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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Selection Process for engagement to all approved categories of GDS Posts - Case of Odisha Circle

Dear Comrades,

The result of the  Direct Recruitment Examination for selection to the  GDS cadre held on 12.07.2015 has already been published  vide CPMG, Odisha Memo No. RE / 34 – 20 / 2015 (Result), dated 10.09.2015. The selected candidates have already been allotted to concerned Divisions and now the pre-engagement formalities like verification of documents etc. are under process.

          In the meantime, now, the Directorate has issued revised recruitment rules for selection of GDS vide letter No. 17-39/2012-GDS dated 16.09.2015 (already published in this site on 16.09.2015).

As known to this union, keeping in view the said guidelines contained in Directorate’s letter No. 17-39/2012-GDS dated 16.09.2015, Odisha Circle has now requested the Directorate to grant one time exemption for the purpose to Odisha Circle as a special case since GDS recruitment process has been completed by publication of result on 10.09.2015. Accordingly, all Divisional heads have been requested by Circle Office, Bhubaneswar to complete all pre-engagement formalities like verification of documents / police verification etc as usual and not to allow the selected candidates to join in their place of posting until receipt of further instruction from the Directorate.  

=  B SAMAL =
Secretary, AIPEU, Gr.-C

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