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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Supply of Note-Counting Machine

M/s Infres Methodex Ltd, , B-1/F-1, Mohan Co-Op. Industrial Estate, Mathura Road, New Delhi has been ordered by Circle office to supply of 06 Numbers of INFRES Currency Counting Machine at a cost of Rs 82,552/- (Rupees Eighty two thousand five hundred fifty two  only) to the following offices:
1) Sub Postmaster Baramunda Colony SO -1( One)  No
2. Sub Postmaster Pipli SO -1( One)  No
3. Sub Postmaster Kakatapur SO - 1( One)  No
4. Sub Postmaster Machagaon SO - 1( One)  No
5. Sub Postmaster Mandasahi  SO- 1( One)  No
6. Sub Postmaster Banapur SO - Quantity-1( One)  No

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