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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sundays / Holidays packed with Training Programmes - Exploitation to Staff members.

No  Sunday, No Holiday, No leave
Only duty, duty & duty.....
Training, training & training
The era of pre-independence will be  coming back soon.
Dear Comrades,
As you are aware, working beyond normal duty hours has been a practice now a days due the reasons of staff shortage, introduction of new / additional services and products, inadequate   supply of computer consumables, improper functioning of computers due to hardware/software problems, failure of SAs to attend any problem instantly  for   undue pressure/workload, compliance to series of queries arising out of Project Arrow, prompt attendance to web-complaints , e-posts, emails etc. The condition of the staff members in single / double handed post offices beggars description. Situation has now become such that the administration has failed even to make a relieving arrangement in case of C L . While the staff members are performing their duties still satisfactorily neglecting their health and social responsibilities and concentrating to solve / attend their personal problems / family members on the Holidays / Sundays, adding salt to injury, the administration has now determined to snatch away this week end holiday very cunningly on the plea of imparting various trainings which is completely anti-welfare and unconstitutional as well. If this trend continues, undoubtedly we will soon be back to pre-independence era and compelled to work as bonded labourers.
However, we have registered our sharp reaction and requested the Circle Secretary to take up the issue with the circle administration appraising them to restrict the training programmes to working days only.
The copy of SSPOs, Bhubaneswar Division Memo No. B.12 – 32 ( Trg. ) / 2003, dated 19.01.2011 issued pursuant to C O letter No. RE / 34-STT/2010-11, dated 13.01.2011 is reproduced below. All the Sundays starting from 23.01.2011 till end of February, 2011 have been booked for giving soft skill training to P As of this Division rotationally with instructions not to grant any kind of leave and with threatening to take action in case of failure to attend the programme.

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