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Friday, April 19, 2013

UPU News - .post Group gets off to promising start

19.04.2013 - The new .post Group held its first general assembly this week after the creation of the user-funded entity was cleared by the Postal Operations Council meeting at UPU headquarters.

Close to 30 countries have joined the .post Group so far

The group will steer the future direction of the UPU’s sponsored top-level domain name and manage the platform’s development. 
Close to 30 countries* from all regions of the globe have joined the UPU .post Group, including Italy, the United States and the Netherlands as well as many developing countries, including 16 from Africa alone. Cisco Systems (UK) has also joined as an associate member.
The .post Group’s objectives include implementing the vision of the .post platform and promoting cooperation among its members to develop common or interoperable electronic applications over the platform.
The group also hopes to foster the development of innovative .post applications and ensure that least developed and developing countries have access to a universal electronic postal infrastructure.


Mark Fardelli from Poste Italiane was elected to chair the .post Group. He is delighted with member countries’ enthusiastic response to the .post Group and hopes more will join quickly. He says active participation and ideas are needed to further develop the platform and identify potential markets.
“We need members to share their vision and tell us how we can help them bring their concepts to reality,” said Fardelli, stressing the need for Posts to explore the digital world’s full potential.
“The electronic dimension [of the postal sector] has to be grasped fully, and .post is one of the best ways to bring Posts’ traditional values into the digital world,” added Fardelli.
Since the .post platform was launched during the 25th Universal Postal Congress in Doha in October 2012, several countries have registered for their own sponsored top-level domain name.
The sponsored top-level domain name is reserved exclusively for members of the postal community.
* Afghanistan, Angola, Botswana, Cameroon, Chad, China, Cyprus, Egypt, Greece, Guyana, India, Indonesia, Italy, Kenya, Libya, Malaysia, Mali, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Netherlands, Niger, Philippines, Samoa, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Uganda, United States
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