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Friday, April 26, 2013


No. PF-1(a)/2013                                                      Dated:   20th April, 2013
          It is hereby notified under article 10 of Constitution of NFPE that the IXth Federal Council Session of National Federation of Postal Employees will be held at  “ Kala Nilayam,  Sundaraiah Vignana Kendram, Baghalingampalli, Hyderabad-500 044” from 10.06.2013 to 12.06.2013.
            The following shalll be the Agenda of the Federal Council:
1.         Confirmation of the proceedings of VIIIth Federal Council held at New Delhi from 20th June 2010 to 21st June, 2010.
2.    (a)   Consideration  and adoption of the Triennial Report and Audited Accounts for the year 2010 - 2011, 2011-2012 and 2012-2013.
        (b)  Budget estimates for next three years.
3.         Organizational Review.
(i) (a)   Role of NFPE during last 3 years in building united movement of Postal Employees and Central Government Employees.
    (b)  Organizational position at All India / Circle/Divisional level.
(ii)        Review of settlement of Strike Charter of Demands 2010, 2011 & 2012.
(iii)       Review of General Strikes including 2013 February, 20&21 two days strike.
(iv)       Review of 12th December 2012 CG Employees Strike.
(v)        Functioning of Postal JCA (NFPE/FNPO).
(vi)       Functioning of affiliated Unions/Associations.
(vii)      Functioning of Departmental Council/RJCMs.
(viii)     Formation of AIPEU GDS (NFPE)-Grant of Associate membership & problems of GDS Employees.
 (ix)      Formation of Casual labourers Federation and review of Casual
           Labourers problems.
(x)        Review of Trade Union Education Camps conducted by NFPE (CHQ).
(xi)       Right to Strike and Victimization of Trade Union Activists Office  
          Bearers by administration..
4.         Confederation of C G Employees & Workers and common issues of C G
            (i)         Constitution of 7th CPC and merger of 50% DA.
            (ii)        Downsizing, Outsourcing, Contractrization and Privatisation.
            (iii)       Restriction on compassionate appointments.
            (iv)       Ban on creation of Posts and filling up of vacant posts.
            (v)        Anomalies arising out of the 6th CPC Report implementation.
            (vi)       PFRDA Bill and New Pension Scheme.
            (vii)      MACP related issues.
            (viii)     Proposed Medical insurance scheme and our stand thereof.
            (ix)       Inclusion of Federation representatives in the National Council JCM.
            (x)        Revision of Bonus Ceiling / OTA rates and implementation of
                     Arbitration awards.
            (xi)       Five Promotions
5.         Policy Offensives against Postal Services and Staff.
(i)         National Postal Policy- 2012.
(ii)        Structural re-organization of Department of Posts.
(iii)       Closure and merger of  Post Offices and RMS Offices.
(iv)       Mail Net work optimization project(MNOP).
           (v)         Project Arrow.
(vi)       Amendment to Indian Post Office Act 1898.
(vii)      Out sourcing and Downsizing of Postal Services.
6.         Sectional problems.
(i)  Cadre re-structuring in Postal
(ii) Review of items relating to various cadres discussed in the JCM
     Departmental Council and during Strike Charter discussion.
7.         (a) I T Modernization Project of Department of Posts and its  
(b) Post Bank of India.
8.         Financial Review.
9.         Postal Crusader and other publications.
10.       Amendments to the Constitution.
11.       Policy and programmes Resolutions and other resolutions.
12.       Election of Office Bearers.
13.      Appointment of Auditor.
14.       Venue of next Federal Council.
15.       Any other item with the permission of Chair.
           Vote of Thanks
Secretary General
Copy to:
1.         The Secretary Department of Posts , Dak Bhawan, New Delhi-110001 with the request to issue instructions for  grant of Special Casual Leave to the Federal Councillors and All India Office Bearers of NFPE and General Secretaries.
2.         All Chief Post Master Generals for information and action for grant of Special Casual Leave to the Federal Councillors and All India Office Bearers of NFPE and General Secretaries .
3.         All Office Bearers of NFPE.
4.         All General Secretaries of Affiliated union. / Associations.
Note:              Amendments to the Constitution if any should be sent to Secretary General NFPE at least 30 days before the Federal Council i.e. before 10th May, 2013 as per constitutional provisions.
Secretary General

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