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Monday, November 26, 2012


Manihsinath Bhawan,A/2/95 Rajouri Garden,New Delhi. 110 027.
Website: confederationhq.,E
Dated: 22nd November, 2012
Dear Sir,
                The Confederation of Central Government employees and workers is the apex level organisation of all Federation/Association/Unions of CGEs other than in the Railways and Defence establishments.  In our last National Council meeting, we were constrained to decide to call upon our members to organise a day's strike on 12th December, 2012 in pursuance of a 15 Point charter of demands.
                As you are aware, it was in the wake of a strike action in 1960s by the Central Govt. Employees, the Govt. of India set up permanent negotiating machinery called JCM so that the employees will be able to raise their demands and grievances and seek settlement thereof through dialogue.  This machinery has now come to a standstill as the Govt. does not convene the meetings of the councils at the Departmental levels on one pretext or the other.  A new set of rules were promulgated in 1993 to grant recognition to Service Associations.  Many Ministries, despite the employees organizations abiding by the stipulated conditions, have not afforded recognition to the Associations/Federations, thereby closing all channels of communication.  The JCM had the facility of referring the issues on which the Government could not agree upon to the Board of Arbitration.  The decision/award of the Board was binding on all parties.  However, of late the Government had been rejecting the awards in favour of the employees on the specious plea of adverse impact on national economy by presenting resolutions in the Parliament.  We need not emphasise the unethical character of this approach which undermines the confidence of the employees in the fairness of the system.  Two such awards have been moved for rejection in this session of the Parliament. 
                The 6th CPC recommendations and its implementation had given rise to various anomalies.  The employees genuinely felt that the said anomalies would be removed through discussions for which the Government had set up a committee.  The Committee despite meeting on four occasions had not been able to settle the issues; nor could it be referred to the Arbitrator. The 6th CPC recommendations were implemented with effect from 1.1.2006.  The revision of wages was due on 1.1.2011. The Government has not so far come forward to set up the 7th CPC. 
                The new contributory pension scheme was introduced by the Government on the plea that the pension liability has become unbearable and is a drag on the exchequer.  In our Memorandum to the Prime Minister, we had raised several issues and had pointed out that the financial outflow on account of the new scheme will be much more than the existing defined benefit scheme. We had indicated in our memorandum quite a number of aspects which would be detrimental to the interest of workers. We were not even favour with a reply to our memorandum.
                Recently the Union Cabinet has decided to allow FDI in pension fund operations.  This will only result in the flow of Indian Savings for investment outside the country.  The PFRDA Bill is slated as Item No. 8 for the consideration of the Parliament in this session.  The real intent of the bill is reflected from the decision taken by the Union Cabinet to allow FDI in this Sector.  This bill being not in the national interest must not be allowed to become an Act. 
                We enclose an explanatory Note on our charter of demands, which include setting up of the 7th CPC for wage revision, regularisation of GDS as Postal employees, raising the Bonus ceiling in the case of GDS on par with other workers in the country, removal of restriction of compassionate appointments, withdrawal of PFRDA Bill and grant of defined benefit pension to all Central Govt. employees; acceptance and implementation of the awards of Board of Arbitration, revival of public distribution system for making essential commodities available to the people at affordable prices; vacation of victimisation in the IA&A  Department etc.
                We seek your solidarity and support and request you to kindly raise these issues in the Parliament and ask the Government to settle the demands of the Government employees.
                Thanking you and soliciting your help once again,
Yours faithfully,
K.K.N. Kutty
Secretary General

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