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Monday, November 12, 2012

Speed post to Goa takes 4 days, department fined 40,000

CHENNAI: The District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum (Chennai - South) has directed the Department of Posts to pay Rs 40,000 for delay in delivery of a speed post parcel that resulted in rejection of a petitioner's tender application.

The bench comprising president V Gopal and member U L Deenadayalan passed the order on Friday rejecting the Department of Posts' contention that the delay in delivery of the speed post parcel "had occurred due to the unexpected climatic change, an act of God." "This has not been proved by the postal department with documentary evidence. So, we are of the opinion that there is deficiency in service on the part of the postal department," said V Gopal. The fine shall be paid within six weeks of the date of receipt of copy of the order failing which the amount shall carry an interest of 9% per annum till the date of payment, the order said.

According to the petitioner, Ashok U Samat of Anna Salai, he sent a parcel by speed post by paying Rs 57 on June 3, 2008 from the head post office on Anna Salai. It contained a tender application was addressed to the deputy general manager, Airports Authority of India, Goa.

The petitioner said he sent the application through speed post only after an assurance from the postal department that it would reach its destination in two days. The last date to submit tender applications was June 6, 2008.

On June 9, the AAI returned the tender document along with a letter saying it had received the application on June 7. The complainant could not participate in the tender process due to deficiency in service of the Department of Posts, the forum order said.

The petitioner sent a letter on June 11 asking for an explanation and the postal department, in its reply, gave details of movement of tender documents between Chennai and Goa. The details revealed that the documents lay at Panaji (Goa's capital) between June 4 and 6. 
Source : The Times of India

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