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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

UPU News : Arab region looks ahead to e-commerce and efficient operations

E-commerce development and strengthening operational efficiency were chosen as the top priorities for the Arab region for the next work cycle from 2017-2020.

Level-two priorities identified at the Arab region conference, which took place from 7-8 September, included reform and postal sector development, financial services and diversification.
UPU Director General Bishar A. Hussein praised the Arab countries for their progress during the current work-cycle during his opening address. He noted that governments, regulators and designated operators, along with the UPU, had made concerted efforts in areas including e-commerce, electronic postal services and international mail operations development.
Challenges for the postal sector in the Arab region include 40 million individuals not served by a designated operator, according to the current UPU regional development plan.
About 61 per cent of the population in Arab countries receives home delivery of mail, compared to a global average of 83.5 per cent. The region is also marked by a wide economic disparity between countries, and it includes five least developed countries.

World Strategy

The Dubai event was the fifth of seven conferences taking place in regional centres around the world, and designed to shape the 2017-2020 World Postal Strategy, which will be signed off next year at the World Postal Congress in Istanbul, Turkey. 
E-commerce development has been the chief theme at these regional conferences, emerging as one of the top priorities for Africa, Latin America, Europe and CIS and Asia-Pacific.
The next regional conference, bringing together countries from the Caribbean region, is scheduled to take place September 15-16 in Road Town, British Virgin Islands.

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