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Monday, November 7, 2011

Am I the same leader my members expect - Or just have availed the opportunity ?

Bruhaspati Samal
Secretary, AIPEU, Group-C
Bhubaneswar Division
Let me ask
Am I a true leader,
Or just have availed  the opportunity ?
Do I  render selfless service
With full devotion and  utmost sincerity  ?

Do I know,
My members are my crowning jewel ?
And I am just the engine
To go a long way with all
And they are the fuel ?

I am just the body,
Blood and cells are my members.
And I just exist only for them,
Or else a dry land
Without  showers.  

Do I think proper and act positively
And  show others they care ?
Listen all with patience
Giving meaningful feedback
And  adjudge everything in fair ?

Do my words match with my deeds
And am I impartial ?
Do I treat everyone equally
And stand  with them,
When the time is crucial ?

Do I consider myself
One amongst the common members ?
Or maintain bureaucratic ego ,
As if their supreme authority
And a great boss ?

Am I the change
I wish to see in others ?
Or just instruct to obey me
Because I am the leader
And other are just followers ?

Do I like to tell the truth
And insist on results ?
Regard righteousness and maintain transparency
Whatever may be the consequence,
Don’t move backwards.

Have I the knowledge of mission / vision
And of rules and regulations of my organization ?
And do I understand the basic concepts ?
To confront with the administration
And to redress the problems ?

Do I Know the problems before me
And the members’ emotion ?
Am I playing a fair game
With the sentiments of my members
Or a dirty politics with definite intention?

Do  I know the importance of communication
And focus on helping people to be successful ?
Give strategic  response  timely ?
And plan my goals
With a definite principle ?

Do I prioritize my Organization’s benefits
With an eye to members’ welfare ?
Work in tandem with administration
Seeing my  members to smile
And my country to prosper.

Am I punctual  and hard working
Possessing qualities of a good leader  first ?
Determined to work
Both for my nation and organization
Till I breathe last  ?

Have I developed  leaders and  my substitute
And  discharged  my  foremost  responsibility ?
And let me ask
Am I the same leader my members  expect
Or just  have availed the opportunity  ?



  1. Dear Comrade,
    The first quality of a real leader is his self analysis & ability to repair/rectify his faults/errors at an earliest.And to rectify the faults,first you have to point out the same & have to admit it.Your this posts definitely shows that your dn.has a real leader,who knows the way to rectify him.This is a real courage, which you have shown through your this post.Red salute for that.Wish you all success in your trade union career.
    Com.Pinaki Mandal.
    Howrah Dn.(09830479985)

  2. Dear Comrade,
    With my little experience, I have smelled the bureaucratic ego maintained by many leaders even in the service unions and associations. While we are addressing each other as Comrade, we don’t actually feel the gravity underneath. Most of the so called leaders who are fortunate enough to hold the key posts by any means are often quite unpunctual in their official duties , don’t know the vision / mission / rules / regulations of their respective organization , fully careless towards the lower forums and possess many such negative qualities which are harmful both for the organization and for the union / association. Such leaders don’t prefer to create leaders and substitutes , but manage to continue till their retirement or death whichever comes earlier.
    I have just tried to give such leaders a message.
    Thanks a lot for your valuable comments.

  3. Dear Comrade , really AIPEU is proud of leaders like you. Your caring attitude towards members , bargaining ability with administration and daring personality to tell truth are most vital and acceptable charactersticks of a true leader. Top leaders are building their political career with the help of tireless effort of grassroot leaders.They don't feel to gothrough rulings, logical arguements and trust of the members. Leaders are forgetting that they are representatives of a group , selected by a group to work for them. But now a days leaders are made not burn. Any one can be a leader with help of unfairmeans because members are not serious about their voting power.Specifically leaders those are selected/ elected indirectly they dont like to have feelings towards members rather they are well trained to keep thir post till their retirement by way of flattering senior leaders at country level.Those leaders should be thrown away by members at grass root level. No one should cooperate them . I do not care those leaders who does not care members. All leaders should read your poem and try to evaluate their role, duty, responsibility and power entrusted by members.
    Gadadhar Rath.

  4. Hope, this will certainly aware the leaders who are just intended to hold the posts by any means rather than concentrating on staff welfare.

  5. Dear Samal,
    This is a generous approach to aware the leaders.
    Thanks for your effort.

  6. Good qualities of a leader
    A good leader needs lot of good qualities in him. I would like to put these essential qualities that a leader should posses.

    1. Patience: A good leader should have qualities like Patience, Non Violence, Easily accessible and they should back their members understand their problems and try to solve their problems as early as possible
    2.Intelligence : A good leader should be highly intelligent and able to examine and solve the problem of the followers quickly .
    3.Charisma: A good leader must have a natural charisma that attracts people's attention towards him.
    4.Dependability: A good leader meets schedules and deadlines and adheres to rules & policies.

    5.Accept Responsibility for Your Actions:
    Those who have qualities of good leadership never pass the buck. In fact, the best leaders will not only take responsibility for their own mistakes, but also shield their team from negative consequences, going to bat for them. We seem to be raising a society of people who prefer to blame others for their feelings, circumstances and lack of success. True leaders are masters at accepting responsibility for all that comes their way and taking ownership and responsibility for getting things back on track. Blaming, justifying and excuse making just isn't in their responsibility. An honest leader sets an example that inspires greatness.

    6.Inspire Members to Work Toward The Vision:
    A good leader does not push people to believe in or want to work toward the organizational vision and goals, but rather, one of the qualities of good leadership is to guide, lead, and inspire members to want to participate in the process of moving toward the vision.

    I personally find all these above qualities in you and also believe you will be maintaining as long as you are with us. I also feel all criticisms are always an acid test for a true leader giving him a chance to prove .Here is an also chance for us to appear the test and come out with flying colors since everybody knows what we are and we need not explain us. I think in this way. No doubt it is an good opportunity! Saroj kumar patra.

  7. I apprehend the poem may not be understood or interpreted by many persons so called leaders who are not possessing even slightly qualities mentioned in the poem, who think the values said the the poem are out dated , who only think to make a easy ride to being a so called leader by taking benefit from indifference , less responsibilities and flattering attitudes of the common members. So i believe this poem should be special meant for those members who are not aware of their presences, power & responsibilities. They should review and be aware.

  8. definition of the qualities of a leader is discussed in the article. but now a days leaders are expected to posses money,man and the muscle power even in decent department like us.Sincearity will not a gate pass to become clean leader with out Critisisam.any how good inspiration for the upcoming leaders.

  9. Dear
    Though I am not authorise to give reply to ur questions,still I think u r the jewel to our Union.The Quality u have is the most powerful i.e selfless.Nothing more is required for a leadaer.U r a true leader. Wish u a bright future.
    Subeg Rath.