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Friday, January 14, 2011

28th A I C at Pune


            The 28th All India conference of AIPEU Group C was held from 09.01.2011 to 12.01.2011 at Alandi,  Pune (Maharashtra) under president ship of Com. M. Krishnan  with participation of  more than 2500 comrades as delegates and visitors. The inaugural as well as open session was commenced at 11.00 hours on 09.01.2011. This is the first time that the Minister of State for Communication & IT,(  Shri Gurdas Kamat ) participated in our conference after many decades and graced the conference assuring his cooperation for settling the  staff grievances. Com. Sitaram Yechury, Member of Parliament and a veteran left front leader inaugurated the open session narrating the role and importance of the working class in protecting the interest of all the downtrodden at grass root level.
                Shri Vilasrao Gopalrao Kurhade Patil, Mayor Nagar Paraishad and also the Chairman Reception committee, Shri Shivaji Adhalrao Patil MP, Shri Nagesh Nalawde, Chairman Pune P&T Cooperative Society , Com K. K. N. Kutty, Secretary General, Confederation of Central Govt. Employees and Workers, Com C. C. Pillai, Ex Secretary General NFPE , Com R .L. Bhattacharjee, Ex Deputy Secretary General, NFPE, Com Shankar Kaduskar, Ex Vice President CHQ, Com G.S.Asiwal, Ex AGS CHQ, Com G. P. Diwakar ,Ex AGS, Rajasthan and Com T. P. Mishra, Leader U. P. Circle, Com D. K.Rahate, President, NFPE, Com. Ishwar Singh Dabas, General Secretary, P4, Com Giriraj Singh, General Secretary, R3, Com P. Suresh, General Secretary, R4, Com Pranab Bhattacharjee, General Secretary, AIPAOEU, Com Santosh Kumar President, AIPAEA, Com Appanraj, General Secretary AISBCOEA, Com S. P.Kulkarni, president AISBCOEA and Com S. S. Mahadevaiah, General Secretary, GDS also addressed the conference.Com. Mangesh Parab, Asst General Secretary and also the Circle Secretary of Maharashtra Circle delivered vote of thanks.
                Com K. Ragavendran, Ex Secretary General and also the Working President of our union was honoured by the AIC remembering his precious dedicated service to the federation and the CHQ.
                The following office bearers were elected unanimously for the ensuring term.
President -                                         Com. M. Krishnan, BCR PA, Thycaud P.O, Thiruvanathapuram
Working President -                      Com. Mangesh Parab, P. A., Mumbai G.P.O. (Maharastra)
                                                                Com. N. Gopalakrishnan, A.P.M., T. Nagar H.P.O. (Tamilnadu)
Vice Presidents -                                            Com. R. C. Mishra, Dy. Manager, PSD,Bhubaneswar (Orissa)
                                                                Com. C. P. Shobana, PA (BCR), Pallikkunnu S.O.(Kerala)
General Secretary -                       Com. K. V. Sridharan, HSG-I Supervisor, Anna Road HO (TN)
Dy. Gen. Secretary -                     Com. R. Sivannararayana, PRI (P), Guntur-522002 ( A P )
Asst. Gen. Secretaries -                             Com. Gaurang Dev Maity, SPM, Mayna, S.O., Tamluk ( W B )
                                                                Com. Subhash Mishra, P.A., Kanpur H.O.208001 (Uttar Pradesh)
                                                                Com. A. Veeramani, P.A., Anna Road H.P.O.600002 (Tamilnadu)
Financial Secretary -                    Com. Balwinder Singh, P.A., Rajinder Nagar P.O., New Delhi
Asst. Fin. Secy. -                                            Com. HP Diwakar, SPM, Dargah Sharif P.O. Ajmer (Rajasthan)
Org. Gen. Secretaries -                               Com. S. A. Hamith, SPM, RS. University, Raipur – 492010 ( CG)
                                                                Com. U. K. Tiwari, TBOP PA, Patna GPO-800001(Bihar)
                                                                Com. L. P. Saikia, Postmaster, Nagaon H.O. (Assam)

Participation of Bhubaneswar Division:

                Bhubaneswar Division participated the AIC with 2 delegates and 8 visitors. Unfortunately the Divisional Secretary was hospitalized due to continuous vomiting causing excessive dehydration. However, on behalf of the Divisional Secretary, the views of Bhubaneswar Division were presented by Com. Ashish Kumar Das, Asst. Secretary No.1 as follows.

Dear Comrades,
I don’t find a single problem of my Division which is required to be solved by the higher forums of our union and that has not been brought to the notice of the Circle Union, CHQ and NFPE. I have a very bad habit in recording my sharp reactions before my Circle Secretary, General Secretary and Secretary General for the problems and issues related to them. In the last AIC at Guntur,  I have recorded my dissatisfaction for giving only 5 minutes to a Divisional Secretary who is solely responsible for smooth functioning of such a vast organization. Anyhow, with due respect to the President’s instruction, I would like to repeat some problems already brought to the notice of all concerned.

1.    Postal Dispensary, Bhubaneswar  closes on Sundays  violating of the Ministry’s orders 

Apart from requesting Circle Union, CHQ and NFPE for redressal of our  problems, Bhubaneswar Division is also taking the help of people’s representatives on various occasions. Illustratively, we have brought the issues pertaining to Postal Dispensary, Bhubaneswar through Hon’ble MP ( Lok Sabha ) Sj. Mohan Jena. In his DO letter  No. 24 – 9 / 2010 – Medical , dated 11.08.2010 written by Sj. Sachin Pilot, Hon’ble Minister of State for Communication and Information Technology, Govt. of India to Sj. Mohan Jena, Honourable ( M P ) Lok Sabha , it has been replied that all the Postal dispensaries in India  on the line of duty hours observed by CGHS dispensaries remain open on Sundays for 2 hours from 8 AM to 10 AM in winter schedule and from 7 AM to 9 AM in summer schedule. But surprisingly,   the Postal Dispensary Bhubaneswar observed closed holiday on Sundays. I have already brought this fact to the notice of all concerned and our CHQ has also published the letter of the Hon’ble Minister in our website.
                I would like to request the CHQ / NFPE to take up the issue with the Directorate and arrange issuance of necessary orders for opening of the Postal Dispensary, Bhubaneswar on Sundays.

2.    Proposed Amendment to the Constitution of AIPEU, Group-C

a.    Joint A , POSB Account in the name of the Secretary and Treasurer” in addition to S B Account in a scheduled Bank or Coop. Bank / Society should be added with suitable amendment of Article - 9 . We should not avoid POSB Account being primarily the employees of India Post.
b.    The conferences from Branch / Division to CHQ should be triennial instead of biennial to coincide with that of NFPE with suitable amendment of Article –12 ( i ) to lessen the financial burdens and to give wide scope and time  to the office bearers for better performances.
c.    Presently many circles falling short of quota and membership are being debarred from entering into the CHQ team and thus prevented from active participation in CHQ activities.  So, instead of electing 15 posts excluding the Federal Councilors, the number should be raised to at least 25  electing   three working presidents instead of two, three vice presidents instead of two, two Dy. Genl. Secretaries instead of one, six Asst. Genl. Secretaries instead of  three and seven Organizing Secretaries instead of three with amendment of Article– 2 ( i ) (a)  to give scope for having representations from all circles.
d.    Similarly at Circle level, there should be two Working Presidents, one  Deputy Circle Secretary and five  Organizing Secretaries ( instead of three) amending Article – 30 ( I ) (a).
e.    To lessen the burden on the Circle Secretaries and expedite early solution of the local problems, apart from making direct correspondences with the Divisional Heads, the Divisional Secretaries  stationed at the Circle Head Quarters and Regional Head Quarters should be given scope to make direct correspondences with the Circle Heads and Regional Heads respectively   by suitably amending  Article – 37 (B) (i).
f.     The monthly subscription shall be reallocated  giving the branch / Division Rs.18.00, to Circle Union Rs.6.50, CHQ Rs.4.00 and NFPE Rs.1.50 by suitable amendment of Article – 39 ( b ). The Divisions should get the lion’s share since they are conducting all the programmes in grass root levels incurring heavy expenditure frequently.
g.    A uniform format of Receipt Book should be in operation from Branch to CHQ with Union’s logo just by changing the Branch / Division / Circle name. CHQ should prepare a uniform format of receipt book to be printed by the branch / division / circle unions and annex in the constitution under Article – 40.
h.    A uniform format of Receipt Book should be in operation from Branch to CHQ with Union’s logo just by changing the Branch / Division / Circle name. CHQ should prepare a uniform format of receipt book to be printed by the branch / division / circle unions and annex in the constitution under Article – 40.
i.      The number of Vice Presidents, Assistant Secretaries, and Organizing Secretaries of the Divisional Union should be specific as has been adopted for Circle Union / CHQ with suitable amendment of Article – 45 (I)(b). In addition there should be one  post of  Working President and one post of Dy. Divisional Secretary to accommodate more efficient members who may take over the charge of the Secretary / President in future.
3.    Postmasters Cadre:

After thorough analysis I am of the opinion that Postmasters Cadre has been created with only intention to weaken NFPE through divide and rule policy. I apprehend after  the cadre is constituted, the employees coming under the cadre may not be allowed to remain in this union and may be directed to form an association as like as SBCO employees, Stenographers etc. Now options are under collection and as you know once option is exercised, there will be no withdrawal. Some Divisions in Odisha Circle have not yet asked for exercising option and sought for clarification from C O on certain points. Some have called for options from the erstwhile TBOP / BCR officials which is in contravention to the current directions.          
As we have experienced earlier, during prevalence of TBOP / BCR Scheme two separate lines of Postal Assistants were continuing – TSPA – TBOP – BCR and TSPA – LSG – HSGII – HSG I. The TSPA / TBOP / BCR line PAs have been deprived of the benefits of LSG / HSG II / HSG I line.  Now, consequent upon implementation of the Modified ACP Scheme and creation of Postmasters Cadre, there are three separate lines for the P As : ( 1 ). TSPA – 10 MACP – 20 MACP – 30 MACP ( PA for all purpose),      ( 2 ).      TSPA – LSG – HSG II – HSG I ( Supervisor / Cadre-less Postmaster ) and ( 3 ). TSPA – Postmaster Grade I – Postmaster Grade II – Postmaster Grade – III – Postmaster PS Group B ( Gazetted ) – IPoS ( Group-A ).
a.       Showing a long path from PA to Group-A is just to build castles in the air on the part of a P A since the so called 25 % future vacancies  that will come out of 116 identified posts under Sr. Postmaster Cadre  for these general line officials on all India basis will be too negligible and will not satisfy the needs of the cadre in any manner.
b.       Since the number of posts identified for Postmaster Grade – I is more and  the same for Grade – II and Grade – III  are less, an LSG official may have the chance to enter into Postmasters Cadre where as an HSG-II / HSG-I official may not get the same chance for entry in spite of exercising option. Thus, such situation may be created when an LSG official entering into Postmaster Grade – I will be promoted to Postmaster Grade – II after 6 years superseding his senior HSG-II officials who are deprived of entering into Postmasters Cadre due to limited vacancy.
c.       The status of LSG, HSG-II and HSG-I officials who cannot be accommodated  in Grade – I, II and III posts due to limited posts has not been defined.
d.        Previously all the HSG-I postmasters of all HOs were enjoying similar administrative and financial powers. The difference between the cadre based Postmaster Grade - III of an indentified H O and a cadre-less HSG-I Postmaster of an unidentified H O has not been defined. Similar is the position for   HSG-II and LSG.

The CHQ has already cleared its views for amalgamation of HSG-II posts with HSG-I and 4200/- Grade Pay has been demanded for LSG. We have also argued that after creation of Postmasters Cadre, all the posts of Postmasters  starting from Grade – I to Chief Postmaster need to be manned by the general line officials only.

This apart, I would like to say further,

ii.     That the Postmasters Cadre should cover all the existing posts of LSG, HSG-II, HSG-I  there may not be any LSG, HSG-II and HSG-I post but only Postmaster Grade – I, Grade – II and Grade – III.
ii.     A PA appearing the examination after 5 years of regular service should only be promoted to Postmaster Grade – I with Grade Pay Rs.4200/- and not to LSG.
iii.    That Postmaster Grade – II should be declared Gazetted Group-B
iv.    That all the LSG, HSG-II and HSG-I posts should be filled in on regular basis before implementation of Postmasters Cadre and all the officials joined as such may be given appointment as Postmaster Grade – I, Grade – II and Grade – III without calling for any option.
v.     CHQ should see that there may not be any last fixed for  exercising option .

4.    Exploitations in Project Arrow:

 I have already brought the issue of illogical categorization of Project Arrow Post Offices in Odisha Circle.  Postmen have been directed to obtain the mobile number of the Addresses and get them to pick the letters on the way back home or get it delivered in the evening. The Postmasters of Project Arrow Post Offices have also been directed to check their e-mails 3 to 4 times in a day and to follow the guidelines issued by Circle Programme Office from time to time. Being the Divisional Secretary and the Postmaster of a Project Arrow office, I am of the opinion that since the reasons for unsatisfactory scoring  of Project Arrow offices have been clearly cited to be state government holidays or Bharat Band to which the Postmaster or the delivery staff  are not connected in any manner, such illogical analysis of scoring percentage should be stopped forthwith. In this regard, I have already requested that the rules  for delivery of registered articles / payment of  Money Orders should be liberalized  so that those can be delivered / paid other than the addressee in the premises as in case of Speed Post articles subject to satisfaction of the concerned postman. In similar occasions, without considering the staff position, without solving the problems of WAN / LAN / Broad Band, without any attention towards the condition of both the hardware and software, the CPMG, Odisha Circle is calling for the explanation from Postmasters which should be stopped forthwith. The administration should realize that these offices and these people only could enable this Department to bag the Prime Minister’s Award for excellence in Civil Service. Everybody has a limit to work. Excessive pressure to work and calling for explanation for no fault of their own will certainly discourage the willing workers. Project Arrow is totally based on the concept of team work. The Postmaster can do nothing alone unless he is allowed to work with full staff strength, updated systems, trained staff etc. Prompt attendance or response of the System Administrator is a must at the situation when there is an error.

5.    Strikes and Agitational Programmes:

It has been a trend  to prepare a lengthy Charter of Demands adding as many as it can be. Illustratively, we have seen that the number of demands, though restricted to 17  was actually   45 during the last strike called for indefinitely from 13.07.2010. I may not commit a mistake in making you all understand that more number of demands will certainly lessen the collective bargain power. Correct placing of specific demands is one of the arts of correct negotiation. So I am of the opinion that we should prioritize our demands to the minimum while preparing for any agitational programme.
Secondly, I should request to bring the other willing associations into our movements but not those federations who just sign in the J C A circulars and do not instruct properly to their branches downward. I have already given several e mails in this regard to CHQ / NFPE during the last indefinite call clearly citing the activities of FNPO in Odisha Circle. Signing in the JCA circular and not participating in the strike  is certainly giving a wrong message to our dedicated members.

6.    Closure / Merger of Post Offices:

When we are facing acute shortage of staff, both delivery and   – when working beyond normal duty hours has been a practice due the reason of staff shortage on one hand and introduction of new / additional services and products on the other, in our opinion,   all ‘C’ class post offices, both delivery and non-delivery having less than minimum workload should be closed down to mitigate the staff shortage. These post offices require to be merged with nearly delivery S Os / MDGs so that our member can relax and take a breath from the unexpectedly high workload. Situation has now become such that we are not able to relieve our staff members in time  on leave. Hope, the  CHQ / NFPE leadership  will realize the gravity of the situation.

7.    Restoration of abolished Posts:

                 The Department vide its letter No. 25-5/2010-PE.I dated 19.07.2010 has  clarified that reduction of staff earlier implemented as matching savings for implementation of TBOP/BCR promotions stands withdrawn from 01.09.2008. Consequently, the number of operative / supervisory posts existing as on 01.09.2008 will be taken into consideration for the purpose of periodical reviews or augmentation proposals of Post Offices establishment. When the letter is not saying that the number of operative / supervisory posts existing prior to  implementation of TBOP Scheme and BCR Scheme, with effect from 30.11.1983 and  01.10.1991 respectively will be taken into consideration for the purpose of periodical reviews or augmentation proposals of Post Offices establishment, we cannot say that the surrendered posts are ordered to be restored. The Circle / Divisional Heads will never interpret to restore the surrendered posts unless it is specifically directed.
            In this context, it is my personal opinion that the issue may be pursued with the Directorate again and specific instructions should be issued to all Circle heads to restore the establishment of operative / supervisory posts existing prior to  implementation of TBOP Scheme and BCR Scheme, with effect from 30.11.1983 and  01.10.1991 respectively and not as on 01.09.2008.

8.    Fixation of Pay on promotion after 01.01.2006:

This is regarding Directorate’s clarification with regard to fixation of Pay on promotion after 01.01.2006 and irregular objection being raised by the ICIR in the date of increment and ordering recoveries vide letter No. 4-4/2008-PCC (Corr.), dated 06.08.2010 ( Posted in our site on 17.08.2010 ). In reply to item No. 121  placed in the JCM Departmental Council by our Union, attention is drawn to Rule 13(i) and Rule 7(A) (II) of CCS (RP) rules, 2008 for fixation of pay.          But the case is not being interpreted favourably for the promotees. Hope, the matter will be taken with every seriousness through National JCM.

9.    Fixation of unrealistic targets for  P O S B transactions

                When the SPMs / Postmasters are working under several restrictions confining themselves within the four walls of the Post Office, the Department is fixing unrealistic targets for opening of new accounts and issue / discharge of certificates which is not at all justified. Thus, I am of the opinion that instead of giving targets to the SPMs / Postmasters for procuring business under different POSB schemes, the Circle Administration / Directorate, in addition to giving priority for Core Banking Solution, should be appraised suitably for  considering  to:
a.       Deploy special filed staff for collecting business under POSB schemes as like as Business / Marketing Executive for Business Development.
b.       Recruit special agents for procuring POSB business as made for PLI / RPLI without depending upon the existing SAS/MPKBY agents. The case of retired postal employees may be considered for the purpose.
c.       Allow postmen staff to collect business on POSB Scheme on commission basis as given to SAS / MPKBY agents.
d.       Take the matter with Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India for increasing  rates of interests in various POSB Schemes.
e.       Grant normal savings bank interest for completed months in case of premature closure of various Time Deposit accounts.
f.     Remove ceiling fixed for Single / Joint S B Accounts, MIS and SCSS Accounts.
g.    Relax the norms for opening of    Accounts

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