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Saturday, April 29, 2017

EOD instructions for the day 29.04.2017


Date: 29 April 2017 at 18:39

Subject: EOD instructions for the day 
29.04.2017 – reg

Dear Team(s),

I am directed by the competent authority to convey the following:

The situation is not clear and CSI have some issues which they say it will be resolved by 19.00 hours.   Please plan for officials presence at CPC to remain up to 21.00 hours and ask the PO users to leave office.

Kindly ensure that CPCs are manned till the DC is closed for the day 29.04.2017.

Kindly ask the users to be present in the sols tomorrow and ensure that the work pertaining to 29.04.2017 is completed by all means so that there is no issue on Monday  01.05.2017. 

Kindly ensure that the SOLs are ready for work on 01.05.2017 with proper BOD.

Kindly ensure that the Divisions going live for CSI complete the work by all means.


​N. Sivakumar​
CEPT (EOD Central Team),

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