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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

UPU News : 26th Universal Postal Congress, 2016

The world's postal decision-makers will gather to shape the future of the global postal sector at the 26th Universal Postal Congress in Istanbul, Turkey, from 20 September to 7 October, 2016.
The Congress is the supreme authority of the Union and meets every four years. Plenipotentiaries from the UPU's 192 member countries gather on this occasion to decide on a new world postal strategy and set the future rules for international mail exchanges.
The world postal strategy serves as the UPU's roadmap. During the next work cycle of 2017-2020, this will be known as the Istanbul Postal Strategy, in recognition of Turkey, the host country.
The Congress venue will be the Hilton Istanbul Bomonti Hotel and Conference Centre.
Further logistical information, covering registrations, visas, hotels and more, will be available shortly.

Great network

Today, the world's postal services process and deliver some 327.4 billion letters and 7.4 billion parcels annually using a worldwide network linked through state-of-the art technology and processes, maintained by more than 5 million staff.
This global network remains a formidable infrastructure through which essential public services are provided to millions of citizens and businesses. It enables the postal sector to continue to play a critical role in fuelling countries' social and economic development.
Postal operators also provide financial, logistics and e-commerce services to countless customers, and Posts are increasingly moving into the field of electronic services to better meet customers' evolving communication needs.

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