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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Postal forms find no takers, pile up

Even though forms for money order, registered post, savings bank ledger, authorised agent, etc., are not in frequent use in post offices now, lakhs of them are piled up in postal depots.
With post office operations being computerised, many of these forms are not used any more though they continue to arrive at six depots in the State after being printed in government presses in Coimbatore and Thrissur in Kerala, postal department sources said.
“Since everything is computerised, new e-money orders forms are coming. There is not much of a difference between them. Though there are nearly three lakh money order forms in the depot, the new forms continue to arrive. About five months ago, the old forms arrived and more forms are expected to arrive,” he added.
“If the existing stock had been used, the government could have saved a lot of money,” he said.
Meanwhile, about Rs 25,000 is spent as rent for the depot building in Coimbatore. Nearly 10 employees are working here even though there is a shortage of staff in the department. Approximately Rs 10 lakh is required to maintain the depot in the city alone.
There is a shortage of paper and other stationary in post offices. Many of them are buying these from private parties. Tenders were called only on Tuesday.
Post Master General J Charukesi was unavailable for comment. Jayshankar, Postal Director, Western Region, was also unavailable for comment.

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