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Friday, March 23, 2012

Report of the Thirteenth Quarterly Survey on “Effect of Economic Slowdown on Employment in India” Covering the Period October-December, 2011

The Labour Bureau in the Ministry of Labour & Employment has submitted its Thirteenth Survey Report after monitoring the effect of global financial crisis and economic slowdown in India since September 2008. This survey is in the series of “Quarterly Quick Employment Surveys in Affected Sectors” and covers the last quarter of year 2011 ( period October to December, 2011).
In a press note issued by the Labour Bureau it has been mentioned that in the recent quarterly survey a total of 2,188 sample units have been covered belonging to eight selected sectors, viz., textiles, leather, metals, automobiles, gems & jewelry, transport, IT/BPO and handloom/powerloom.
The results about effect on employment in the above eight sectors are briefly summarized as below:-
Ø It may be observed from the enclosed statement that the upward trend in employment has been continuously maintained since July 2009. During the quarter October to December, 2011, employment has increased in respect of all sectors except Leather and Automobiles where there was a marginal fall. The overall employment has increased by 2.26 lakh during the quarter.
Ø At the sectoral level, the maximum increase of 1.09 lakh in employment during the period December, 2011 over September, 2011 was in IT/BPO sector, followed by increase of 0.78 lakh in Textiles including Apparels, 0.34 lakh in Transport, 0.13 lakh in Handloom/Powerloom, 0.10 lakh in Gems & Jewellery.
Ø The maximum increase in overall employment by 1.94 lakh is seen in the Direct category of workers as compared to 0.32 lakh in the contract category of workers at overall level during the period December, 2011 over September, 2011(Page 23 of the report).
Ø In the export-oriented units, the employment at the overall level has increased by 2.67 lakh whereas in the non-exporting units, it has decreased by 0.41 lakh during the period (Page 27 & 31 of the report).
Ø While comparing the results of the last four quarterly surveys conducted during the calendar year 2010-11, it is observed that the overall employment has increased by 9.29 lakh, with the highest increase recorded in IT/BPO (7.64 lakh) sector followed by 1.07 lakh in Metals, 0.47 lakh in Automobiles, 0.33 lakh in Transport and 0.28 lakh in Gems & Jewellery and 0.05 lakh in Handloom/Powerloom industries. (Page 15 of the report)
Ø Overall estimated employment in all selected sectors has experienced a net addition of 25.84 lakh during the period from October, 2008 (first survey) to December, 2011 (thirteenth survey).
PIB Release, March 23, 2012

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