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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Joint Biennial Conference of AIPEU, Group-C and Postman & MTS of Puri Divisional branch conducted successfully on 12.04.2015

The Joint Biennial Conference of AIPEU, Group-C and Postman & MTS of  Puri Divisional branch  was conducted successfully in the premises of  Puri HO on 12.04.2015. 

Inaugurating the Conference, Com. R N Dhal, General Secretary, Odisha State CoC, Confederation of Central Govt. Employees and Workers threw light on P & T Trade Union Movement which encouraged the new entrants. Addressing the Open Session as Chief Speaker, Com. G C Padhiary, Vice-President, AIPEU, Gr.-C, Odisha Circle praised the trade union activities presently undertaken by Puri Divisional branch. Among others, Com. H K Muduli also addressed the Open Session. 

Com. Rajesh Bohidar, Divisional Secretary placed the draft Biennial Report and Audited Accounts which were approved unanimously followed by election of a new set of office bearers.

List of  New Office Bearers ( AIPEU, Group-C)

1.         President -  S N Sahoo,  APM,  Khurda H O 

2.         Vice Presidents:

 i.         Satrughna Pradhan,  PRI(P),  Puri H O
 ii.         Biswanath Jena SPM,  Retang Colony, Jatni
iii.         Yudhistir Nahak    SPM, Madhatapur 

3.         Divisional Secretary - Rajesh Bohidar, SPM,  Police line SO 

4.         Treasurer -      Ramesh Mohanty, Accountant, Nayagarh HO 

5.         Asst. Treasurer - Sridhar Pattnaik, SPM, B S Nagar S O 

6.         Asst. Secretaries. 

i.                 Guru Pr Mohapatra, P A,  Puri H O

ii.                Sanjay Baral,  SPM,  Baghamari S O

iii.               Madhuri Nayak, P A,  Khurda H O

iv.              Premanand Sethi, P A,  Nayagarh H O 

7.         Organisation Secretaries. 

i.                 Raj Kishore Suar,  P A, Sakhigopal S O

ii.                P. Sudharani,  P A,  Pallahat S O

iii.               Bharat Moharana,   SPM,  Rajsunakhala SO

iv.              Bijay Sethi, P A, Nirakarpur SO 

8.         Auditor - Peadeep Kumar Jayasingh,  P A Puri H O 

9.         All India Delegate;

                          i.        Haladhar Das, SPM,  Manikarnika S O

                          ii.       Pradeep Jayasingh,  P A,  Puri H O

10.       Circle Councillor;

                           i.       Raj Kishore Suar,P A, Sakhigopal S O

                           ii.      Pradip Naik, P A,  Nayagarh H O 

Mahila Sub Committee 

1.         Chiar Person - Sujata Behera, OA,  Divn Office  

2.         Convenor - Manorama Mohanty P A,  Puri-MDG

3.         Sub Convenor - Madhuri Nayak Pa Khurda Ho,

4.         Members:

Puspita Nayak,  P A,  Puri H O  

            Pragya Shree,  P A,  Khurda HO Attached To CPC,  C O

            P.Sudharani, P A, Pallahat S O

            Subhasree Dwibedi, P A,  Nayagarh HO

            Lilabati Sahoo,  P A,  Puri  HO


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