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Monday, August 26, 2013

Service Provided by CGHS

This Ministry has been receiving complaints/grievances in respect of the following major aspects.

1.Administrative:- Misbehavior by medical and paramedical staff, Shortage of staff, Punctuality etc.

2. Technical:- Delay in settlement of medical reimbursement claims (MRCs),  Supply of substitute medicines instead of the prescribed by the Govt. specialists, Delay in supply of indented medicines, etc.

3. Related to empanelled hospitals:
 Denial of credit facility, Misbehavior of hospital doctors/staff, overcharging, etc.

4. Related to Internet accessibility
Disruption in services due to breakdown in internet connectivity,  etc.

To redress the grievances/complaints, the following steps have been taken:

Administrative:-Instructions have been issued to the doctors /para-medical staff working in CGHS to be polite and courteous in their behaviour with the patients. In specific cases transfers have also been made and disciplinary actions initiated. Contractual doctors are appointed to meet the requirement of Medical Officers. Regular inspections are carried out. 

Technical:-The time limit for clearance of MRC bills has been fixed. CGHS doctors are advised to prescribe generic medicines to the maximum extent. The indented medicines are supplied through various local chemists to avoid the delay.

Related to empanelled hospitals: Penalty is imposed and suitable action is initiated against the erring empanelled private hospitals.

Related to Internet accessibility: -Medical Officers have been instructed not to stop to provide the consultation/treatment in case of failure of internet connection.

Apart from the above, SMS Alert system has been introduced aiming at bringing transparency in delivery of services as major initiative. RedressalCommittees have also been formed by CGHS.

The allocation of financial resources is based on the evaluation of specific requirements/demands projected by the CGHS units and availability of resources.
This information was given by the Union Minister of Health & Family WelfareShriGhulamNabi Azadin written reply to a question in the LokSabha yesterday.
Source : PIB Release, 24 August, 2013

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