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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Job related depression must be dealt with sensitively by employers

There's work, and there's fun. But, of course, stress at workplace is one thing and depression - a serious clinical condition - quite another. This newspaper reports today that "employee depression" brought about by job-related uncertainties is a growing trend in India's IT companies. There's the obvious but important point to be made here that genuine cases of job related depression must be dealt with sensitively by employers.

Encouraging a culture that doesn't demonise seeking help is a key employer responsibility. But there's a different point as well, one that's not made frequently these days for fear of being called "insensitive" .

Especially in highly-paid jobs in dynamic lines of business - this description fits IT executives very well - the ability to handle uncertain micro and/or macro environments comes with the job description . Businesses go through troughs .

The job market can turn a little sour. The office environment can change - even if your performance remains top-grade - that's office politics. But executives , especially senior ones, and not just in IT, should have the professional wherewithal to cope.

The ability to get on with it, to take it on your chin and do your job - or quit honourably if the job no longer suits you - all this used to be valued once. But a certain political correctness prevents many employers from explicitly valuing these qualities these days.

To make sure that their employees get going when the going gets tough, companies might need to redefine employability. They might want to look for proven participation in sports and other team activity, apart from certified nerdiness, in the fresh talent they seek to hire. 
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