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Thursday, November 3, 2011

All India Mail Survey-2011

Government of India
Ministry of Communication & IT
Department of Posts
Mall Business Development & Operation Division
Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg, New Delhi-110001
No. 38-0112011                                                                                                                        Dated 30.09.2011
All Heads of Circles

Subject: All  India Mail Survey-2011

 The Annual “All India Mail Survey” for the year 2011 will be conducted in November 2011 on the prescribed pattern for this purpose. The survey will be carried out separately in Urban and Rural Post Offices.

2.             For the year 2011, “All India Rural Mail Survey” will be conducted on 03.11.2011 and the “Urban Mail Survey” will be conducted on 17.11.2011. The methodology or  the survey remain the same as is enclosed.

3.             Each Circle will consolidate the survey results received from Regional Offices / Division in the proforma given as Annexure ‘C’ and ‘C-I’ in respect of both Rural and  Urban mail survey for each category of mail, and forward the reports to this  Directorate latest by 25.11.2011. Norms for transmission and delivery of mail, work sheet, Annexure ‘A’, ‘B’, are enclosed for guidance.

4.             The data so collected, should be thoroughly scrutinized at the Circle level before being forwarded to the Directorate. The nature of action taken subsequently to eliminate delay in transit and delivery of mail shall be communicated accordingly. All efforts should be made for accurate compilation of the data. It is recommended to include Post Offices identified under “Project Arrow” for the survey in concerned Circles to the extent possible.

5.             As soon as the results of the survey are compiled, Circles may also take necessary action to analyze the data and review the mail arrangement wherever needed.

6.             Receipt of this memo may be acknowledged to Shri R Kumar Raj, AD (Task Force), Mail Business Division.

(Kalpana Tewari)
CGM (Mail Business)
Copy to:
1.             All Regional Postmasters General
2.             Addl. D.G. APS, APS Directorate, R.K. Puram New Delhi-110066
3.             Director Postal Staff College, India, Ghaziabad (UP)
4.             Director Postal Training Centers, Saharanpur/ Madurai / Vadodara / Darbhanga / Guwahati / Mysore

Methodology  for All India Live Mail Survey

The following methodology would be adopted for the survey:

1.             The Rural Survey will be conducted on the designated dates at the selected Post Offices throughout the country. For the Rural Mail Survey, one delivery post office in each post sub-division from amongst the rural post offices should be identified by the Divisional Superintendent.

2,             The Urban Mail Survey will be conducted on designated dates. For the Urban Mail Survey, one delivery post office in each post Sub —division, from amongst the urban post offices should be identified by the Divisional Superintendent.

3              . The survey should be carried out in respect of letters, registered letters, money orders, parcels and 2 class mail. For this purpose, 25% of mail in each category, with clear date stamp impression, should he taken as random sample for surveys Mail received at Sub Post Offices and meant for delivery through Branch Post Offices should also be included for the sample

4.             After collecting the sample from the total mail, those emanating from the same district, same circle, neighboring circles and distant circles should be segregated and further separated category-wise.

5              . The date of posting should be identified from the post marks and based on this the transit time taken should be worked out. The letters which do not bear legible post marks should not be taken into account for the survey.

6.             Each article should be categorized under L)+i, D+2,D±3, D+4,D+5 and D+ & above for same district, same circle, neighbouring and distant circles, and details be filed in the relevant column of the work sheet (copy enclosed).

7.             Based on the transit norms for mail already available with the Circle (copy enclosed), the articles which have been received beyond the transit norms should be identified. Thereafter, the data should be incorporated in proforma at annex-A, and sent to the Divisional Superintendent for further analysis. If the mail arrangements are such that the articles received in a Sub-Post Office are delivered in branch Post Office on the day following the day of their receipt at the Sub-Post Office. One more day should be added to the transit time for such mail.
8.             The stations from where the large numbers of articles are received with delay should be identified and the mail routes checked to pinpoint the cause of delay.

9.             In each Postal Division, a task force, comprising officials of the level ASP/SDIJPRIs/SPMJDY, PM and the postmaster/SPM, will be constituted by the Divisional Superintendent for conducting the mail survey. An official from the CO/RO, neighbouring RMS Division viz: APMGIAD/SSRM/SRM/DY. SRM/ASRM from amongst the official available should be nominated by the Circle Office/Regional Office to monitor the survey at close quarters.

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