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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Com. Ramesh Chandra Sahu , Postman, Ashoknagar MDG retires on30.11.2017 on superannuation

Com. Ramesh Chandra Sahu , Postman, Ashoknagar MDG who retires today (30.11.2017) on superannuation. The AIPEU, Group-C, Bhubaneswar Division wishes him a happy and healthy retired life.
Time passed by so fast
It becomes hard to believe,
The journey started years ago
And now it's time to leave.

Heart is heavy and eyes are wet
You're the most sincere worker of my office
Your punctuality and honesty tell a lot
Having you around was always nice.

We got the opportunity to appreciate you
The way you have inspired all,
Salute to your dedication
You'll remain ever in our soul.

Pray God to keep you safe and well
Surrounded by your family and loved one,
There may be a smiling face waiting
Wherever you want to take a turn.

Retirement may bring sweet pain
But you'll love to bear,
Wish you a very happy retired life
Oh my Comrade ! Oh my Dear !

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