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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Better Courier / Parcel Service - INDIAN SPEED POST

When compared to other courier services in india such as Blue Dart, DHL, Proffessional , SPEED POST is better. The first quality is that its a government service and so it cost very low cost. Other  private companies are charging big rates and their services were bad. Indian postal dept has its delivery in each and every part of india whether the place is small or large. it has a wide delivery area that can be never attained by any other company. We can sent any article upto 50g all over india by only 25 rupees. It has tracking facilities too.

             The very important fact is that most of the private companies especially Blue dart, DHL, Proffessional are cheating their customers. Actually they charged five times more than speed post from customers and they post it on the nearby speed post counter. Actually we use the same services of the postal dept and paying five times of their charge.           
           As speed post is a low cost service by govt, it has some defficiencies like delay in delivery becoz of the delay of train and other transportation means. All the way you can trust indian Sped Post than any other agencies. This is my personal opinion in the light of my experience.
Source:, 11 Jan., 2011

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