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Monday, November 12, 2012

Retention of excess cash and stamp balance; removal of excess cash; inspections; visits etc. regarding.

Office of the Senior Superintendent of Post Offices
Bhubaneswar Division, Bhubaneswar – 751009.
                        The Sr. Postmaster, Bhubaneswar GPO,
                        All   ASPOs/IPOs of Bhubaneswar Division,
                         All Postmasters/Sub Postmasters of Bhubaneswar Division .

No.       IR/50/2010                                                                     Dated at Bhubaneswar-9 the 08.11.2012.

Sub:     Retention of excess cash and stamp balance; removal of excess cash; inspections; visits etc. regarding.

             It is observed  that  almost all post offices  are in a habit of retaining  excess cash  and stamp balance  beyond  the  authorized  balance of the offices  without any  valid reason  which leads to subsequent  misappropriation / fraud. The account offices  of the Post offices / Sub Post offices / GDBOs  are becoming   less vigilant  in discharging their  duties properly  that causes the misappropriation    of  Govt. money  easily as experienced in the near past.  All we know that any deviation / lapse to Govt. / Departmental Rule will attract prosecution, penalty, recovery etc.  so as required under the provisions of Departmental Rule. Some of important Departmental rules are discussed here as under for ready reference.

1)     Action to be taken by the postmaster of head post office on irregularities in connection with Sub-office/Post office balances under its accounts jurisdiction.

a)         He should personally verify reasons for retention of excess cash. Even if there is slight suspicion, the matter should be reported to the Superintendent immediately furnishing full facts to enable him, if necessary to have detailed enquiries made at the S.O or B.O.
b)         In examining the daily accounts received from sub-offices every day, the head postmaster should compare the balances actually with the balances authorized, in case of the daily accounts that have not already been signed by him. He will be responsible for maintaining a check over the balances held by his S.Os and must pay greatest attention to this point and strictly carry out the duties laid down in this rule and rule 58 of Postal Manual Vol. VI  Part-III.
c)         In carrying out the checks prescribed in this rule, the head postmaster should invariably refer the memo. of authorized balances supplied by the   Superintendent, and also see that the B.O s in account with the S.O are not permitted to hold balances beyond the limits prescribed by the Superintendent.(Rule -59 , Postal Manual Vol. VI  Part-III.)

2)     Irregularities must be brought to the notice of the postmaster by the sub account PA.

           The sub account P.A  must bring the following points to the notice of the postmaster for appropriate action:-
a)         When the amount held in cash by a S.O exceeds the authorized maximum cash balance fixed for the office.
b)         When the cash is held below the authorized minimum.
c)         When the total of a cash and stamp balances of B.Os is in excess of the total of authorized maximum balances fixed for B.Os .
d)         When the amount held in stamps by a S.O is fair in excess of the authorized balance.
e)         When the postage due on unpaid articles in deposit is considerably in excess of the preceding month’s daily average.
If any special feature is noticed ,  the constant exceeding of the authorized cash balance by any particular sub-postmaster, these should be brought to the personal notice of the postmaster. The postmaster should critically examine the reason and if he is also not satisfied, special reports should be sent to the Superintendent of Post offices for taking appropriate action by arranging surprise visits, etc..(Rule -58 , Postal Manual Vol. VI  Part-III.).

       3). Objective of cash office.

A S.O may remit surplus cash direct to its cash office and also indent on it direct for funds   up to the monthly limit fixed by the Superintendent, but when this limit is reached the authority of the H.O must be obtained for further drawings in the month in question .The cash office should see that the prescribed limit is not exceeded by maintaining a record of the remittances made to an office in separate error book which should be checked and initialed by the head of the office daily.( Rule -7, Postal Manual Vol. VI  Part-III).

        4). Liabilities of sub-office.

a)         The liabilities of the S.O will comprise the total amount of the M.Os, warrants of payment   and acquittance rolls remaining unpaid in the SO; and in order that the H.O may be in a position to know whether any funds will be required by the S.O or whether the balance retained by it is justified by its outstanding, the SPM must enter the total amount of his liabilities everyday place provided for the purpose in S.O daily account.(Rule-31, Postal Manual Vol. VI  Part-III).

b)           A sub postmaster can retain cash balance equal to the total of liabilities only, if the total liabilities exceed the authorized maximum cash balance fixed for the office.  However, if the Sub postmaster reasonably expects that he may have to meet further liabilities before he could obtain funds in usual course, he can keep cash equal to the amount of the existing liabilities plus the minimum cash balance fixed for the office .

c)         Whenever Cash balance is kept in excess of authorized minimum cash balance SPMs have to note amount of liabilities in their Daily account. Whenever Cash balance is kept in excess of authorized maximum cash balance in addition to above action, SPMs have  to prepare ECB memo in Pa-20 and submit to HO. SPMs of status LSG and above need not prepare this ECB memo.  ECB memo contains two parts       1. ECB for Sub Office.       2. ECB for Branch Offices. It contains following information. Authorized Cash balances, Cash balance held on that particular day, Excess cash held, Explanation for excess retention of cash. SPM to furnish details of MO, Savings Bank/ Savings Certificates, Acquittance rolls by referring basic records of office. The particulars of late collections, late receipt of remittance from other offices to be furnished along with any other reason for excess retention of cash. ECB memo should be given monthly serial number and signed and stamped. Whenever total of CBs of all BOs is more than authorized BO aggregate balances, ECB for Branch Offices is to be prepared. SPM is to furnish explanation for retention of excess cash by each BOs . SPM is to furnish Cash held, amount of liability of those BOs which are responsible for excess retention of cash w.r.t BO daily account and mention his remarks of justification or otherwise. SPM  is  to sign the ECB memo .

d)         A watch should be kept at HO whether ECB memos are being prepared by SPMs wherever justified. Whether ECBs are properly serial numbered.HPM is to check SO ECB memo w.r.t basic records of HO maintained in respective branches and pass his remarks whether explanation is satisfactory or otherwise. HPM is  to check BO ECB memos  w.r.t BO daily accounts and satisfy himself that remarks of SPM against each BO is justified or otherwise. HPM is to pass his remarks and sign. All ECB memos  are stitched in a bundle stamped and submitted to Divisional Office on the following day. ( Rule -102, Postal Manual Vol. VI  Part-III).        
      5) . Regulation of funds for sub-post office

One of the most important duties of a head postmaster is to make satisfactory arrangements to provide his sub-offices with funds and relieve them of collection in excess of their authorized maximum balances.
In case of other S.Os the head postmaster must either himself carryout, or see that effect is given to the arrangements made by superintendent for supplying them with funds and removing their surplus collection.
If a requisition for cash is received from a S.O, the requisition should not be complied with unless the cash balance has fallen below the fixed minimum. Regulation of funds should be made as detailed in Rule 10, Postal Manual Vol. VI  Part-III.

     6).  Inspecting Authorities.
a)      All inspecting authorities complete their inspections  and submit the IRs in time as prescribed in Directorate letter No. 17- 2/92 inspection dated 02.07.92 circulated vide this office letter no. IR / Rlg (Sub)  dated  03.08.92. The inspection programme  should be strictly adhered to and under no circumstances there should be any shortfall in any month.

b)     All Inspecting authorities should put periodical surprise visits to the SOs / BOs under their jurisdiction  and should satisfy themselves  that cash and stamp balance of the office are correct; the work is being properly done as per rules of the Department otherwise any lapse  should be reported to the Divisional Head immediately furnishing full facts. The visits should be conducted as required under rules 270 and 270-A , Postal Manual Vol. VIII  .

            As such, all concerned are to note and act as per rule and regulation of the Department.

Sr. Superintendent of Post Offices
Bhubaneswar Division

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