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Monday, June 24, 2013

C H Q News : General Secretary's Desk

Dear Comrades,

This is from your General Secretary and hope that you would have organized very effectively for the 20.06.2013 Confederation Dharna Programme demanding formation of Seventh Pay Commission etc. as well as for the GDS programme to be conducted on 25.06.2013. Let us discuss some important issues herein.

NFPE Federal Council

As you are aware that the NFPE Federal Council was held in Hyderabad from 09.06.2013 to 13.06.2013 and I have been elected as the Secretary General once again. With all your cooperation, I am Confident that we will deliver goods and leave no stone unturned in mitigating the issues of Postal employees as well as putting stiff resistance to the globalization policies, the Government desires to introduce in the communication sector.

Federal Council decisions

The Federal Council has decided to organize the programme of action and let us sincerely carry out them with 100% participation of all rank and file.The following are the most important decisions of the 9th Federal Council.
1.      To Celebrate the 60th year of NFPE as the Diamond Jubilee year for one year and convene a Diamond Jubilee All India Convention of NFPE in Jamnagar, Gujarat, on 24th November 2014.
2.      To conduct indefinite strike along with other Central Government Employees organisations under the banner of Confederation, if the demands raised by the Confederation in its 15 point charter of demands including setting up of the 7th Pay Commission and the 50 % merger of DA are not accepted by the Government.
3.      To conduct joint indefinite strike, if the Government refuses to include the GDS employees under the purview of the 7th Pay Commission.
4.      To oppose and defeat the National Postal Policy which envisages opening up of postal services to the private sector.
5.      To organise agitational programmes including indefinite hunger fast for settlement of the demands raised by the Postal Joint Council of Action (NFPE & FNPO) in the memorandum submitted to the Secretary, Department of Posts, including the issues of GDS and casual labourers.
6.      To take initiative to form and build up an All India organisation for Postal and RMS pensioners.
7.      To make maximum effort to organise women employees including GDS in all circles and Divisions.
8.      To conduct Trade Union Education Camps.
9.      To form Circle co-ordinating committees in all Circles.

Confederation News

In the 24th Kolkata National Council held from 04.05.2013 to 06.05.2013 the Confederation decided to organize programme of action very effectively on 15 Point Charter of Demands and also to coordinate with Railway & Defence Federations for a joint programme of action demanding immediate formation of the Seventh Pay Commission. Accordingly, a meeting is scheduled to be held on 29.06.2013 at New Delhi and AIRF, AIDEF & Confederation will finalise the programme action culminating in indefinite strike, if the 7th CPC & merger issue is not sorted out.

Ensure Democratic & efficient functioning

For an efficient and well-organized organisation, adoption of democratic principles and functioning is the must. There should be transparency in all activities and there should be no gap between the members and the leaders. We are not receiving the list of office bearers of divisional unions as well as Biennial report & accounts for more than 40% division/branches. This is no good. Please ensure the prompt communication of the same and there should be no gap in between the CHQ and the divisional unions. Please ensure the following.

(i)        Holding of Division/Branch/Circle Conference within the stipulated time as per the provisions of the union constitution i.e. 24 + 3 months. Failure to adhere to the constitutional provisions will be viewed seriously.
(ii)      Holding of Divisional Working Committee, General body meetings, circle council at regular intervals and discuss all the issues.
(iii)    Forwarding the copies of the official minutes of meeting to the next authorities i.e Circle & All India, intimating the unresolved issues for taking up such cases at their levels. Remember, only satisfied membership will extend more support to the functioning of the union.
(iv)     Ensure holding of monthly meetings, Bi-monthly meeting, Four months meeting, RJCM meeting etc. with the administration without fail. Any difficulty or problem in holding the official meetings shall be brought to the notice of the CHQ. Please don’t hesitate to take up more issues in the monthly meeting/RJCM as there is no limit of subjects to be placed therein.
(v)       Issue frequent Circulars/Bullettin and distribute to the members. Please appraise all the developments then and there to the members and keep them ready for any organizational activities. Visiting web sites alone is not sufficient and the news obtained from there shall be propagated to all members.

Effective organizational activities

(i)        For effective and efficient functioning and to resist the erroneous doings at circle levels, the unity among the NFPE affiliates as well as other unions is a must, for which let us first form circle coordinating committee of NFPE unions. Now it is in existence only in very few circles. Let us first concentrate and form NFPE coordinating committees in the circles where it is not in existence so that all the programme of actions can be effectively implemented.
(ii)      Formation of the State Committee and District Committee of the Confederation is the immediate requirement for carrying out the calls of the Confederation. At present, the full-fledged Confederation State Committee is available only in seven to eight states and the participation of Postal comrades is also not up to the mark. This position should be changed. When our Secretary General NFPE has taken charge as Secretary General, Confederation, in the last National Conference, our responsibility is certainly higher. Let us form the Confederation State committees and District committees by inviting the representatives of other C. G. Organisations and intimate the news to the CHQ at the earliest.
(iii)    As the percentage of women employees are increasing and to involve them in Trade Union activities, formation of Mahila Committee at State and divisional levels is the need of the hour. Let us form such committee at all levels and intimate the office bearers to the convenor, All India Mahila Committee for coordination.

Formation of GDS-NFPE Union – Our foremost task

After the Federal Council approved the associate membership accorded to AIPEU GDS (NFPE), it is our duty to extend all patronage to form branches at the divisional / circle level. Wherever the divisional branch is not formed, our divisional secretary should initiate immediate action and form the branch union within a month. If the issues of GDS are not remitted to Seventh CPC, NFPE has already decided to go for indefinite strike for which the organisational readiness is the foremost importance. Further it is fait accompli that we have to nurture the newly formed NFPE GDS Union. All Branch/Divisional Secretaries are requested to take this task of the formation of divisional union  seriously and sincerely and complete the task as early as possible.

JCA Programme demanding settlement of demands

Postal JCA has written a letter to Secretary seeking a meeting to discuss the pending issues and finalization of cadre review proposals etc. JCA will meet shortly and will decide agitational programme including indefinite hunger fast in front of the Dak Bhawan/Circle office, in case, the Department is not ready to settle the demands put forth in the memorandum already submitted to the Secretary, Department of Posts.

Venture, Pioneer, Avant Garde

The publications on the basis of ‘No Profit; No loss’ is being launched by the CHQ with the only one intention to educate the leadership at grass root levels on Staff rulings for their effective presentation of issues with officers. But it is unfortunate, the value of the books are not being felt by the budding unionists. Is it not a must to have such reference books by all the office bearers of the divisional union? Shall they not be updated with the knowledge? More branches have not indented and some of the branches have returned the VP stating that they are having the last Venture publication forgetting that it is revised updated edition with double the size contents and more rulings.

All Divisional/Branch Secretaries are requested to contact members/office bearers and collect the requirements and place indents to CHQ at the earliest. Really we have been disappointed in seeing the non response from some branches for such noble work executed by the then General Secretary Com. K. V. Sridharan in educating the rank and file on staff rulings.

Revision of Subscription & Remittance of Quota
With effect from 01.07.2013 the revised monthly union subscription will be Rs. 50/- per membership. The department has approved the constitutional amendments and already forwarded the same to all Circle/Divisional heads. Please ensure that the union subscription will be recovered at the revised rate of Rs. 50/- w.e.f 01.07.2013. If need be, a reference may be made to the DDO for this effect.

Similarly, the due quota may please be remitted to all higher bodies regularly and without keeping any arrears. Prompt remittance will ever be appreciated. Please clear all the arrears of quota to CHQ within 15 days.

At last

I have been forced to take up more responsibilities in the Federation and also the Confederation but I am Confident that we will come up with flying colours with all your cooperation. If the functioning of P3 is refurbished and revamped at Circle and Divisional levels, it will be an easy task to carry forward the movement further. Let us improve and enhance the standard of our functioning. Let us be a role model for all others.

Okay comrade! This Desk is fully contained with the organizational matters and its importance. Let us meet in our next shortly.

With fraternal greetings,

Comradely yours,

(M Krishnan)
General Secretary
Dated – 19.06.2013

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