG.

Due to short allotment of HSG-I posts earlier, 9 posts of HSG - II which could not be upgraded to HSG – I as per instructions contained in Directorate’s letter dated 27.05.2016, will now be upgraded to HSG - I out of the additional 13 HSG - I now allotted vide Directorate’s letter under reference and thus rest 4 posts of existing HSG-II will be upgraded to HSG-I.

Further, due to short allotment against LSG posts earlier vide Directorate letter dated 27.05.2016, 45 numbers of ‘C’ Class Post Offices in Odisha Circle could not be upgraded to LSG which will now be done as per instructions contained in Para 4.1(v) and (xii) of the Directorate’s letter referred to above. Further, in the meantime 5 other single-handed S O have been opened during the period after issue of the Cadre Restructuring order on 27.05.2016 which also be upgraded to LSG.

Again, keeping the number of LSG posts constant to 1045, Odisha Circle actually got only 49 LSG posts additionally for allotment after adjustment of the shortfall of 45 LSG, 5 newly created and 15 to be downgraded from HSG-II to LSG, i.e.  {114 – (45+5+15)}.

Now question arises regarding creation of additional 4 HSG-I posts and 49 posts of LSG posts in Odisha Circle.

As per instructions contained in Para 4.1 of the Directorate’s letter referred to above, after upgrading all the posts of SPMs of ‘B’ and ‘C’ Class offices, remaining LSG posts will be utilized as per  functional requirements as follows.

i.              Post of Accountants in Divisional Office.
ii.            Some Accountant post in HOs where there is more than one such post.
iii.           LSG posts in HPOs and MDGs
iv.           LSG posts in PM Grade-III/ HSG-I HOs
v.            PM Grade-II/HSG-II HOs
vi.           PM Grade-III/HSG-I MDGs
vii.          PM Grade-II/HSG-II MDGs/SOs
viii.        In-Charge of CPCs, Foreign Post, PSD, CSD
ix.           Limited number of Posts in Divisional Office and important delivery office.

But the fact is that if upgradation of the posts of Accountants in all the Divisional Offices and HOs will be considered, the figure will be more than 49 ( 18 Divisional Offices + 35 HOs). Thus, we have to be very careful and suggest suitably to Circle Administration.

Therefore, at this moment, you are sincerely requested to offer your comments / suggestions so that a proper feedback may be given to Circle Office before issue of allotment orders.

Please expedite.

With greetings.

Yours Comradely,

Circle Secretary

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