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Monday, January 24, 2011

Procurement of Cash Counting Machine and Currency Verifier by Odisha Circle.

Dear Comrades,
             Odisha Circle administration has placed order for purchase of 6 Cash Counting Machines and 68 Currency Verifiers  for supply to differernt Project Arrow Post Offices under Phase - I and II. Bhubaneswar Division will get 1 Cash Counting Machine ( for Bhubaneswar GPO ) and 22 Currency Verifiers for supply to Ashoknagar MDG ( 5 ), Bhubaneswar GPO (10), Pipli S O ( 2 ) and Sahidnagar MDG ( 5 ).
               It is worth mentioning here that we have been continuously pursuing the matter both at Divisional level and C O level ( through Circle union ) for suply to all S Os. However, the current supply will partially solve the situation in many offices.
               The copy of C O letter No. SD / 10 - 31 / 03-Ch.III, Dated 18.01.2011 placing the order to M/s Infres Methodex, 21, Sahidnagar, Bhubaneswar - 751 007 is reproduced below for information of our members.


  1. Another judicious step by department of post. The offcials at the above Project Arrow post offices are humans & they can make error in verifying the curencies at counters where as the officials working in the post offices other than the aforesaid Project Arrow offices are above human beings and they can verify the currencies without currency verifyer. And our Union apprise the adminstration for the above act. What a Generosity gesture! Thank U


  2. Dear Comrade,
    As an elected office bearer of this union, you know better the steps taken by this Divisional Union for last four years demanding supply of Currency Verifier to all S Os. We have never argued in favour of Project Arrow Post Offices. We have been replied by the Divisional Office for supply of the same centrally by C O and accordingly required demand has since been placed by our Divisional Office to C O. Observing unusual delay we have also taken up the matter with Circle union to which you are completely aware of. The present supply has been made out of the surplus fund available under Project Arrow scheme to which this union has nothing to do. Do you think it wise not to publish such news till all offices are not supplied with currency verifier ?
    Department does not run on anybody’s feeling. Or else, I am sure, you possess the capacity to change the whole process within no time.