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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Circle Union writes to NFPE/CHQ on anomaly in preparation of Circle level P A Gradation List

N                   F                   P                    E
K.C.PATNAIK                                                                                           RAMESH CH. MISHRA
President                                                                           Circle Secretary & Vice President CHQ
Mob- 985332489,                                                                       E-mail- p3orissa@rediff

No- UN/AIPEU, Gr-C/Odisha//12-2012                                                                      Dated- 22-12-2012.

Com. M.Krishnan.
Secretary General NFPE
New- Delhi-110001.

Com. K.V.Sridharan,
Leader staff side JCM (DC),

Sub-     Irregularly taking up date of confirmation as seniority criteria, instead of date of appointment while
preparation of Circle PA Gradation list for promotion to LSG in Odisha Circle.

Respected Comrade,
This circle union wants to bring your kind attention to the item no 16 of JCM (DC) raising the anomaly in the preparation of circle PA gradation list “not to take date of confirmation and date of appointment in PA cadre be taken for construing seniority. Fixing seniority based on the date of confirmation is unconstitutional and discriminatory on dropping of confirmation examination. It has been replied that the case has been agreed to refer the matter to the Committee to consider under item no.13”.
In Odisha circle, preparations to constitute the LSG DPC very shortly in accordance with the circle PA gradation list, which has been prepared basing on date of confirmation. If the DPC will be constituted taking in to consideration date of confirmation, there will be total dislocation and many senior comrades will be deprived of the LSG promotions due to above anomaly.
So, it is requested for thorough discussion on the very issue and arrange for issuance of instructions to the circle head to wait for holding the DPC till finalization. It is also urged for an early solution to such sensitive issue to avoid deprivation of promotions to eligible staffs.
Hoping for early solution.
With Regards.
Yours faithfully
Circle Secretary

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