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Thursday, April 16, 2015

C H Q Circular

Dated – 15.04.2015
All CHQ office bearers/Circle Secretaries
All Mahila Committee Members
All Divisional/Branch Secretaries
Dear Comrades,
You might have started to mobilize the cadres by organizing meetings, issuing notices, circulars, mass contacts, visits to make them aware of 6th May 2015 PJCA strike. 26 Charter of demands of PJCA have been published in our website and also enclosed herewith for wide publicity among the staff. It is not suffice to do mere circulation of Charter of demands, but at ground level, our cadres will conduct as many meeting as they can to propagate the necessity and importance of ensuing strike. Eventhough we agreed for some of the replies on the 40 Charter of demands put up earlier, the remaining 26 demands now emerged are more important that we have to take forward.
The demands on GDS issues, Task force committee recommendations and Cadre restructuring implementations are vital and important to be conveyed up to root level.
All the Branch/Divisional/Circle Secretaries and CHQ office bearers are requested to motivate the cadres/staff by all available means and make the strike a great success. Circulars in Regional languages will be issued by Circle & Divisional/Branch unions and a copy of the same may please be sent to CHQ.
Feedback reports are needed by the CHQ in its mail about the campaign programmes of all sorts.
Make the strike success, You can.
With agitational greetings,
DA: as above
Comradely yours,
(N. Subramanian)
General Secretary

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